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Hot Rods Hurst auto stick 1 reverse lockout?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by slayer, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Has anyone here made or have any ideas on how to make a reverse lockout for a Hurst autostick 1? Dad and I have this shifter in the 1937 dodge we are building with a Hemi/Torqueflite combo. When I picked this shifter, I didn't know there was no provision for a reverse lockout and we need one to pass tech at the drag strip. I really don't want to put in a modern shifter, but drag racing is a big part of this project. Hell, It took three years to find one for a Torqueflite and the one I got was N.OS.
    Thanks $(KGrHqNHJBUFJ)PSNFp9BSeZ94rUl!~~60_57.jpg
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  2. 56sedandelivery
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    WOW, NOS, and for a MOPAR to boot; that cost you some $$$$$!!!!! I have several Hurst Auto Stick 1's, including a NEW OLD STOCK one for a TH350. I have both weld on and bolt on sticks for TH350 and TH400 transmissions (only the mounts are different). I had a really super rare one for an aluminum Powerglide we used in the 51 Chevrolet Business Coupe. NOW, on a reverse lockout: I used to use the old B & M Series 60 shifters in my drag cars (been a while I know!). I'd take a simple, spring loaded, kitchen cupboard hinge, and bolt it to the appropriate spot to prevent the shifter stick from going past that point. A drawer pull knob attached to the hinge made for a little handle. You'll either have to fabricate an enclosure, or use the floorboard to bolt the hinge to Always worked good for me and passed tech. It was a borrowed idea, meaning I did't come up with it. Good luck. I am Butch/56sedandelivery.
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  3. Junior Stock
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    I always found it odd they let you have a stock shifter without a lock out but not an after market one.
    I would argue that if you use the gates on the right side you fon’t need a reverse lock out.
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  4. squirrel
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    It'll be interesting to see what you come up with. When I sort of copied the B&M TurboStick shifter, I added a lockout mechanism. But since the gate in the AutoStick is internal, it will be more difficult for you. Some type of spring loaded pin, on a bracket, would probably work. I expect it won't be pretty.


  5. Jim,
    I have looked at pictures of the shifter you made for your plan II and that has me thinking of doing the same thing under the the Hurst super boot. I'm thinking a lever sticking out the side of the trans tunnel wouldn't look to bad.
    The gates on the Hurst shifter are loose at best. The only way you can feel the gates up shifting is pushing and holding the shifter hard to the right.
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  6. Drawing inspiration from looking at the shifter and lockout squirrel built I came up with a game plan of my own. I built a bracket that bolts on using the shifter mounting hardware from .25 aluminum angle extrusion, and a lockout lever from a piece of steel I had laying around. The lever is spring loaded and locks automatically once the shifter is pulled past neutral. I will post pics of the finished lockout installed soon, but here are a few of the lockout mounted to the shifter off the car.
    The first pic is just the shifter, and the next two are with the lockout. KIMG0050.JPG KIMG0058.JPG KIMG0059.JPG
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  7. As promised earlier, here is the final installed lockout pictures. To allow the lever arm to pass under the boot, I made a 1/2" spacer from some scrap lexan I had. Sorry about the shitty resolution on the pictures. KIMG0087.JPG KIMG0088.JPG
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  8. 1Nimrod
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    I know old thread...
    But had to say Great Job on the added conversion to your Hurst Auto Stick 1 Shifter with your home made Reverse Lockout it really looks great my friend.
    How's it working for y'all?
    Who's the driver most the time Dad or you?
    And did it pass tech at the drag strip?
    Hope your having good reflex time's and good run's at the drag strips and hope your Hurst Auto Stick 1 Shifter helps make it that much easier and fun for the driver...

    Keep On Trucking Brother...

  9. Kan Kustom
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    Kan Kustom

  10. Thanks for asking. So far, so good. We have raced at five different dragstrips and have had no problems with tech inspection or the operation of the lockout. I did make a different shift gate for the shifter to make for more positive shift stops, but I failed to take pictures of it before installing it. Dad does most of the driving as we have two cars, but I have made a few laps in it. 243109193_2194940523981177_594317609474920656_n.jpg 8G6A5231.jpg
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  11. 1Nimrod
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    That's great good to hear all worked out with the home made part's and Dad's enjoying himself.
    Thank You for sharing the pictures that's a sweet car my friend.
    Keep enjoying the time with your Dad...


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