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Hot Rods How to get this exhaust look

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by loveoftiki, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. I don’t want the electric cut out deal on my Falcon...
    I know some call these cut outs, sneaker pipes, etc...I’d like to run the same style pipe and be able to use a wing nut to uncap my exhaust when I feel like it..
    I’ve got header collectors for my Doug’s headers and it looks like I could order another set and run a pipe out that way??? 5DE4CCF9-E001-485D-BB29-8119EEC6E548.jpeg
  2. belair
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    I want a 61 Pontiac.
  3. tb33anda3rd
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    1. Connecticut HAMB'ers

  4. 6sally6
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    Got mine from Summit but.........they may be too short for your application. I welded mine into my 2.5" pipe just behind header collector. IF you can weld Summit for the pieces you need and 'fab away'!
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  5. Back in the day, people around here used a fuel tank filler to turn out and the fuel cap to seal off the exhaust. Was simple to remove and reinstall the cap as needed.
  6. krusty40
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    ^^^This^^^ But make sure: 1) Cap is UNvented 2) Have spare caps stashed in the glovebox or trunk as your buddies may (will) remove the caps when you're not looking.

  7. A lesson I learned when I was about 17: Those things get really hot and one should use gloves or a rag to remove the hardware.

    I was a bit slow on the uptake but that lesson stayed with me.
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  8. I've always liked that look and have given thought to doing similar on my '40. I'm a bit concerned though that they might melt the rubber on my running boards. 20181006_094353 (1).jpg
  9. jnaki
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    Hey L,

    When we were using exhaust cut outs as teenagers, it was fun to open them when we were doing some “Cherry Avenue” activities. But, when the races were over and we were on the way back to the drive in parking lot, we were uncapped . The area roads were patrolled by the local police, so we had to take side roads or brave it with the “rpm knowledge” to keep the open exhaust noise low enough to pass the tests. If a b/w car was next to us and the rpm were high enough, the noise was tolerable and not ticket material.

    But, one would ask, why didn’t we just pull over and cap up those exhaust cut outs? Before heading back to the drive in parking lot? Well, there was always round two or three after the excitement died down and there were no complaints. So, we had to be ready at a moment’s notice to roll out of the parking lot and head for Cherry Avenue, again. Such trials and tribulations of a teenage hot rod fanatic…

    One day at home, I realized that I did not like crawling under the car to uncork the wing nuts, remove the caps and get moving to the Cherry Avenue course. So, I cut an opening on one side of the diamond shaped cap and that slid right over the existing bolt. Now, the loosening of the wing nuts was all it took to get the cap to slide up, re-tighten the wing nuts and off we went.

    The reversal was done in an instant with the caps sliding back down on the open bolt and the wing nuts tightened. The wing nuts were still on the bolts and never removed. (care must be taken to not move the wing nut too far out to the end of the bolt, for vibrations and road bumps)


    It came in real handy at the drags, too. Time trials with the open exhausts and when eliminations came around, it was instant capping with a flip of the wing nuts.
    upload_2019-6-11_3-30-14.png upload_2019-6-11_3-30-28.png upload_2019-6-11_3-30-42.png
    "When we had time in the pits, it was simple enough to take on/off the solid cover caps to make it quiet again. But, when we are on the street, a quick release was necessary on the side of the midnight, “Cherry Avenue” dragstrip. A quick roll under the parked Impala and a crescent wrench loosened the nuts. In the beginning, those cover caps had to be removed all the way off. That got to be a hassle because on the way back to the drive in parking lot for the drag race bantering, it was loud and attracted attention of the local police patrols."

    "What we did was to cut a slit on the right side bolt hole on the bottom. So, when we wanted to race with open exhaust, just one crescent wrench or pliers, slightly, loosening up the nuts allowed the right side to slide up out of the way. The whole cap stayed on the exhaust cut out opening, but away from the hole. We used wing nuts to hold the cover cap onto the existing bolts. It was a quick way to loosen the nuts, slide the cap up and away and reverse when the race was over."
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  10. Back in the day, my Dad had those dump tubes on his Starliner. He used to run 3 flat washers behind the block off plates. Was quiet enough until you got on it. Passed a cop one night on a big downhill mountain pass. Cop pulled him over, and told him to rev the motor. He lightly tapped the gas pedal, and it didn’t make a lot of noise. Then the cop told him to REALLY rev it up. Game over, the pipes really started barking. He had to take the washers out before the cop would let him leave.
  11. BoilermakerDave
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    from Las Vegas

    0CFEB330-F7F0-4994-BD4D-45A37F31C98C.jpeg I got some dumps from Speedway and took them (and the car) to a muffler shop. It was easy for them, and didn’t cost much.
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  12. Blues4U
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    from So Cal

    Those look vulnerable to speed bumps. Have any problems with that?
  13. I have a set on my 40 Ford truck, and yes I have caught them a few times, it make a mess of the system and is a pain to fix.
    But they look cool and sound great with caps removed.
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  14. Cree
    Joined: Jun 13, 2017
    Posts: 70

    from Montana

    They get pretty rusty inside from exhaust water backed up in there. Cap spacers or a small drain hole help that. I took 'em off my shoebox because, besides being right where a lift pad needed to be, some younger fella had asked me, "What are those things-- jack points?" LOL--kinda...
  15. BoilermakerDave
    Joined: Mar 3, 2016
    Posts: 259

    from Las Vegas

    I haven’t had any problems with speed bumps. But they are getting pretty rusty inside.
  16. Old-Soul
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    My favorite term for those is "Town and Country Pipes"
  17. jimmy six
    Joined: Mar 21, 2006
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    jimmy six

    won't work on the baggers baggers here..
  18. rudestude
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    My dad run them I ran them and I will run them again when I get my 50 Chevy Bel-Air finished, I'm building one like the one my dad had . I never really had a rust problem with mine ,but I did run "Unplugged" most of the time. On my pick up I notched the bottom of my fenders so that they were tucked up a little further, I have a new set that are going to go on my HT. when the time comes. Nothing sounds better,or more annoying to sum people, than a Chevy 6 with Fenton's and open exhaust, especially going down a back alley street with buildings on both sides. 20190612_001511.jpeg 20190612_001538.jpeg 00a0a_9ZDiPm6HaBq_600x450.jpeg 20190612_002117.jpeg 20190612_000916.jpeg 20190612_002056(0).jpeg

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  19. View attachment 4314002

    I always used the 3 bolt models rather than the 2 bolt type. If you removed the bottom two bolts and loosened the top a little it sounded lots better.
  20. rudestude
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