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Hot Rods I bought an old 1934 Ford hotrod out of OK...anyone have any history on it??

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Chris, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. I may do the bellhouing mounts. I am not 100% sure I am using this frame, the whole X member is cut out. But regardless, those bellhousing mounts would be simple as long as they do not interfear with pedals (If I don't do hanging pedals)...lots to think about
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  2. It's my favorite. So fun to play pretend haha!
  3. Small update of good friend Tim owned a nice 34 5W that I grew up around. It has Spokane hotrodding history dating back to the 50’s. He sold it to gentleman in Oregon probably 15 years ago, and the car got redone. I got in touch with the owner, and my brother (who had a 34 5W) was able to purchase the interior from the car. Everything but the seat.

    Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, my brother decided to sell his 34 project to buy another car, and I was able to buy the interior from him. And I happen to have a seat that somewhat matches, so I now have an old black and white interior for the car! I have the headliner as well, although not pictured.

    2AC7DD45-DB87-411E-8EE8-E8A8873B769A.jpeg 2448D9A8-1930-4235-8086-FF7A29606124.jpeg
  4. I pushed the ol coupe to my other garage, to do some work on it. Swapped spots with my roadster. I had not gotten a picture of these two cars together yet so thought it was a good opportunity. I put 5 spokes in the coupe, and also thinking of running the goofy Buick tail lights. I also upgraded my grill to the original grill that came with my roadster in a twist of fate. Like Johnny Cash sings “one piece at a time”

    Still looking for any information on this coupes former life

    5F1EBF96-9F66-4BC4-B1B6-3E1D34C057C9.jpeg 92C40644-CE64-4E79-8953-403EDA9A78C8.jpeg E89E673F-1F9A-4733-99A3-F1D0623D8B43.jpeg EAD75B91-5B26-487C-A172-7DDBDA6D88FB.jpeg CDA64636-31D5-40FE-B7BA-510F084196D3.jpeg 53DF6921-4D1E-41AC-9DB0-CEEBD4F2F40E.jpeg
  5. alchemy
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    Too much cool for one man. Those two 34's and that ol' fridge truck.
  6. That's a little less then half my fleet. I sometimes feel overwhelmed, or trapped by my own doing...but I usually snap out of it
  7. The five spokes look great..
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  8. catdad49
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    I Like where this is headed, carry on!
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  9. Old-Soul
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    If I lived closer I'd try to relieve you of that black seat.
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  10. But then where would I sit?
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  11. Old-Soul
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    How about there??

    Edit: oohhh that IS the seat mentioned above. I read that as you had a second seat that was black and white.

    I'll go back to my corner now.
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  12. Yeah, I got everything EXCEPT a seat, but I had already picked the black set up.
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  13. My friend John was at the LA roadster show and sent me a pic of this dash and asked if I wanted it. I replied YES, and got it home, put my gauges in it and put in the car. Looks like it’s been there forever. I love love love stuff like this

    280FFDC6-6D25-49EE-B448-F638F4060DAC.jpeg AB2291A0-B0D5-44F8-83B6-5D6854E110F4.jpeg 322DC3BB-A064-48E5-8455-C897D5ACE4B6.jpeg 415929C9-7EC3-45EB-A46D-A9681551867F.jpeg
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  14. elgringo71
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    It looks great and I am enjoying the build and the style. It’s definitely got the look
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  15. catdad49
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    Another piece added to the hot rod puzzle, how many more to go?! Definitely belongs.
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  16. hotrodyankee
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    Lookin good chris!!
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  17. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

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  18. I’ve been working on the front end for this car, the whole front end was chrome but was really dirty and the axle was stock. I got offered an old chrome dropped axle from a friend, so have been cleaning and polishing all the old chrome. Today I got it under the car, reverse reamed the eyes in the spindle arms sonthe tie rod clears the wishbones, and mocked the fenders back on it. Even for just a couple bolts holding it together, it fits pretty nice. I’m stoked to see this thing come together

    7208DF31-CDC7-4037-93DC-3A1124C446D2.jpeg 6099DC4C-E3B4-491B-A6AA-B48122628389.jpeg DFCF74A6-A5B3-44B2-8E49-7979047DF670.jpeg 3EA17F55-394A-4923-9853-C11D871CD73F.jpeg 4C702CEC-9C30-4C7A-9581-D69D28EACE9D.jpeg ECBECA3C-D99D-45DE-9076-7728AEE0401B.jpeg
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  19. Damn does that car look cool!
  20. 31hotrodguy
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  21. Another twist of fate, a good friend of mine offered me the full set of chrome garnish from his 34 5W as he had plans to chop it. I bought them and sold my old garnish.

    Car is having the floor replaced and some mild repairs done at this time by a very good friend of mine. So it’s still getting pecked at, but it’s kind of a “back burner” project for him. Hopefully later this year I will have it back

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  22. 40 & 61 Fords
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    40 & 61 Fords

    I wondered if this one was still part of your fleet.......
  23. I was just thinking on the earlier pictures after you put the interior in that it needs some chrome window moldings. Knowing you I knew we'd seem them sooner or later though and here we are!
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  24. nice score on those ! Going to make Early Bird ? I have that heater box for you.
  25. ss34coupe
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    Cool coupe with cool parts! I really like the dash.
  26. Unfortunately not this year, the damn weather has been too crappy. The pass looks like a mess, I feel its better to just stay here today.
  27. J. A. Miller
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    J. A. Miller
    from Central NY

    Hey Chris, the fenders are in the way - can't see that nice old chrome! Lol
  28. You do love old chrome....:)
  29. Looking good, Chris. My 1/25th model says it'd look great if it was slammed a bit.
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