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How to put a windshield with stainless in a 53-54 chevy car

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by fivefochevy, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I cut the windshield out of my 54 belair 12 years ago and i forgot how the stainless and windshield go back on before pulling the rope trick to put it in. Anybody have any diagrams or pics of the process before i screw up the glass (new) rubber (new) or the stainles ( being polished now) ? I suppose it will apply the same for the back glass. Thanks in advance for any help. Kenny (fivefochevy)
  2. put the gasket on the glass. then the stainless in the gasket (Probably won't fit right after being polished) then rope it in
  3. 54fierro
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    from san diego

  4. hotdamn
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    I recently put the windshield back in my 54, it was my first time too an fortunately I had some friends that new what they were doing :)

    use 3/8" natural rope (it doesnt flatten as you pull on it) get some dawn and two screw drivers oh and a water spray bottle.

    put your windshield on a clear table

    start putting the gasket on the windshield (use the spray bottle as it goes on MUCH easier when its wet!

    once the gasket is on and seated correctly, start putting your stainless in the grooves of the gasket

    VERY IMPORTANT make sure your stainless is well seated in the gasket the entire time the windshield is going in or you will be pissed when a corner sticks out, ask me how I know :)

    once all the stainless is on squirt dishwashing soap into the channel of the gasket with the rope following in behind it.

    hold your mouth just right as to keep this mess together as you and a friend carry your windshield over to the car and set the bottom in place

    one person gets inside the car and wraps the ends of the rope around the screw drivers (soap is slippery)

    as the people on the out side position the window the person on the inside pulls the rope towards themselves as to flip the lip of the gasket over the window frame.

    as the person inside does this the people out side apply pressure to the window
    BE VERY CAREFUL HERE! it does not take a whole lot to crack a windshield

    as the window starts to go in be mindful of the seating of your stainless trim.

    just work it slowly, gently using the palm of your hand to act as a gentle dead blow in getting the window to seat.

    once the rope is all out and your gasket is seat all the way around, wipe up the excess soap, clean your window and be proud that you saved yourself a couple hundo :)

  5. I know I should have put this in the initial post I guess, but i am confused on how the rubber goes on the glass. It appears it could go a few ways. If anybody has a cutaway diagram that would be great. i have quite a bit of experience with putting in ford truck backlights, so the rope n soap is the easy part. Thanks guys for the help so far. Would not be able to finish a lot of the things on here without your help
  6. I checked ou 54 fierro's pics from another sight and they are what i was looking for> Thanks guys, I appreciate it once again

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