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History How an Automobile Engine Works...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jive-Bomber, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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    Jive-Bomber submitted a new blog post:

    How an Automobile Engine Works...


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  2. 2935ford
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    I hope the kiddies aren't watching this.......pooooof up goes the house! :)
  3. 42˚18'N 83˚09'W
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    42˚18'N 83˚09'W

    Interesting little movie. However if you did this in school today can you imagine how deep in the doo doo you would be after lighting the first match? Every federal, state and local agency would have to be involved and you would be left fighting for your life while drowning in legal fees. Boy have we come a long way or what... God save us!
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  4. mwhistle
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    from sacramento

    Cool video that shows how much simpler life in America used to be.
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  5. williebill
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    Great video. Thanks for posting.
  6. DaveyJonez
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    from Houston

    The kids and teacher would be bitching about the use of the plastic straw in the carburetor demonstration! Neat old video!
  7. Where in the heck do you get a clay pipe?
  8. Boneyard51
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    I enjoyed seeing the lines and spots in the “ film” and it “ jerking around, saw that many times in school! ......... also enjoyed seeing that they were driving the Fords........ and working on the Chevrolet’s .

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  9. Great video! Thanks for sharing. I would be willing to bet that almost no one coming out of schools today has any idea about that process. We are too busy teaching them other things...
    Joined: Jun 3, 2005
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    This was great. It is indeed a sad commentary of our education systems. The great old classes that taught wood, metal, automobiles and more became referred to as "alternative career path" nearly 2 decades ago. I'm sure there's enough grey old bastards like me that remember those "alternative" things were for the slightly challenged and didn't include the things mentioned 1st. So kids today look at a carpenter, a machinist, a brick mason or a plumber as those lacking the intellect to excell otherwise. Surely gender studies and the like are better now, right? I'll stop there, don't want to derail this because the spirit of the topic needs to be held up with all due honor and respect. We can all make efforts to bring it back as well. I work to that ideal quite often, whether it ever takes I don't know. Thanks 'bomber, good stuff.
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  11. jnaki
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    Wow, that is an old movie, but something for us older folks to remember the day of high school and trades classes. Today, high school Automotives and other industry related classes are still fighting for their lives. There are some that are well respected within their own districts, but the writing on the wall is evident. Here in So Cal, most high schools have ditched the Automotive classes for more college prep courses that may or may not work for everyone. But, last week, there was a new idea from the local, Long Beach City College and the city of Long Beach.


    We lived in some terrific times back then in the early 60s in Long Beach and the Automotives classes were the big events at all campuses. Now, since they are mostly gone, Long Beach City College has stepped in to create a new grouping of career technical education programs. (Auto, construction, welding, manufacturing, etc…)

    Starting in the Fall 2019

    "With high industry demand for skilled workers, Long Beach City College is rebooting its trade programs this fall — restoring some of the cuts made to career technical education (CTE) back in 2013."

    “The trades are back,” CTE Dean Gene Carbonaro said. “We have to put out more skilled laborers … and we are giving students a chance to earn a really nice living wage without college debt. They can come here for two years and leave with a high-paying job. It’s a tremendous opportunity.”

    Besides associate degrees, CTE students also earn valuable industry certificates that will help them get hired, Carbonaro said, emphasizing that attending a four-year university isn’t a student’s only option.

    "The seven restored and new trade programs include welding technology, automotive technology, construction technology (formerly carpentry), advanced transportation technology, electrical technology, advanced manufacturing and engineering technology (with an aviation/aerospace focus).
    There also are a few related night classes being offered for DIYers, covering basic home and auto fixes, offered free to community members."

    "CTE programs, covered in part by state-funded Strong Workforce dollars, were only added based on evidence of employment demand in those fields, and college officials have been working closely with industry professionals to design the programs and curriculum to best-fit workforce needs."

    "With such high interest from employers, Carbonaro said there are already several partnerships forming with major companies, and he’s hoping for others (think internships, donated equipment, real-world workspaces and more)."

    "LBCC Superintendent-President Dr. Reagan F. Romali, who is in her third year in that role, said the reboot of CTE programs at the college is already helping boost fall enrollment, which has been in decline and currently sits at about 20,000."

    "Also helping to boost enrollment, in CTE and other courses, is that qualifying full-time students can enroll for two years without paying tuition, thanks to the California College Promise and the Long Beach College Promise, she said. "No longer is money a barrier for students to get a great public education,” she said."

    "Romali said she’s enjoying hearing the enthusiasm from the community for this upcoming school year, which starts Monday, Aug. 26. In particular, she and other staffers said the phones at LBCC have been ringing constantly with inquiries about the trades."

    "Although the new trade courses are getting the most attention, the college also is planning a couple of other changes this school year: Students this fall can look forward to the addition of multicultural centers on both campuses; a new office of basic needs will help connect students with food, housing and transportation resources (including complimentary bus passes, through a pilot program with Long Beach Transit); and, a new, eco-friendly parking garage is soon to break ground on the Pacific Coast Campus."

    “LBCC is really experiencing some incredible times,” Romali said.

    Not only is this program up and running, but previously, the Long Beach City High Schools virtually guaranteed enrollment in the LBCC 2 year college, for all graduating seniors. Then LBCC and Long Beach State College went one step beyond and added in another diamond ring…automatic inclusion into the 4 year college at Long Beach State College with the passing of required courses at LBCC.

    Back then, it was to pass 60 credits and you met the requirements to be a junior at any California 4 year State College. Enrollment was iffy, if the application numbers were huge. But, now, it is an automatic enrollment.

    So, not only is the final 4 years almost guaranteed, the curriculum has included the latest in automotive technology and other trades to continue on in life.
    Joined: Jun 3, 2005
    Posts: 7,715


    That's inspiring jnaki. I think there may be a few more nationwide based on a light search of the ideal.
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