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Technical how to recurve a chevy distributor for use in a flathead.

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by metaldave, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. metaldave
    Joined: Aug 27, 2011
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    from michigan

    I have modified a chevy distributor to use in a flathead engine. The books say to set the advance curve to be 24 deg and it should be "all in" by 2500 rpm. How do you do this? My friend has a distributor machine but no parts weights or springs for chevys. Thanks for any help. Dave Miller
  2. Contact Bubba's Ignition.Jim Linder.
  3. 56shoebox
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    x2. He da man.
  4. tubman
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    You say you have a friend with a distributor machine. If he knows how to use it, this should be pretty simple. If he doesn't, he should learn. When I did the distributor on my Corvette, I seem to remember that Jegs or Summit or both have springs to control the rate of advance and bushings to control the limit. For anyone with a distributor machine, I would think this would be an essential skill to have.

    Something like this :
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  5. 36tudordeluxe
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    Dave, you might want to talk to Ol'Ron, Richard in Florida or JWL who are Barners with a world of experience with the flathead. 20° is all the advance you'll ever need in a street driven flathead. Richard set my Chevy distributor up for me and it runs great. Not taking anything away from "Bubba" he does know his stuff, just saying mine runs great at 20°.
  6. von Dyck
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    von Dyck

    Which one? Weights under the point plate, or above?
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    I'm not a flathead guru.

    But I once had a meeting with a well known flathead builder, who had done extensive dyno, flow bench and charge motion testing on flathead V8s. One thing I remember him telling me when I asked him about burn rates was that the flathead doesn't need much spark advance and in fact, be it WOT, part throttle, or idle, the flathead seemed to like spark advance in the mid-20s (I forgot the exact number he quoted me, but I remember that was not unlike the advance the fast burn combustion shapes we were playing with at FoMoCo R&D.)
  8. no more than 26 tops including timing ie if 4deg at crank then 22 max in dist that's crank degrees not dist degrees......

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