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Projects How to decide when to throw in the towel?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Model A Fan, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. If you really want to build a hot rod or a custom car you will eventually do it,the only stumbling block is you,sure time,money and talent are factors but if you have the passion nothing short of death will keep you from accomplishing the job at hand.

    I remember vividly lying in the cold and wet gravel driveway replacing a clutch when I was younger.

    The hamb is the best place in the world to stay focused,you have a built in audience and we always cheer guys on. hang in there. HRP
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  2. TagMan
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    If you can't hack it, sell it and move on. Buy a car already done and change a few things to make it your own. Some people are builders and some are buyers - nothing to be ashamed about, it's just how we're put together and everybody's different.
  3. My next car will be a '55 Chevy and I'm willing to buy a project where most of the hard work is done, hopefully well. I'm just running out of time at age 62, but I feel I still have 3 or 4 more cars left in me with good planning.

    It pays to have friends who help and you help on their projects, it balances out and you get to trash someone else's garage and go home.

    Plans for 2018 are to make the garage 10-12' deeper so I can get a full 2nd bay going. I've already consolidated a lot of parts and did a good general clean up.
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  4. 46dodgewc
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    I'm working on my first build. 1946 dodge wc. It's a frame up resto basically. It took me 3 months to take the truck down to the frame. The easiest way is to make goals. Example is by end of September I want to have the frame painted. And I work toward that goal every chance I get ,it doesn't matter if it's an hour or a whole weekend anything you do toward that end goal helps. Also The things you can't do are opportunities to learn. If you really want to do it you'll find a way to get it done. It's also important to have fun with it. Don't treat it as work other wise you'll hate it.

    Good luck hope to see a build thread

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  5. fleetside66
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    It true that your stamina diminishes as you age. It is also true that passion & desire can overcome a lot. However, I personally feel that ignoring reality is a slippery slope. Staying in the game doesn't mean that you have to torture your body by doing the same stuff you did when you were much younger. Would you rather slack off a bit & still enjoy the hobby or wake up one morning to find that you're debilitated with a massive pile of unfinished crap surrounding you?
  6. jackalope
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  7. My wife promises to shove my crumpled body into my project and burn it to the ground.
    Sort of an "carmation" burial!:rolleyes:

    I can think of no better way to go than while working on my hobby...sure beats the hell out of going out while at work or sitting on my fat but in front of the boob-tube.o_O
  8. That keeps me going, bad enough with all the parts I can never use in my lifetime as it is. I can't imagine what an unfinished project would do to me. I've used up 1 of my Chevy 350s on my Ford, I found a home for the TH400 that it came with. I used a lot of other parts I had around too. So the herd has been somewhat thinned out.
  9. 03GMCSonoma
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    I love this pic. I used to give it to my math students.
  10. falconsprint63
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    from Mayberry

    wow. i really needed to proof that. lol. still working. current status [​IMG]

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