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How many hemi owners on the board

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by axeman39, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Industrial engine...............

    Pull the fuel pump and look and see if it's got gears or a chain.

    If it's got gears, there's no raised portion on the crank for a sprocket so you'll be stuck with using unobtainable gears if yours are worn. The only way you can use a sprocket/chain system is to swap another '51-'56 crank into the block.
  2. SEAAIRE354
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    Thanks for the heads up. Didn't get that far on this engine. Pulled the valve covers off and the heads were cracked like I've never seen before from freezing. The freeze plugs in the block were replaced which I can't believe I didn't catch when I picked up. Have a timing chain crank and an ok block if this one doesn't pressure test and mag but still need heads.

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  3. Here's mine 1952 Desoto Hemi. All old school with 1956
    Imperial 12 volt generator, 1955 291 4 bbl with 1956 Caddy carb and stock 1953 Caddy air cleaner with oil bath. Its got a paper filter in it now. This little 276 hauls ass for what it is and rev's to the moon!! Its got a 5 sp behind it.

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  4. SEAAIRE354
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    Awesome ride. I have a 53 276 Desoto if the 354s don't work out. Glad to hear it hauls ass.

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  5. Thanks Seaaire 354. There's way more to this car than meets the eye. And everything on it I have had to modify, build from scratch or rebuild. I even shot the frame in with a laser. When I first put it all together it would barely do the speed limit. Talk about lack of power!! I was afraid I dumped a bunch of money on this engine and would never be happy with the lack of power but after changing the oil bath and using a paper filter inside and getting rid of the stone fuel filter, it added at least 100 hp!!! Man after those two changes its got plenty of power. My other car does 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds and 0-60 ft in 1.6 seconds so I know power. This car having 750 16s in the rear and 3.50 1959 9 " posi, I thought it might be gutless out of the hole but the 5 speed I used has a 4.10 first gear so its perfect. When I hammer on it, it can spin the tires and gets really good 2nd gear chirps hitting 2nd. In 5th it doesn't pull very strong but dumping it into 4th or 3rd helps it pull. Im pretty damned happy with it and it gets 25 mpg on the freeway.!!!!!!
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  6. SEAAIRE354
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    Well my only complete hemi thats rebuildable is the Desoto so maybe I'll
    Just use that when I start the roadster project. What 5 speed are you using. I have a saganaw 4 speed I was planing on using. I don't believe I've heard to many people talk much about gas mileage on this forum but i think it's great you mentioned that. Our hobby gets a lot of bad press when it comes to economy and pollution.

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  7. Mine get's 12.6. I keep meticulous records of my fuel purchases and my yearly spreadsheet average is always in the 12.5, 12.6.. Got that with the Holley 4 bbl and I still get the same mileage with 4 Stromberg 97's (running on two center ones on the highway and on all four wide open). The roller cam and 12.5:1 compression probably has something to do with it.
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  8. Im using a modified Hemi Hotheads adapter with the 1989 World class T-5. My good gas mileage is most likely due to the overdrive of the 5 speed and the sipping 276 CID 7.6-1 compression. Also I'm running close to 14.7-1 Stoich on a gas analyzer But the weight of my coupe is off the scales at over 2800 lbs!!!!!! It was 2650 without glass, the 16 gauge floor and sound deadener. On the freeway at 70 Im running about 2000 RPM. I drive my car long miles so the wicked 1st gear works great streetlight to streetlight and the overdrive works well for the gas. I drove this car 9 hours going to an event and when I got there I could have done it again. Its really comfortable and drives awesome. It actually drives no difference than our daily drivers which one is a supercharged Jag and the other one is a 3/4 ton Van which actually drives pretty smooth. I am really surprised at how well it drives even with the Bias plys and the 1939-1941 Lincoln drum brakes I put on it felt no different that the disc brakes that were on the 1940 Ford axle. When I bought the axle, it had disc brakes and I couldn't wait to get rid of those eye sores!!! . I was really surprised at how well they stop.
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  9. ago
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    from pgh. pa.

    My blown 354, 7 psi boost.with Tremec 5 speed , 2000rpm 75 MPH. gets 17mpg on hi-way. easy to drive.
  10. Funny how mileage is never talked about but we all know exactly what our mileage is in pretty much every car we own. LOL!! I have 14 cars and pretty much know what every one of them get LOL!!
  11. Evilfordcoupe™
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  12. Inventory of Hemi Parts for my Projects & How & What Guys are using for their Hemi engines Configuration in Various Cars.

    My Hemi Engines, intake Manifolds, Vale Covers, Carburetors,Tach Drive Distributors, Headers, Trans Adapters, Transmissions, Halibrand H-201 Magnesium Quick Change Case, W/Finned Side Bell's.

    2- 1953 Dodge Hemi 241 Blocks, one is Stock Engine, Paid $700. In 2006. 2nd is a 241 Block Purchased from PAW in Ca. Block was Cleaned, Prepped Bored 30 over, Paid $300. Off eBay. 2009/10. Purchased Polished Forged 10-10 Crankshaft From PAW $300. 2009/10

    2- Dodge 53/54 Dodge Ram Embossed Valve Covers. 1-Came with Engine cost Included with Engine. $700. 2-Set Ram Embossed. $100. Canton, Tx Swap Meet. $100.

    Dodge Hemi intake Manifolds
    1-Dodge 241/270 Low Deck Edelbrock 4-BBL Aluminum Intake. $860. eBay.
    1- Dodge 241/270 Low Deck Offy 4BBL Aluminum intake. $425. eBay
    1- Dodge 241/270 Low Deck Offy 3-Deuce 97's Carbs. aluminum Intake. Paid $345. eBay

    2-Dodge 241/270 Sets of (Hot Heads) Pair Headers, Coated. Price $300.?

    2 Pair- Dodge 241/270 Aluminum Finned valley Covers. Vintage Speed $80.00 X 2= $160.00

    2- Dodge 273/318/340/360 Electronic Tach Drive Distributors New. $160. Ea. eBay $320. Pair

    1- NOS Cragar 2-Piece Aluminum Borq Warner Bell Housing/Trans Adapter Chrysler/Dodge. Grey's Field Swap Meet. Ft. Worth. $200. Project 33 Ford HiBoy Roadster. W/Kinmont Brakes. Dodge 241/270 Hemi.

    1- New Wilcap Aluminum Trans Adapter, Flywheel, Pressure Plate, Disk, To mate to Chevy Pickup 5-Speed Trans. $890. Project Ford 33 3-W Coupe.

    1- Ford 32-48 Truck Hogs Head Bell Housing used to Borq Warner 84-87 Ford Pickup T170 Aluminum 3-Spd + Overdrive Trans to Stock 32 Ford Torque Tube To H-101 Quick Change Rear End. Using Dodge Hemi in 32 Ford Roadster Pickup. Hogs Head adapter $100. Canton, Tx.Swap Meet.

    1- 471 Aluminum Blower, Good Guys Swap Tx. Motorplex Speedway 2005. $200. Came off West Texas Water Pump. Crazy?

    Hemi Parts Wish Lists?

    Dodge 241/270 Hemi Low Deck Intake To mate to 471 Blower. I've seen one on eBay using a Offy intake as a Core & Weld a Aluminum Carb Plate. Sold for $700. On eBay.

    Someone to Reproduce Dodge Hemi 241/270 Dimpled Mickey Thompson Finned Valve Covers & Eddie Edmunds Finned Dimpled Valve Covers.

    Someone to Reproduce Dodge 241/270 Low Deck Eddie Edmunds 4-BBL Aluminum Intake Manifolds.

    Someone to the Large Chrome 4-BBL 8-Inch Stellings Bell Shaped Air Cleaner.

    Someone to Make Dodge 241/270 Low Deck Downdraft Weber Carburetor Intake Manifold.

    Someone to Reproduce The Cragar GT Finned Aluminum Side Valve Cover Breathers, for Hemi Engines. In my Opinion the Cragar GT is Best looking Compared to all the Others.

    Someone to Reproduce Dodge 241/270 Finned Aluminum Front Oil Slump Oil Pan. Like the Ford Finned Oil Pans made by S.C.O.T of Italy. Used on Ardun Hemi Head Engines.

    Someone to Reproduce the Old 50's Type 2-Piece Cragar Aluminum Bell Housing adapter for Hemi Engines to Early Ford Transmissions.

    I wish Someone would Reproduce the (PAW) Aluminum Water Crossover Pipe For all Models of Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto, & Plymouth Hemi Engines.

    I wrote this up from memory, How to found out? What Guys were using Various Brand Parts, their Builds, How their finding these Parts & Part Prices. Well that's all my Wishes that I can Think of? Didn't mean to get a Little off Topic. If You think of any Parts, that We need to have Made. Please add your ideas. Best Regards Respectfully BigDTexasKid

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    Joined: Nov 4, 2009
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    from WV.

    My 48 Plymouth project.

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  14. I wish Someone would Reproduce the (PAW) Aluminum Water Crossover Pipe For all Models of Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto, & Plymouth Hemi Engines.

    Plymouth???? The only Plymouth hemi I was aware of was the 426
  15. gimpyshotrods
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  16. Mr Freeze
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    Mr Freeze

    1955 Chrysler 331 with adjustable rockers, waiting for my next project...

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  17. RustyRedRam
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  18. 193.JPG
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  19. That cover profile clearly looks like a Chrysler, not a Dodge or DeSoto cover. The Dodge and Desoto covers have a narrower center area.
    Since Plymouth was a bottom-of-the-line car, it should/would have had the smallest, or the same size as, Dodge hemi.
    My take is that these are, either Canadian or altered Chrysler covers and I seriously doubt the Canadians would have put the largest of the hemis in a lowly Plymouth so tinsmithing is my next guess.
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  20. v8deuce
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  21. NWRustyJunk
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    My 55 Dodge sedan has a 270 Super Red Ram in it.
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    Joined: Nov 4, 2009
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    from WV.

    Sure would like to have a set of those "PLYMOUTH" valve covers for my 48.
    Joined: Nov 4, 2009
    Posts: 42

    from WV.

  24. Sorry, but there's only one known set. How they got out of the Plymouth factory we'll never know!
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  25. Nitrobaron
    Joined: Feb 3, 2007
    Posts: 65


    My Chrysler. 365" (Bored 354) Industrial block and crank, '54 big port heads, aluminum rods, Arias pistons.
    This is a new car built in our shop by my son Alex. Heavily influenced by the 1967 HRM article "Project 200 MPH".
    Finished in Dec. 2016. We had our own Merry Christmas Cackle Fest!!!!
    So far, 7 full passes and we started feeding her Nitro last Saturday. 20% to start with and it loved it. Next test and Tune July 22 and 23rd. Going ot throw 35% at her and see what we get. On the path to 7.50's. 100_0174.jpg 100_0185.jpg
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  26. lippy
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    from Ks

    Great looking car!! Lippy
  27. mopacltd
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    426 4 speed

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  28. Wes Rager
    Joined: May 4, 2016
    Posts: 36

    Wes Rager

    330 Desoto is in my avatar.
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  29. 2935ford
    Joined: Jan 6, 2006
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    '54 Dodge Royal 241. Looking for a pair of spark plug covers.
    b 010a.jpg
  30. oj
    Joined: Jul 27, 2008
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    I'm getting my 354 from the machine shop next week, waiting on the freeze plug behind the cam as it didn't come in the hot heads kit. Later in the week I'm getting a 392 from a boat guy, serious old school race stuff. Got to build a blower motor with it. Got to.
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