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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by lo c dan, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. I use a regular cup gun mostly, and I'm wanting to use a different system HVLP . Can someone tell me a good gun to use from experience? And the obvious (dryer, stainless internal parts, tips etc.) to look for in purchasing this type of sprayer. Is it better than a regular cup gun spraying Base / Clear, primer or even Flake. There is a wide range in price. Usage, I might paint a car and a whole host of parts and pieces. Thanks
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    I think the DeVilbiss "Finish Line" guns will be fine for your base and clear, and for what you want to do with them. The price is more than fair for what you get.

    Even though they are not top of the line, they are really good.
    The differences are a world apart from a cup gun. You are going to love a hvlp.

    I would get the 2 gun kit. I think it runs about 300 bucks.
    Kid that used to work for me bought that kit. Comes with a primer gun and a base/clear gun. I tried them out and thought they were great for the price.

    Another gun made by Cobalt was a neat little gun he bought at Lowes or Homedepot, sprayed really well for a touch-up gun. I dont think he paid more than 40 bucks for that one. Honestly, that little gun was just as good as my high dollar Iwata. Perfect for shooting small stuff and parts.

    Keep'm clean and any of these guns will last a long time.
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  3. David Totten
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    David Totten

    sata is top of the line 500.00+ 1.3 ,1.4 for most jobs. 1.7+ for most primers 2.0+ for heavy primers and Metal Flakes.
    If you only use it once in a while a less expensive gun will work quite well.
    As said keep them clean. As most materials are 2 part now days they harden in the gun in a few hours.
  4. 33mopower
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    I use cheep harbor freight guns for primer. I had one that only sprayed well once but for the most part they work well if you keep them clean. I use an 3.0 air gunsa for polyester and it will shoot heavy flake if I need it to. I have a sata cobalt that I use for sealer and single stages, a Iwata for bases, and a devilbiss GTI millennium for clear coats and kandys.

    I have been using all except the primer guns for over 10 years with no rebuilds.
    Keep them clean and I have never used a gun wash that will get a gun completely clean.
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  5. Good info, thanks. Hope to try this system out before long.
  6. Noland
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    I have a cheap mac spraygun with a 1.4 tip for base then I have a devilbiss GTI millenium just for clear. my Dad bought a finishline gun last year and its really nice also I was very impressed. I would shy away from Sata because of the added expense of needles and tips where with devilbiss you get 3 tips included same with finishline models.
  7. Jimm56
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    Is there any special gun washing solution or procedure that seems to work best?
  8. delaware1930
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    from Delaware

    I perfer a sata rp with a 1.2 for color and i use a Iwata for clear. But these are expensive guns but' they are both used everyday. But for a cheaper gun i do like the finish line guns they are perfect for the price.The key to any gun is to keep it clean!
  9. carcrazyjohn
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    from trevose pa

    Im partial to Sharpe spray guns ............There affordable
  10. 33mopower
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    Yeah lots of thinner, brushes, and elbow grease. If in doubt use more thinner.

    I have a buddy that told me I use too much thinner cleaning my guns. all I can do is laugh at the big pile of guns he has in a box in the corner of his paint room. I do like the idea of the new 3M Accuspray guns with the replaceable atomizing head for primer.
  11. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

    ya can't go wrong with a search here on this subject. lots of info already posted
  12. donsz
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    I don't want to hijack this thread, but I think this is related relative to comparing HVLP and regular paint systems. Please delete this post if it is too off topic.
    I have two HVLP systems, one turbine and one that I use with my compressor. I always got significant orange peel with both, even when I tried mixing the paint thinner. When I tried my regular spry gun everything worked great. The only thing I can point to is the paint I was using specified 55 psi, neither one of the HVLP guns were designed for that much pressure. I was wondering, was I most likely doing something wrong, or are HVLP guns characteristically more difficult or require special mixing?

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