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Art & Inspiration how many would you own?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by flatheadgary, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. 49ratfink
    Joined: Feb 8, 2004
    Posts: 17,860

    from California

    there is no such thing as too many cars ... only too little cash and too little space. if I won the giant Powerball lottery a few months ago I would buy cars like a kid buys Hot Wheels.
  2. das858
    Joined: Jul 28, 2010
    Posts: 694


    I own 12.8 acres with 11.5 of that being farm land. My house has a deep 2 stall garage with my wife's daily driver and her o/t Barracuda. On the driveway sits my daily driver 21 year old pickup. My 30x40 shop is packed with my '38 Plymouth pickup, my '64 Dodge 330 wagon, my front engine dragster on the trailer , and my long term salt flat project car , plus tools, equipment and parts . My wife is very supportive of my old car addiction , but doesn't want any projects setting outside , and im not crazy about it either. Our place isn't fancy but it's not trashy either.
  3. dwollam
    Joined: Oct 22, 2012
    Posts: 1,130


    Acre and a half, 30 cars. Some are for sale, at least a dozen or more are keepers. Yep, sick, but it is the one illness I really enjoy!
    Good thing it is dry here.

  4. Addiction is hard, but the cure is worse.
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  5. X-cpe
    Joined: Mar 9, 2018
    Posts: 1,001


    Bought my lot on a dead end street in the country 30+ years ago. No HOA,just a bunch of people who respect each other and don't push the envelope. (Except for one guy and every time he raised hob with the county it came back and bit him in the ass so he's calmed down.) Country has kind of disappeared, new high school across the main road and a connector road behind us that carries a bunch of rush hour traffic. Deal with the wife was half for her gardens and half for a junk yard. (LOL) I did get to build a large detached garage and keep all my stuff in it, so its probably an 80/20 split. If anything does wind up outside it is covered, both for her and the neighbors.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
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  6. My hoard had about 300 cars at one time. I think Im down to about 200 at present. Sold four this year and bought not a single vehicle and only one Tractor this year. We have three acres on our corner and the majority are stashed here. We have another 10 acre place a few miles away and We just bought 4 acres that ajoins it. I have some crawler tractors and sawmill stuff there. The thieves will not leave stuff alone so By necessity the majority is stashed where we live. Im hoping to move from this place and over to the 14 acres this year. When I move over 1/2 that's here will be hauled to the scrapper. Google earth has a pretty good view of our corner. Vehicles don't eat anything. I look at it this way lots of folks have their retirement invested in a 401 or something. Mine is invested in junk iron. I really don't care what other folks think.
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  7. Latigo
    Joined: Mar 24, 2014
    Posts: 641


    I go by your place every couple of months on the way to see the kids in Portland. I always slow down to see what you've added to the inventory. Really cool collection.
  8. Gregg Pellicer
    Joined: Aug 20, 2004
    Posts: 1,347

    Gregg Pellicer

    I live in a resedintial area on a 75x100 ft lot. Six months or so ago I had two daily drivers,four running hot rods and two project cars one belonging to a friend. I had them all inside except the dailys and momma wasnt happy about that. I had a three car detached garage and a two car attached. Plus a good neighbor who lets me park in his garage. Well I'm done with it I sold two of the Hot Rods and working on moving a third one down the road. I have decided two drivers and one project car is the right number for me.I never had more than a single car garage before ten years ago. When I built my detached I thought I had all thr room I would ever need . Wrong I found out no matter how much space you have you still need more. Now I'm gonna try and exercise a little disipline easier said than done.Wish me luck I'm just tired of having to move shit to work cant really work without pulling cars out of garage so when it rains no work gets done.
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  9. dwollam
    Joined: Oct 22, 2012
    Posts: 1,130


    You need to stop in one of these days!

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  10. wicarnut
    Joined: Oct 29, 2009
    Posts: 4,289


    I always said, no such thing as too many cars, just not enough garage space. I have had 5/6 hobby cars, 2/3 daily drivers for many years and cutting back some now as age/time has caught up with me. I have only 1 HAMB friendly car left and will be selling that and maybe 1 of my OT rides, getting down to 2 daily drivers, 2 OT hobby cars. I do not enjoy the work anymore, garage fun has turned into work. If $$$$ was no object I would buy a few/several ? Hot Rods/Kustoms again, BUT hire someone to care for them. I still enjoy cruising/shows/etc as I intend to continue the Hobby with my OT late model rides, wash polish/change oil/minor repairs is all I'm interested in doing now. Like many here, I have a lifetime collection of tools/memorabilia/diecast/racing items/pic's/etc. and my kids have no interest in my stuff, going to turn in all into cash and we are going to do our best spending it enjoying our years left.
    Joined: Jun 3, 2005
    Posts: 8,062


    "How many..." is a loaded question. I'd have to have a windfall to get what I want, but then I'd have to build a second garage/barn/shop to hold it. I'm on 1.5 and have the room but money IS an object.
  12. That is the best one I have heard in a long time!
  13. Pinstriper40
    Joined: Sep 24, 2007
    Posts: 3,335


    0 acres. 10 cars... 8 of which are projects. I need to get my priorities straight real soon!
  14. I have about an acre and a third. Wife's car, my good truck and my work truck sit outside. I have four old cars all inside. If I had to, I could stuff nine cars inside the various buildings but I wouldn't room for anything else. Four is too many, one is for sale.
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  15. I have almost eleven acres and I have two 32's that I drive. I could use a couple of more bays and maybe one or two more Deuces. One of which should be a project. Anymore than that, is too much to maintain. Because there never really done.
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  16. Cliff Ramsdell
    Joined: Dec 27, 2004
    Posts: 1,238

    Cliff Ramsdell

    My last house was on .12 acres, that a 50x100' lot. House, 750 sq ft, garage 510 sq ft and not much lot space. No garage storage.

    I had 4 projects at the house and 3 daily drivers plus a storage barn with 4 to 6 cars at a given time. Nothing getting built.

    New place is an acre lot, big garage and just the hot rod and our daily cars and a work van, much better.

    Cliff Ramsdell
  17. RMONTY
    Joined: Jan 7, 2016
    Posts: 2,034


    6.611 acres according to the tax roll. 3 1950s Chevys, all for 1 project,1 daily driver, 1 pickup to haul stuff in, 9N to mow the big parts of the property,and then the zero turn. No neighbors to speak of. I need (want) an early 30s Ford.
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  18. alanp561
    Joined: Oct 1, 2017
    Posts: 1,213


    I know I couldn't, but I don't see how you could be happy living on a small lot in 'Bama when you've got 30 acres in Tennessee you could live on. Of course, you'd have to change your entire wardrobe from red to orange if you made the move.
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  19. I have an orange hoodie and orange baseball cap for when I am up north.....;)
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  20. My place is 1/4 acre, which is not bad for European standards (Holland) and with 8 cars, 10 mopeds, 8 motobikes and a tractor i'm not complaining. Everything is inside my garage as required by my wife:(.
    Outside are two daily drivers.

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  21. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
    Posts: 4,905



    From the time my parents bought our first house in 1948-49 in the Westside of Long Beach, we have only had a two car garage that we used. As we were a two car family during high school and my mom was not driving, yet, the Impala was in the second slot (The 51 Olds was in one slot until late 1957, while a Buick sedan was in the other.)

    (In late 1959 to August 1960, a 1940 Willys Coupe was in the back Rumpus Room converted by us, to a full size, additional garage work space.)

    In 1960, I thought going to the beach to surf in the 58 Impala was the coolest thing going. We drove up to the surf spot with two longboards sticking out of the trunk. The 58 black Impala was powerful, comfortable, and fast. Getting to the beach was not a problem.

    Having a woody, station wagon, or van was the thing to have in this time period. There were no SUVs, so whatever car was available was the one to use. Since my brother was involved in surfing as a means of recovery from the drag racing accident, we drove up in style and had fun doing it.
    upload_2018-12-5_5-1-43.png upload_2018-12-5_5-1-56.png
    But, all was not good at the beach. We were given the “stink eye” from many surfers. Maybe it was because of the black Impala or maybe it was because we were better surfers than they were, who knows? At any rate, the car was becoming mine and my brother already had his eye on an old VW van, so it was going to be a moot point, soon.

    I drove the 58 Chevy to the beach many times, enduring the stink eye. At least I got to the beach in comfort and quality driving. But, our friends in Huntington Beach, San Clemente, and elsewhere were now getting on my case about …driving a hot rod and not a beach cruiser van or station wagon. It stood out in a field of station wagons and vans. So, I was on the lookout for something that would fit my budget. (almost nil)


    The problem was solved when a 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery rolled into the Bixby Knolls drive-in parking lot…and the story continues on various thread posts. As a teenager, it felt good having a 40 Ford Sedan Delivery for going on surf trips and weekly to the beach. Then is also felt good driving to the local Bixby Knolls cruising spots to hang out with my friends.
    Yes, it was sort of a luxury having two cars as a teenager. But, no one mentioned it as long as I was driving them around on the local cruises. No, I was not a spoiled teenager, but one that had two separate lifestyles that required two separate types of old hot rod cars. (Plus, my mom now had a car, (Impala,) that she could use to go to the store or shopping with friends. Ha! The sight of two old ladies in a fast, black, 58 Impala! Yes…)
    The Impala still took up the 2nd space in the garage and the 40 Ford Flathead Sedan Delivery was relegated to the grassy area next to the garage. My mom learned to back up the Impala and get in, over one space, to be able to leave the garage. It was a tight space and with no power steering, she was a trooper, but the car was her outlet.

    That was the most number of cars owned by a kid (me) and since then, it has been only, two cars in the family. Sell one or give the old one to an extended family member, in order to buy another for us, that is/was reasonable for two older peeps.

    Acreage? Not in coastal So Cal… Even with a three car garage in a new house, we still owned two cars and the third garage stall was a machine shop/wood workshop/exercise area. These days, it is downsizing to a smaller house and the ever present small, two car garage, with two cars, along with our small dog.

    Who would want more? Less time spent on repairs, landscaping, housekeeping with a downstairs master bedroom, and no room goes unused, daily. It is a very, toned down simple life…as it has been for all of these years together, it just happens.
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  22. Perry Hvegholm
    Joined: Apr 16, 2018
    Posts: 113

    Perry Hvegholm

    I kind of have to agree with least in spirit, although my new home would have some seriously over-the-top garage and shop space.

    I bought my 300 from just such a property in southern ca. The guy had bought an upscale ranch property. Large (3500 sq ft) stone house, attached 4 bay garage. The highlight was the barn/horse corral. He had an enclosed, covered and gated 12 bay corral. The corral was stone, with heavy wood beams and tile roofing. Each corral easily held and protected a car from the elements, with room to spare. All corrals were arranged around a large courtyard with had a large, sturdy barn at one end. A concrete floor and a car lift fitted out the barn. A loft in the barn held racks and racks of car parts. I still think about what a car lover's dream that place that was.

    The problem for the seller was his wife. He had 12 cars. A 60 Fury, two 48/49 Mercs, Hemi powered 5 window stepside pickup, A Skyliner and a smattering of Shoebox Chevys. When he dragged home a Chrysler 300, I guess she'd reached her limit and delivered an ultimatum to her husband. 12 was the had to go, or she and the children would.

    It was something of a fire sale for him and I got a really sweet deal on the car. I could never live in California...but I daydream about having a setup like that guy.
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  23. Paul,
    Fernley is not far from you to the East, South you got Carson then Gardnerville,, or even Jack's Valley,,, get a ranch and a fence...
    Here in So Cal we have a 1/3 of an acre with a small house and a 1200 sq ft building, and we have 14 cars, two motorhomes and two vintage travel trailers,,,, but we are at our limit
  24. One for each mood is the deal. We all know it's about the hunt and dragging them home so about 6 would be cool, Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg, Rod, Custom, Racer, that's 6.
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  25. pumpman
    Joined: Dec 6, 2010
    Posts: 2,673


    We have 5 acres in a wooded area with few neighbors so things are pretty good here. My pole barn is within a few minutes walk from the house. We are down to 3 hamb friendlies, 3 dailies and one project car that I've been collecting bits and pieces for but now I'm thinking that ain't going to happen. The driving issue is my age, 73 and the wheels are squeaking so it may be time. I'm really happy with the number of cars we have but if I was younger I'd be in trouble for sure. I have many friends that have their garage / pole barn so filled it's hard to walk around and they don't touch them. That was one thing I said I would never do and have been able to in all these years. But what is weird is I TOTALLY understand.
  26. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
    Posts: 4,905



    It would be nice to have so many acres, but in coastal So Cal, a 3 car garage is about the biggest that will fit in most tracts. There are some huge custom built homes with 5 car garages, but those are not for the ordinary folks. (The latest one on the market is a 12+ acres property with a villa for $55 mil… outrageous) One has to have priorities. We once had a three car garage, new house, but only used two spaces, that whole house was too big for two people. The third space was a construction/exercise area until we could build another car…But, we stayed a two car family. Now, downsizing back to a two car garage fits perfectly. The house is smaller, the neighborhood is quieter and better. So, it was a big compromise.

    Ever since we got married so young, a long time ago, we have discussed wanting to own a house with a view and at least a 5 car garage. We are/were both a little car crazy. My wife wanted two different convertibles, with powerful motors. I wanted a station wagon built the same, power to accelerate up those steep hills and freeway grades. Also, there was to be a roadster pickup for daily usage, garden, shopping, parts, etc. But, the extra garage space would be for two cars that are not HAMB approved, a 73 Carrera RS and a 66 427 Cobra. Those have always been on our list of cars to own. Yes, that is a total of 6 cars for a 5 car garage…So, the station wagon would have to bite the dust.


    We are happy with the two car garage. The two car buying/space limit, makes us, “oogle.” We can look, but, not buy anything that won’t fit. Tinkering in the garage still is fun for me, but we are all headed down to the finish line and things need to be simple and fun. So, not wanting to leave any junk around, the cleaning has begun. Besides, our neighborhood seems like it is for longtime residents. But, there are a couple of roadsters, a couple of 57 Chevy 2 doors, and a station wagon lurking in the two car garages in the local area.

    It is amazing as to what is stored away in garage boxes and just a pile in the drawer. But, those items will be leaving us soon. All, except for those 5 big green Christmas decoration boxes packed full of stuff. (The latest word: those three, 15 year old snowmen [family of 3] will probably bite the dust this week.) But the rest of the car related stuff in the small, two-car garage will be going to a car buff nephew, to pack his garage, full to the rafters. Ahhh, this is a new generation of parents. They like “stuff” and want keep everything. Ha! Are they in for a surprise years later…
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  27. 2 1/2 acres, but it is pretty much all front yard, so I keep everything inside for the most part. Fortunately I have a large shop (56 x 88) with an upstairs for storage, because I have 7 Hot Rods, Classics, Exotics + 2 diesel pickups & the enclosed trailer & open trailer for my transport business & a beat around pickup for running around. 2 stay in the house garage & everything else fits in the shop.

    God Bless

    New Image (800x642).jpg
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  28. 41rodderz
    Joined: Sep 27, 2010
    Posts: 5,207

    from Oregon

    Mmmm some for sale....mmm :D . Might need to pm you.
  29. classiccarjack
    Joined: Jun 30, 2009
    Posts: 1,441


    I hope 17 Acres packed full of Fargo's, Dodges, DeSoto's, Plymouth's, and Chryslers.....

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  30. classiccarjack
    Joined: Jun 30, 2009
    Posts: 1,441


    Currently doing that myself... In California, your neighbors CAN control your property. You have no rights as a property owner at all. It's really sad here.

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