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Event Coverage HOT RODS at Pebble Beach 2019

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by The37Kid, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
    Posts: 28,251


    The 2019 Pebble Beach event will feature Hot Rod COVER CARS, in their own special class. There is a link to the official site. If it has been a Bucket List event for you, maybe this is the year to attend. Yes, tickets are spendy, but it is unlike any other event, if you are a true car guy you'll fit right in. Bob
  2. 49ratfink
    Joined: Feb 8, 2004
    Posts: 18,094

    from California

    I'm not paying that much for a car show unless it comes with hookers
  3. mgtstumpy
    Joined: Jul 20, 2006
    Posts: 8,869


    I've had that on my bucket list like Goodwood Festival of Speed, Bonneville and others but Holy Shit, I had NO idea admission prices were that astronomical!! :eek::eek:
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  4. rd martin
    Joined: Nov 14, 2006
    Posts: 2,449

    rd martin
    from indiana

    I don't want to buy a couch while im there! there are people with two much money. guess that's one show I will never attend.

    Joined: Jan 24, 2010
    Posts: 2,159

    from IDAHO

    Thanks For The Info And It Is Appreciated.. 012.jpg
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  6. For that price there should be free booze for two days, unlimited day and night.
  7. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
    Posts: 28,251


    People piss away a lot more attending basketball games and music events, and wake up with hang overs, just a matter of what you find enjoyable.:confused:

  8. Fordors
    Joined: Sep 22, 2016
    Posts: 3,767


    Even if I tied it to a vacation to Napa I would be paying $750 for my wife and I to attend and that is a little stiff for a one day event. Something tells me there are no $5 hamburgers and $6 bottles of beer there either.
    From the show organizers perspective I guess it keeps the riff-raff and mouth breathers from drooling on the $500 Bruno Magli suede loafers the elitists will be wearing.
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  9. Hyfire
    Joined: Jun 18, 2004
    Posts: 1,232


    It’s an event you should do once, but in all honesty the historic races at the track are more enjoyable. IMHO.
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  10. woodiewagon46
    Joined: Mar 14, 2013
    Posts: 1,914

    from New York

    WOW, $375 for General Admission. I can't justify rubbing elbows with car show attendees in jackets and ties paying $25 for a glass of champaign. All my friends are T shirt, shorts and beer types.
  11. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
    Posts: 28,251


    We've walked through the pits on practice day, some Great Cars there too. Bob
  12. F&J
    Joined: Apr 5, 2007
    Posts: 13,223


    some are destined to be just spectators in life....that must be why I rarely see another hotrod pass by mine ON the road....12 months a year.

    When I stop for gas, I've had people ask me "is there a show today?" :rolleyes:.

    I have no plans to do any shows this year, I'd rather be driving it..... It gives me a reason to look forward to each day, not just waiting for some "show".
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  13. Kiwi 4d
    Joined: Sep 16, 2006
    Posts: 3,127

    Kiwi 4d

    Holy schmoly,thats $550 Kiwi to look at car parked up( top notch cars, BUT) . I know for a fact we in shorts ,flip flops and a hot rod T shirt might be out of place .
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  14. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
    Posts: 28,251


    That is an old myth, "casual attire" is mentioned in the info, and I showed up the first time with a jacket & tie, checked the pockets to see the card from the last wake I wore it to. Lots of people is shorts and sneakers. Owners are there plus a lot of happy craftsmen that did the restorations, their work is the highlight of the show . Bob
  15. denis4x4
    Joined: Apr 23, 2005
    Posts: 3,766

    from Colorado

    Instead of whining about the price of admission, let’s be thankful that Bruce Meyer was able to get hot rods and customs as a legitimate part of this event. I suspect that there are more than a few of those guys with blue blazers and straw hats that grind their teeth every other year when they have to walk by rods and customs!
  16. tractorguy
    Joined: Jan 5, 2008
    Posts: 693


    Sorry......I just had to comment.....thought I was the only one who has remembrance cards from the last 5 wakes I attended in the pocket of my sports coat !! Getting old is pure hell......but my card is not in there yet !
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  17. kabinenroller
    Joined: Jan 26, 2012
    Posts: 687


    I totally agree, Mr. Meyer is a great ambassador to the hot rod community even if you are not familiar with him or his eclectic collection of significant vehicles.
    I have attended the Concours twice and can say it is an unbelievable experience, if you are not comfortable paying the high admission price there is still plenty to see and do during car week on the peninsula. There are quite a few free events that draw some outstanding examples of rare vehicles, one example is that many of the Concours vehicles are on display in downtown Monterey after the tour d’Elegance, these are the same vehicles that will be on the Pebble Beach fairway on Sunday, you can get up close and personal with them for free after the tour.
    The historic races at Laguna Seca is another event that should not be missed although the daily admission cost is just North of a C note. Anyone who is into cars no matter what brand or type should experience the Monterey car week sometime in their lifetime.
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  18. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
    Posts: 28,251


    ^^^^^^^ Minor correction the Tour d'Elegance lunch stop is in Carmel, they block one side of the street so there are four lanes of cars to walk around, and it is free to attend. Bob

    DSCF0360.JPG DSCF0314.JPG
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  19. Flathead Dave
    Joined: Mar 21, 2014
    Posts: 3,419

    Flathead Dave
    from So. Cal.

    It can't be all that special if they allow riff-raff like Richard Rawlings in.
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  20. kabinenroller
    Joined: Jan 26, 2012
    Posts: 687


  21. Mr48chev
    Joined: Dec 28, 2007
    Posts: 29,745


    Here in the PNW 375 would get you a 20th row floor ticket behind 500 drunks who stand up the whole concert..
    Spendy? True, but it is a once in a lifetime bucket list event for most of us. Not this year for me though as I already have my bucket list trip set.
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  22. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
    Posts: 28,251


    Thanks for the price comparison, if anyone sees me at a concert call the cops, I'm there at gun point. Bob
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  23. haha.......if it was a country western concert, I would just prefer they shoot me.......
    just for comparisons a ticket to the "day time Emmy" presentation [soap opera] is $162. to see "Hamilton the play" $158 for nose bleed restricted view, $2057 orchestra center floor. to get in to see the "Grammy awards" you will pay $200-$600. a super bowl ticket will cost $2500-$3000.......if you can get them......
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