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History Hot Rods of the Sixties in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by andydodge, Aug 24, 2021.

  1. A long time mate of mine Mick Dunne has worked with another hot rodder, Ken Murphy and has published a new book, Hot Rod Of The Sixties in Melbourne....not Melbourne in Florida but the one in Australia, the capital of the State of Victoria.
    With 154 pages and 280 photos it shows exactly what early 60's Hot Rodding really was like here in Australia and includes not only Hot Rods but Customs and early sixties Drag Racing.
    Its available from Ken Murphy direct on, price is $30 Australian plus postage.........I have no relationship with these guys just want to let the world know a great book is available............its a great read........Andy Douglas
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  2. Dago 88
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    Dago 88

    Great book, just got mine. Highly recommended. :)
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  3. swifty
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    Got a story for you @andydodge. Back in the early 60's Eddie Ford and I and about a total of 10 kids from Castlemaine would travel down to the drags at Fishermans Bend, Melbourne - 4 in the front and the rest in the back of the 56 Mainline ute. Travelling along Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne we spot this kid hoofing it. We stopped and asked him where he was headed-sure enough to the drags so- Hop in the back! That kid was a 14 year old Mick Dunne. He used to get the train into Flinders Street station then hoof it out to the drags. After the drags finished we would drop him off at the station to catch the train home. Then we'd do a garage crawl around various backyards, garages and sheds checking out the current builds which we had learned of at the drags. Couldn't do that nowadays LOL
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  4. sure that it was the early 60's........Mick would've been much older met him & a few of the Melbourne Street Rodders at the 1st Nats in 1973.........killed a few brain cells at various events like Vic State rod runs and Bathurst 1000's over the years with those guys till family stuff took over but had a great time and this book is an absolute gem........worth getting...........andyd
  5. Just ordered two copies. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Dedsoto
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    from Australia
    1. Aussie HAMBers

    Mine just turned up, I know what I'll be doing over the weekend
    Cheers 20210903_163113.jpg
  7. hudson48
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    Got my copy a few days ago and working my way through.Great pictures and incredible history.
    Mid 60's was when I was starting my interest in hot rodding and first car a channeled 29 Model A roadster in 1968.
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  8. tub1
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    from tasmania

    I've had a copy bought for me , me thinks it's going to be a great read

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