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How old's the oldest H.A.M.B. member?60+?Tell us a cool story

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by jalopy junkie, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Model A Mark
    Joined: Apr 30, 2008
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    Model A Mark
    from dallas
    1. Holley 94 Group

    wow, great readen here.
    cudos to you all....
  2. Mr Haney
    Joined: Jul 17, 2008
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    Mr Haney

    Heard some crazy stories from some older friends of mine about that place. Lotts of street racing happening outa that spot in 60's and 70's. Torn down before we came up so we had to race down in the flats....Quigly down off w.14th st, or at the old tank plant by the hopkins airport.
  3. Unless he changed motors that Vette was a 327. A buddy of mine had one and it was a fast SOB. We put a Clay Smith cam in it, headers and 2 4bbls and it was so fast it scared the shit out of me!
  4. Pop's Garage
    Joined: Jan 30, 2008
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    Pop's Garage

    Some really good stories . . . and some of them are true !

    This ol man is 67 and the Avatar is my latest project. Since picture have already replaced floors, door bottoms, quarters and rear panel. Frame is off and underway.

    First car was a '36 Dodge coupe given to me by my Grandmother (bless her soul). "Worked" (that means ripping off the front fenders and running boards - it ran perfectly) on it in the backyard until my 15th birthday.

    Got my driver's license, then totaled it THREE DAYS after my birthday. Rolled the other guy - a new '57 Ford. Walked for six months until Uncle Frank gave me his '39 Dodge coupe and he bought a new 57 Merc. Finally bought a '53 Ford hardtop which carried me back and forth from so cal to San Francisco while going to college.

    One thing for sure though, except for our hobby . . . as far as daily drivers go, these are the good old days ! We used to replace tires at 20,000 if lucky . . . plugs and points at 12, etc.
  5. 39cent
    Joined: Apr 4, 2006
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    from socal

    took my 1930 model A coupe out[my first car] with couple of buddies riding in the rumble seat. we went out to the badlands to run around in the dirt. Spinning donuts and doin other not so safe stuff we were zipping along and over a rise hit a small gully and with that model A ass kickin unshocked rear spring sent my buddies in the air, all i saw was some legs in the rear view mirror. I decided to take it easy then and took home some guys with sore butts. Moral-- put safety belts in rumble seats.
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  6. Bellytanker
    Joined: Aug 18, 2007
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    from California

    Ya have to forgive me (old you know), I've been thinking about that since I wrote it, I know it was a 283, so it must have been a '61 rather than a '62, the year was '62, and I was 15 and thought that was pure heaven. Hero worship, my cousin was a Navy pilot and that along with the Vette made up my mind, "it's the Navy for me". Guess I should have finished college and not gotten married before the Nav, :) anyway that car sure did run, no matter what the year.
  7. jc555247
    Joined: Jan 1, 2009
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  8. Im 60 and grew up on a farm in Minnesota. We did start driving around 10 years old. Learned how to fix almost anything by 12 years old. Got my first car when I was 13 a 1949 Studabaker Champion convertable. Payed $7.50 Minneapolis junk price. The rear axel key sheared and the axel spun in the hub. I had no money for parts so I spot welded the hub to axil spun up the nut and drove the wheels of the stud for 4 years. My next car was a 1956 ford with 312 t bird special and a tranny barrowed from a 1955. We had old ford cars for parts. One day showing off I stomped down on the 312 on the gravel road. The secondarys stuck open so I stomped on the brakes and proceeded down the road front wheels sliding and back wheels churning loose gravel. I finally got my hand off the wheel long enough to turn the key off. The ford stoped and I was left scared to death in a massive cloud of dust and quite embarrased. That was my best lesson on rigging mechanical secondary carbs.
  9. Old? Hell I was 21 in 1962 .... You was just a young'an!
  10. jc555247
    Joined: Jan 1, 2009
    Posts: 29


    I was 66 last month. Back in 1960 I had a 49 Ford 2 dr that I lowered, sprayed in flat grey primer and put Buick hub caps on. And then it happened. My father boiught my mother a 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible. It had the 361 with duel points, duel quads, a 727 torque flight tranny, and 4 mufflers. With in the first month I had installed a pair of Sears Roebuck coil over rear shocks and removed the rear two mufflers. ( resinators is what they called them) Well on one hot June eveing I got my hands on it and next thing you know I am down on our local 2 lane coming up to the (local unsanctiond drag strip) stop light. Then from out of no where , since there was almost no traffic that evening, a 1958 Chevy Impalla with 348 flags on the ood, over the big V pulls up on my right side. Befor I could evebn look over the guy gets out and opens up some home made bump tubes he had in the fornt wheel wells. Well there it is, I held my brake, lifted the rear end and started to bur tires
  11. I'm 63 (64 next month). Grew up out in the dairy farm country with a huge maple tree for a garage. Did everything under the maple tree until the late sixties when I could finally afford to rent a garage. Built the hemi-powered '34 sedan I'm still driving under that tree in '64<a [​IMG]
    Fixed a lot of local hot rodder's cars under that tree, even in the dead of winter cause most of them didn't have a garage, either. [​IMG]
    Occasionally, though, we'd be able to get into the bay at the Texaco on Franklin Street.

    Working on cars got a bit easier when I went to work for K.S. Pease Chrysler-Plymouth. A string of automotive shops after that made it easier to work under cover.

    Re-wired my first cars back then and have been doing it ever since.

    Always did my own engine rebuilds (assembly). Learned not to trust a lot of the "expert" machine shops. Always double-checked their work and took stuff back to get it done right. Probably shouldn't have trusted the machinist last year when I had the valve job done but his work was always pretty good (but he let his kid do the work and I didn't realize it 'till I started using oil)
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  12. jalopy junkie
    Joined: Feb 19, 2008
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    jalopy junkie

    Found this thread by accident.Roothawg,hope you dont mind me lifting your post,but it seemed fitting...thanks,JJ

    Roothawg <script type="text/javascript"> vbmenu_register("postmenu_3336543", true); </script>
    Alliance Member


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    <!-- icon and title --> [​IMG] My 97 year old grandpa, the original hot rodder

    <hr style="color: rgb(229, 229, 229); background-color: rgb(229, 229, 229);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> I had the pleasure of eating one more Thanksgiving dinner with my 97year old grandpa. Every year we take a picture because I always thinkthat this could be our last one together. Of course I have been doingthat for about 10 years now.....;)

    He still drives everywhere and lives by himself.

    He was a round engine mechanic for years and he was in charge of thecrew that installed the bomb racks in all of the bombers for the atomicbomb. He was a produce salesman from the 30's through the 50's whilestill working his civilian job as an aircraft mechanic. He built carsfrom scraps his older brothers would discard. He's still one of thesmartest guys street wise and book smart that I know.

    Here's a little story for you.

    Years ago, (back in the 60's) my dad was in finals in Amarillo, TX andwas up against a fellow club mate for the title of C\Gas. A phone callcame through from his C/O back in OK and told him he had to be back onbase by that evening. My grandpa told my dad not to worry, he woulddrive in his place so he could go on home.

    He lined up against his competition (Who happens to be a hambers Uncle,Kikinrods) and ended up beating him. My grandpa still has the trophyand bragging rights. I'm sure Brant's Uncle Steve will still admit hisdefeat.

    Anyway, he came over and checked out dad's 35 1.5 ton he's building. Here's a picture of 4 generations in front of it.

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your family time.
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  13. Great stories here, and a bump to the top for some more
  14. ford&country
    Joined: Apr 19, 2008
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    :cool:I`m 73 and have so many memories. I HAD AT LEAST 6 OR 8 MODEL A FORDS TWO 31 CHEVYS 38 FORD STD. 2DR. 39 FORD CONVERT BLACK 39 MERC GRILL SKIRTS 2 SPOT LIGHTS DUELS OF CORSE TWO CARBS AND CONTINATAL KIT MADE FROM 36 FORD COUPE IT WAS COOL. I bought from my uncle a 37 chrysler royal 4 door had a 1948 dodge truck motor 3 speed with over drive. I blew away a new 53 chevy so bad and we had so many laugfs that night until an hour or so got a ticket for speeding. that chrysler would run near 100 in second gear overdrive. Two days later I entered the army for 3 years. I had so many speeding tickets the judge said good thing your going in to the service or you might spend some time in the slammer. I gave that chrysler to my sister when i went in the army she drove it about 6 momths an traded it in on a 53 ford convert. A buddy of mine bought it from the ford dealer and drove it another year. I ALWAS WONDER what happend to that car? I now have a total restored 1950 F-1 8 years todo 1941 ford superdelux 2dsd. 9 years to restore this one. In june I`m going to the early ford v/8 meet in Hartford ct.Hoping for a dearborne award. I also have a 31 model a coupe that I drive at least a 1000 miles a year. Thanks guys for listening, The old man
  15. Cat-bird
    Joined: Feb 4, 2009
    Posts: 17

    from NWPa.

    When I was in high school I bought a 30 Ford pickup for 15 bucks. When summer came I sold it for 200 bucks to buy a Harley hummer. Now I'm 64 years old and I'm building another 30 pickup. I didn't pay 15 bucks for this one and I'm not going to sell it either.
  16. 39cent
    Joined: Apr 4, 2006
    Posts: 1,569

    from socal

    I used to be cool, still am, cuz all the young guys finally caught on!

    Avatar is me an my 32 in '58.
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  17. junk fiend
    Joined: Sep 16, 2008
    Posts: 430

    junk fiend

    im gonna give this thread a bump its to awsome.
  18. 50flathead
    Joined: Mar 8, 2005
    Posts: 1,153

    from Iowa, USA

    My Dad turns 72 this May. He had his first run in with the Patrol driving his Dad's 40 Ford sedan without a license in 1951 at the age of 14. An Iowa Highway Patrolman gave him a ride home and told his Dad not to let him drive until he had a license. As soon as the Patrolman left Grandpa drove my Dad out to get his 40 and told him the only to get it home was to drive it home. My Dad always had a thing for 40's so I built a 40 sedan for him five years ago.
  19. 61 this May, in 1962 at the ripe old age of 14 my best friend and I pushed my mothers 36 ford 2dr sedan down our driveway and down the road about 2 blocks to take it for a drive. Everything was going great untill the left front tire blew and took us into a field. By the time the car stopped the front wheel had dug a rut in the ground so deep we could'nt get the jack on the bumper. We had to dig a hole to set the jack down in & then jack it up. We got the tire changed and left the blown tire & wheel in the field. Got the car back in the driveway, about 2:00 AM. Next morning my Dad came in & told my mom someone stole the spare tire off her car. We (my dad and me) went to the junk yard and got another spare for $3.00. On the way home my dad said I owed him $3.00. I paid him and it was never mentioned again, It sure gave me sleepless nights wondering how he knew or why he never brought it up again. It took about 6 years for me to realize that my punishment was the silence. Come to think of it I never did get the $1.50 from my buddy. Eddie you owe me.
  20. TraderJack
    Joined: Apr 10, 2008
    Posts: 330


    Joined the Navy in 1940 and in boot camp I was talking to one of the others in the Company and we were discussing hotrods!
    I had a 34 phaeton with flat head Caddy in it ,and had started with a Rajo T bucket. I was from San Diego, and he was from, I believe , Glendale ca.

    So we were talking away about the cars and he said he had a Chevy 4 roadster with Olds 3 port head, etc. and how strong and loud it was!

    Ok, so we get shipped to out and never saw him again.

    So I was on this board and saw Bently, Spurgin, and Giovanni roadster with the Chevy 4 , with the 3 port Olds head.

    I had previously seen the Bently v8's and never connected.

    To make a long story short, I wonder in the Bently with Chevy four I knew in Boot camp was the Bentley of the Bently Giovanni,Spurgin roadster with the Chevy in it!

    The guy I met in Boot camp was Bob Bentley, if I remember correctly, after all I am 86 and that was 69 years ago!

    Just made me think about it. Perhaps it is his son! I think the Bob was sent to the Arizona, but really don't know.

    perhaps some on in the LA area can remember Bob Bentley with a Chevy 4 roadster.

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  21. TraderJack
    Joined: Apr 10, 2008
    Posts: 330


    Tells the the younger years. Graduation night, 1940, take Mom's 36 ford out for night. driving down the street at 12 pm when I accidently shut of the headlights, switch on steering wheel hub, brushed it with my elbow. Looked down, to turn on lights, turned on lights , looked up and there was a car broadside to meet crossing the street I was on! wham, bam, and thank you very much. Other car turned over, driver got out bleeding, and I was in deep do-do.
    Luckily my father was USN and had Government Insurance and they just settled it rapidly and my parents were just happy I wasn't hurt.

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  22. ST. 515
    Joined: Mar 29, 2008
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    ST. 515
    from TEXAS

    This is an awesome thread. I love all the great stories.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. vertible59
    Joined: Jan 25, 2009
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    Worked at a gas station pump jockey, part time, when I was in high school. One Saturday morning, a drunk pulled up to the pumps in a '53, mint green with black top, Ford 2-dr hardtop. I go out, and the guy says "hey kid, gimme 15 bucks for this heap so I can go back to the bar when they open." So I dug deep in my jeans and came up with the cash. The guy signed the registration and staggered off down the sidewalk toward the local bar. I pulled the Ford in the wash rack, to give it a good bath and clean all the "dead soldiers" and other funk out of the inside. Then put out next to the road with a for sale sign in the window and sold it for 50 bucks before closing. Nothing like being young and dumb...
  24. RRuss
    Joined: Feb 6, 2009
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    from Lowman, Id

    Since this is my first post let me say hello to all from a 70 year old and oh my God, the talent that's on this board is incredible. I'll start with my story. I grew up in So Cal., Compton. One day my brother ask our father if he could borrow his car, '39 Chevy 4dr. so that we and some of his friends could go to the drag race in Santa Ana. For me this was the first time I'd ever seen any cars race. It was so cool. There were long lines of people standing on each side of the race track. Stretched from the start line to the finish line. While we were waiting for the race to start a couple of motorcycle guys were going back and forth to keep the people far enough apart so the cars could race.
    I'm begining to think, What's the big deal I can't see any cars racing. Then all of a sudden I hear this loud roar. Then my brother grabs me and said here they come. WOW two cars went by us so fast I could not believe my eyes. The thing that really excited me was you could almost touch the cars as they went by. Now I don't have to point out if one of those cars lost control the carnage it would have done.
    This went on for about 20 to 30 minutes cars racing by us, I could never tell who won as the finish line seem so far away. While waiting for the next two cars to race my brother again grabbed me and said let's get out of here. We me being pulled along I could see hundreds of people doing the same thing, running, but why I wondered? Then I could see why the MP'S (Military Police) in four troop trucks were coming from the hanger area of the air strip. Anyway we made it to our car and went home. Then it was told to me by my brother that the races were illegally being held and that's why everybody was chased off the air strip. If I remember correctly this occurred sometime around 1949 or 1950.
  25. jalopy junkie
    Joined: Feb 19, 2008
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    jalopy junkie

    Great stories,Trader Jack,RRus,and Oldschool66.I had a similar experence as you oldschool66,without going into a bunch of details,I tried to scam my old man with a bogus made up "mechanical break-down on the side of the road story" once when I was 3-4 hrs late for curfew...needless to say he was totally hip to my lie,he didnt punish me by busting my balls when I was caught...he punished me with silence,which has lasted to this day,and it worked because it was then I realized he really WAS smarter than me,and Ive never tried to B.S. him since...
  26. silversink
    Joined: May 3, 2008
    Posts: 917


    I'M 64, in 1960 I my first car was a 1926 T 1n 1961 I traded the T for a 33 ford 3 Window Coup all stock drove beautiful, since these 2 cars I have had 102 other cars including a 39 chev panel,41 Ford PU,1935 Lafayette Nash,1939 Ford Business Coup,several 49,50,51 Fords,so on & so on Today I have 5 International Pickups a 32 3window ford coup and a 1929 Model A pickup. The sad thing about this disease is I'm alas looking behind barns and in the brush for another treasure. I need to slow down----NOT
  27. cafekid
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    hey dave, if you leave then who do i get to torment every wednesday night in my shoebox
  28. cafekid
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    hahahahahahaha my pop used to love telling this one, before he passed away
  29. Wolfie
    Joined: Sep 17, 2005
    Posts: 150


    I'm 67 and have a GREAT life! Most people who know me are always pushing me for stories of the "Old Days" so I guess maybe I should throw one in here. In early '66, right after I got out of the Navy, I was living in Bell, California and my first day back I was walking around town just checking it out when I came across a place called Bell Auto Parts and I just had to go in and see what's going on. Well, to shorten up a long story, by the time I left there I had a job! Anyway, let me jump ahead a little. There was a Chevy dealer in South Gate, Dana Chevrolet and they had available a 427 Camaro! They were all yellow with black vinyl top. One saturday morning (donut day) one of us at Bell Auto got to go get the donuts and it was usually a "ride along" with one of our customers which usually was quite a kick! So, on my first saturday the driver was to be a giant of a man we new as "Charlie the Painter"! Now old Charlie was probably in his 60s at the time and was formerly a house painter. His work truck that he drove all the time was a '53 or'54 Ford F100. It was yellow and black and had some lettering on the doors that was about all worn off. Well, we were on Gage ave. and came up to a red light and stopped when this very noisy, brand new yellow Camaro pulled up alongside. There was a prospective customer driving and in the passenger seat was "Don McCain" who was not only a friend but also a customer of Bell Auto Parts. Charile asked me if I new that guy and what was in that Camaro? So i explained that it was one of those new 427 Camaros that was supposed to be some kinda bad! Well, old Charlie said "I think I'll just cover his windshield with rubber!" The light changed and and Charlie did just that! I just forgot that the old F100 had a blown Chrysler under the hood and let's just say that I don't think that Don McCain made a sale that day!!!!

    That was one memorable experience I remember from my days at Bell Auto Parts and I still keep in touch with the guys that are still with us! My buddys Rich Lenarz and Kenny Parks have passed on but Jot Horne and Chuck Strader ar still with us and I stay in touch as much a possible. Great times and Great memories!

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  30. cactus zach
    Joined: Nov 11, 2008
    Posts: 74

    cactus zach

    not my personal story but my great grandma used to drive my great great granddads "rattler" (not sure wat exactly it was thats just wat she called it) to school in 1922
    bear in mind she died in febuary 2008 at 98 years of age
    not sure if that counts but i always thought it was a lil neat every time i heard it
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