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Hot Rods How many started your hot rod jurney after 30-35 years old?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 50dodge4x4, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. tfeverfred
    Joined: Nov 11, 2006
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    Research. It's all about the research.
  2. jeffyg82
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    I've been into hot rods since I could reach the work bench I'd guess my earliest car memory is painting the frame on my dads 53 belair some where around 1985ish that would make me 3ish.... My love for cars never faded working side by side with my father and brother on many builds... my first car when I was 13 was a 63 Impala ss 327 4 speed which I drove to high school and still have... That 53 that I remember from my childhood never got completed as my father helped us kids with our projects... When I was 28 (2008) told pops lets get that 53 out of storage and build it.... So we pulled it in the shop and started it was almost complete when he passed away Jan 2015 had to put the carpet and seats in and it was done... I showed it this season and took trophies home from numerous shows what a good feeling and I know my pops is proud of what we did together.... I know my car isn't hamb friendly but we are all doing the same thing preserving these amazing cars from years gone by..... ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1452663961.803317.jpg
  3. Bert Kollar
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    Bert Kollar

    Built a couple kit cars and a race car but didn't build my first hot rod (My Avatar ) until I was about 56. I'm on my third build now a RPU and I'm 77
  4. Raiman1959
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    I'm 56....I retired from Forestry in 2010, then got married for 1st time 2011....I bought a house, built a 3 stall garage, and finally 'settled down.' I had a 41' Ford in High School (grad 77'), but it barely ran, and sat under the tarp for years in the family shed totally forgotten. I drove my mothers 63 Plymouth Valiant instead in H.S., which was tempermental, and is a whole story in itself:eek:. Went into the Navy for 10 years, and then worked in Forestry in Alaska and Oregon till 2010----------After retirement, and an 'actual' place to call 'my' home, finally, with years of day-dreaming for ''some old car''....I happily dragged the old 41' Ford outta a dirty shed, and also a 1914 Olds body & chassis my grandfather gave me also when in the Navy (c.1979)....and then I bought a 60' Thunderbird a few years ago, that ran, barely, out of a field full of farm implements in exchange for digging post holes on his property.

    My supportive wife loves the 'old car mentality' and my 5 dogs are allowed in the garage (to help:rolleyes:) till I chase them outta the way, and I find that I was literally planning this stuff in my head in all my different work situations, and seeing it come out after all this time, is indeed very special for me now. I play my old doo-wop music, tinker on the cars, buy yet MORE tools, and put the past behind me...and enjoy working on my own cars, at my own speed, and enjoy the process.
    It's nice to finally 'get started' in my 50's, even after years of putting it on hold with life and work situations, because I have learned about patience, which I didn't have much in my 20's or 30's.... learning along the way 'now' of what is right & wrong, is very satisfying and I'm doing it as much as possible myself along the hot rod journey.....I got my 1914 jalopy built the way I want it, and now I'm onto the other two projects...I can't complain at all....not many people I know get to do what they want, and enjoy it...I feel extremely fortunate and!:D---Ray
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