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How much should I offer for it?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by hillbilly4008, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. BoogittyShoe
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    Sounds like it might get better soon. The parts store scene was kinda predicty.
  2. Barrelnose pickup
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    Barrelnose pickup

    Leave the son your contact number and move on.
    I wouldn’t have forgotten about it but surly would of had another rod on the go in that time.
    Patience of a saint.
  3. Patience pays off in these deals many times. Sounds like you are well on the way to getting the coupe. Now that this 8 year old story has what appears to be a turn for the better...I will be happy to hear more of the upcoming story. :D
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  4. hillbilly4008
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    from Rome NY

    One of these days, this car will be mine. I can wait. Shit, it has already been 8 years...

    Kind of a related story. Near me there was a '54 BelAir rag top in a dilapidated 3 sided shed. I first learned about the car 20+ years ago. When I finally got to see it it was a real sad sight. There was loose hay piled all over the front half of the car, the tires were gone and the car was sunk down into the dirt floor, the top fabric had rotted away decades before. Critters have used it as a toilet for years. The car was stuffed there in 1960 with 15k on the clock. The man refused to sell it, he said its going to his daughter some day.

    A few years ago I was talking to a friend in the local car club and mentioned the car, turned out to he his Uncle's car. He said he's been trying to get that car out since he was a teenager. Then tells me the guys daughter (his cousin) lives on the other side of the country and isn't into cars at all. Kind of a sore subject with this guy.

    Flash forward to this past summer. The old man dies, and they sell off the farm to an Amish family. My buddy gets word to go get the car! Unfortunately, by this time the barn has started to come down and the eves are resting on the ragtop frame. He had to jack the barn up, the whole time praying it didn't come down on his head. But he got his car home, it only took 50 years or so...

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