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Event Coverage Hot Rods Beach Racing

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by "Wally", Sep 13, 2021.

  1. "Wally"
    Joined: Nov 22, 2015
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    Thought folks might like this, some cool stuff running on the Beach in Normandy, FR. Check out the belly tanker with the prop! Sorry there's a lot of 'em. but worth taking a look. Yea Yea I know it's a Facebook post but I couldn't copy or download the link, it's the way it pasted here.

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  2. Happydaze
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    This needs a bump as otherwise it's going to sink rapidly without trace, and I'm sure many would think that to be a crying shame. Not overly descriptive thread title doesn't help, but hey! And Facebook links aren't too popular either. Difficult crowd!

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  3. SEAAIRE354
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    I’m not on FB but from what I could see it’s great. I’ll have to get the wife to find it for me.
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  4. "Wally"
    Joined: Nov 22, 2015
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  5. Flathead Dave
    Joined: Mar 21, 2014
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    Flathead Dave
    from So. Cal.

    Cool pics. Too bad they didn't post a video.
    Like to see the girls (and cars) in action...
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  6. jnaki
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    When we were in the middle of our So Cal surf adventures, we used to go with some friends to the private San Onofre Surf Club beach location. It was private back then and one had to be a member or go into the beach with a person who was a member. We used to go during the daylight hours and it was usually packed.

    “Lines to The Horizon”

    But, on several stops on the hunt for waves, we would get there early, and the lot was empty, but the waves were still rolling into the beach. Why? It was high tide, and stormy with the parking lot under water from the tides/surf coming ashore. So, usually, the regulars and families would not come to the beach during those cloudy, drizzling, rainy days.

    Our time here was limited as we were not members, but one of our friends was part of a family that had a membership. So, one card got us through the Marine gate guard back at the Basilone entrance.

    It was an odd thing to see the ever crowded beach so empty. But, the weather was not a family beach day type of place. So, what are teenagers supposed to do to wait out the storm or drizzle? We knew it was only going to get better, so we had to be patient. Most other places were already blown out and un-rideable.

    Teenagers eating an extra lunch at this early am meeting, an empty lot with no one in sight, a 1940 Ford Flathead sedan delivery sitting in some rim high water? What could happen next?


    We knew that the parking area had some deep stones for a secure footing and the water sitting on top would not make any deep muddy ruts. Some parts of the entrance road had some slippery soft muddy ruts. So, we continued down the parking lot next to the beach at slow speeds, creating some waves like off the bow of a boat moving along. It was slow and fun.

    But then, after turning around at the end of the long parking lot, we picked up some speed and now the water was separating with some power behind it. We were also moving faster in the Flathead sedan delivery.
    Of course, being hot rod/drag race guys, what better than to make a race of who could go the fastest from one location on the parking lot to the end . A beach side dragstrip with its obstacles, meaning deep, salt water. The faster we went, the larger the water was being pushed aside.

    Progress was slow due to the amount of water being separated as we did our high performance runs, (if there was such a thing) with a Flathead motor. For us, this was as close to driving on the beach as we could get. Needless to say, it was fun and exciting.

    As we got involved, the drizzle stopped and the wind started to die down. The surf began to get glassy and we were invited to try our luck in those empty waves. Now, there were a few other cars in the lot and plenty of waves were still coming in towards the shore. The good thing about this beach location was that no one could see who was on the beach parking lot back then.

    From the old highway, a portion of the waves could be seen, but not as close as possible. The tall cliffs kept the "google eyes" from seeing the whole parking lot and actual beach waves. The secure Marine base all around the location kept it private. It was not a state beach, like it is today, so, there was some level of emptiness for added adventure. It was fun while it lasted...

    Teenage impromptu "beach" racing from early So Cal.

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  7. prpmmp
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    Awesome!!! Was looking for Mart!!! JNAKI AAA+++ Pete
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  8. a lot of videos in youtube...

    normandie beach race 2021
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