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How to become a HS auto shop teacher? off topic?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by burndup, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. hotrod40coupe
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    I am an 8th grade science teacher and I can tell you that teaching any kind of shop class is becoming very difficult. Why? Because not that many schools have shop classes anymore. Insurance is too high, and all of the idiots in administration think these little assholes are going to wind up in college. That's a crock, they might end up in college as a janitor. As for teaching, there is very little monetary reward, when you get through to some dumb ass, that's a plus and don't think politics aren't necessary. That's what can make or break you in teaching. If you take the CBEST, with a bachelors degree you can teach in most school districts. Long Beach is shitty and they are of the mind that since there are few permanant openings, they can dictate what hoops you must jump through. Garden Grove wil let you sub and I believe L.A Unified will also. We used to beg for teachers here in Las Vegas but with budget cuts, we might lose some teachers. Overcrowded classrooms are the norm and I am sure it will get worse. Teaching 40+ teenagers that are all on a Testosterone high takes a lot of patience and classroom management skills. I'm not trying to discourage you, just want you to know what you are in for.
  2. 19GMC63
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    I have utmost respect for them and their hard work, but their pay is still unjustifiable when compared to their importance to society.
    And what really bothers me is even after signing multi-million dollar contracts the greedy dick-weeds get arrested, get dropped from the team, and end up filling bankruptcy.
  3. iamspencer
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  4. I thought Oswego did away the program?

    I'm an Oswego Industrial Arts Education graduate, 1970. Taught high school shop for three years and got out. Our HS had one of the best programs in New York State. It's now past history.

    Anyway, for career advice, I'd by-pass the high school if I was looking for an instructor position. Most of the HS programs are being phased out. Why? Because the admin folks think the students that want to take shop courses can be taught at the vocational schools.

    Unfortunately, a kid in grade 9-10 often doesn't know what they want to do. In my opinion they force the kid to make a career decision way to early. It's either college bound or vocational.

    Now we have college graduates that don't know which end of a screwdriver they're supposed to use. No shop classes are available in HS contributes to this.

    I'd go to the local 2 year tech college and see what's available.

    Right now I occasionally do some work at our local tech college. Pay is good and the folks you teach WANT to be there, because they pay tuition. Instructor certification requirements are less demanding than HS.

    If you have an idea for a program you can get students to enroll in, present it to the college administration. Funding here is more abundant than at the public HS. Pay will be better than a HS. For fulltime instructors the benefit packages will be equal to or better than the HS.

    Good luck.
  5. Do the Math... Fuck you.. I am sure are some exceptions, but your emulation of these so called "music artists" is truly offensive. these people are narcissim to the core. Their only benevolence is to themselves and the leaches who can stand to be around them. Athletes are playing a GAME. It truly amazes me that they can pull down the salaries they can. sure both "careers" took some work and sacrifice, NOTHING like what an educator has to deal with daily.
  6. usmc50lx
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    from St.Louis

    Do the Math- Excellent first post you'll go far here! Kirk! was dead on in his post though also in that lower bracket Police, EMS, and Firefighters. I mean come on and do the math on the whole GYM thing ok but lets see anyone of those professional athletes deal with something like a nice tour in IRAQ or AFGANISTAN. Pat Tillman was a different story but it still pisses me off that 3 or 4 years later the media does a big ass ordeal on him and my friends that caught enemy fire- not in a damn training accident-don't get a fucking peep! People like you are the reason for this shit Do the Math fuck your damn celeb worship now go back in your hole and fuck yourself!-END RANT SORRY ALL NOW BACK ON TOPIC! As for being a HS shop teacher I did and still do look up to mine and still visit him at least once a year he normally loves it cause Im either in the Coupe or on the bike so it gets kids attention pretty quick and normally I talk to the students for a lil while about hot rods. They like it and so do I cause if just one of them catches the bug for loud cheaterslicked crusty ass cars It worked, right? Wouldn't mind falling back on doing this either if the whole thing I have going now doesn't work out!
  7. MissPrint
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    Rappers and athletes are successful because they had teachers who taught them to read and write, and play sports.

    They are successful, by and large, because they had teachers who laid the foundation for their success, and teachers along the way who encouraged them (along, of course, with family members, community members, etc. who did the same).

    I don't hate.

    I teach.

    I don't hide behind some created internet persona.

    I stand by my words, my convictions, and have the courage to face the classroom every day.

    I've been doing it for 12+ years; have had the honour of teaching in what are euphemistically called "challenging schools" (i.e. 75% or more of the students are low income, on free & reduced lunch/meal programs, schools with teachers who leave after 1-2 years, schools with high drop out rates, high rates of suspension and exclusion). I have had the pleasure of working with some of the "toughest" kids out there, and I wouldn't change a thing.

    If you can read this, thank a teacher.

    P.S. Sent ya a PM about my experiences as a educator. An amazing, albeit tough one.
  8. toadfrog
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    from Arkansas

    I teach here in Arkansas at a High School Auto Collision Tech program. This is my second year and I'm almost finished with all of the certification test required by the state dept. of education.
    In Arkansas you must have a bachelors deg or 8000hrs (4yrs) exp in the field, ASE cert in the area of teaching, Praxis I, and take the NOCTI in the area you are teaching, plus 9 semester hours of classroom mgmt classes. The state gives you 2 yrs to complete all of the above....

    I took the job to try to help the kids....If you are thinking of teaching for any other reason quit before you start!!!! It can be one of the most challenging things you have ever tried to do, but on the other hand it can be the most rewarding. I come from a family that has a lot of teachers. And I thought it was time I gave some thing back.

    Last year I took my students to state competition and won 2nd place for the whole state on the high school level. It was the first time the school placed. The student recieved a full ride to Wyo-Tech. That is life changing stuff!!

    I guess the best feeling is when I see the lights come on in the kids eyes when they "get it"
  9. hot rod wille
    Joined: Oct 27, 2005
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    hot rod wille

    Like KIRK! SAID---I was asked to apply on a high-school auto shop teacher position--it was at my old high school--was told to apply for a "vocational credential"--I did and the catch was--gotta have a job ,not an offer--to have the state issue the credential--I got all that--BUT--

    I shadowed an auto shop teacher for a week--longest week of my life--goddam shit-head ,punk,know-it-all, frickin kids aren't in shop cause there're the cream of the crop--schools put 'em there cause nothing else to do with them. Not like when I was in auto shop--we WANTED to be there and learn.These gang-bang, hat-on-sidewaze,pants-around-the ankles bastards either wanted to kill you or rob you blind.If it sounds like I have a bad attitude towards them,YOUR RIGHT!Plus--here in Ca.--all they would pay was like $30,000 to $35,000 a year--PLUS --you (the teacher) gets to supply most of the "stuff"--meaning whatever the classroom didn't have.
    So---think twice!!!! No, better think three times!!!
  10. str8axleford
    Joined: Oct 14, 2007
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    Alright.. I have worked in education as a teachers aide, and watched the vocational classes go down hill. I was in printshop. Now a thing of the past. Before you know it every kid will need to have a laptop to go into the first grade b/c there won't be any printers. (I know I am being really sarcastic...) But it is getting phased out. They phased out welding, machine shop, foundry, all to make offices and computer tech rooms. Thats when I bailed. When I was sitting in a meeting with teachers griping about the students who didnt have self respect for themselves. Most of them were slobs at that school.
    My question to you is... what can we do about it? Us americans don't make anything anymore. I was talking to my guy at the scrap yard I go to and he was telling me that the rise and fall of the scrap prices is because Japan stopped buying all our scrap, and our mills are only open maybe twice a month! We aren't producing anything. So what can we do? We keep relying on everyone else to make decisions... Our president (and you and I know they only give a hoot about themselves and their croanies). and our wonderful government who keeps sinking us further in the hole daily. Every day China pays about 1 million bucks to keep us afloat. Every day. I read that on a stock newsletter I got in my email.
    We were once the most powerful continent... Now we are headed for 3rd world country.
    "We the people of the US" is what the beginning of our constitution is, not "The government will dictate to us what to do and we will do it".
    I think everyone of us should sit down, write a letter to our senator or congressman in our state, and start some havoc.
    It is how we broke away from europe, isnt it? Everyones out to make money. They work jobs they hate just to get by. This is what our kids see. Teachers not wanting to work (Iknow I worked with them).
    If teachers were doing their jobs, why do some kids get to hs only being able to read at 2nd grade level? This was a major issue at the school I worked at. I can go on and on about education.... A lot of it has to do with parenting (they are too busy working to pay bills and cant sit down with the kids). There is more than meets the eye. Thats all I have to say. We as a society have to fix it, it wont fix itself, and our government is too greedy to fix it or too busy helping out other countrys. What about us?
  11. arkiehotrods
    Joined: Mar 9, 2006
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    I am a friend of toadfrog (post 38) and I can tell you he is making a tremendous difference in the lives of his students. The class he teaches had a reputation as one kids took if they wanted to sit around and do nothing for an hour every day...but now they are working hard and learning the trade, not to mention the fact that toadfrog has 'em working on HAMB-friendly vehicles. One kid in his class has even learned to pinstripe.

    I salute toadfrog and all the other teachers who educate our youth
  12. I work in HR for the schools here. Look into the local districts alternative certification program. Ours lets you work as a teacher with a temporary teaching certificate in a high need field (math, science, reading). If you have a bachelors degree and are willing to take classes at night to get your teachers certification through the local college. You have 2 years to complete the program and you get a teachers certificate.

    Teaching is the kind of job that you have to stick with for 20-25 years for it to pay off in pensions and regular raises. if you think you may get bored in 5 years and may want to do something else, don't waste your time.

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