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History How about a '58?

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Ryan, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. triman62
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    Got pulled into this thread just like the first time a saw one! Black with red tri-tone interior, for sale $800. in 1975! Harley Earl's dream car, lower and longer, wider and stronger, he retired in 1958 after overseeing the design of the 1959 models,
  2. old digger
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    old digger
    from Ramsey

    Bought a 58 Belair 2Dr.H.T in 63, girl friend had a 6cyl. , mine was a power pack V8. Kept it till 65 when trade it in on a new Malibu SS. Thats another story(POS) I drove that 58 everyday,everywhere and loved it. Had a mild custom with full color change after 8 months and it looked tits .

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  3. Wow, that's probably the first mild custom I really like.
    I tend to be drawn to the radical, and the second paint job is cool, but the first one really rocks my world.
    It just works, and proves how less can be more.
    Always loved Mox's car, I think a big part of that is due to how it still survives today.
    Any idea what happened to the subject of this thread?
  4. 'Mo
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  5. titus
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    Got started on my buddies 58 just before the snow flew last year, we used a rusty free 4 door donar car should get it roadworthy this summer the last pic is what it looked like back in the day and basically what it will look like at some point again.
    downsized_0902141055.jpg 053.JPG downsized_0904141350.jpg photo(1).JPG
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  6. Jeff, I'm sure you'll do a nice job on the Impala. I had 3 buddy's with 58s when I was in high school in the early-mid 60s and they were all convertibles. Two had problems with the turbo-glides, one had problems with the 348 and all of 'em sounded like the frame rivets were gonna come through the floor when the cars would approach driveways and drive-in movie humps. [creeeeeeak, groan, pop!]
    Another guy had a bright red '58 bel air hardtop with chrome wheels, dropped suspension and even had sneaker pipes just behind the front wheels..all this in '61..I liked it better than the Impalas. I think the reason I don't like 58s is because I've always been more of a hot rod guy instead of a custom car guy.
  7. Here's a little taste.......I love the '58 Impala......

    Impala%20%281%29-4000.jpg Impala%20%281%29-4000.jpg Impala%20%281%29-4000.jpg Impala%20%282%29-4000.jpg Impala%20%289%29-4000.jpg Impala%20%281%29-4000.jpg Impala%20%282%29-4000.jpg Impala%20%289%29-4000.jpg
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  8. I'm almost sorry for the double posts......Almost.....Centurion9

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