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History Hot rodding and social media

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Hot Rod Ron, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Baumi
    Joined: Jan 28, 2003
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    It helped a lot. When I started palying with old American cars in 1996 all I had was a fax and an uncle from Canada I begged to bring me the latest Old Car Trader whenever he said he´d come for a visit. I called Impala Bob´s, Harmon´s, and Summit for a catalog. All said, I´d have to send them 20$ in cash and they´d send me one. So I went to the bank and excanged 120 Deutsche Mark for 3 20 Dollar bills , put them in three envelopes and sent them overseas. After a couple of weeks I recieved the catalogs. I ordered by fax and called the dealers if they recieved my fax and if they could read it. It took a few weeks until they had all my stuff together and called me for my Visa #. I had none so I went to my bank to get me a Visa card... After all that was said and done and a few months had passed I could go to the customs office here in Germany, pay my duty and have my parts. It often took months to get something...
    Now I usually get my parts from the US within a week, often after 3-4 days , paid by Visa or paypal, shipped directly to my door, .... yes , I guess the internet helped hot rodding a lot. And all the help I got on here is absolutly priceless.
    I´m the very opposite of an hitec- digital guy, buy I have to admit that my life would be all differant without the HAMB. You guys have been essential for me for the last 20 years or so...
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  2. The37Kid
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    Every once in a while I sell something to someone overseas, always feel bad about the cost to mail things. You must have a real love for the vehicles to be paying the extra cost for cars and parts. Bob
  3. Wrongway 58
    Joined: Mar 14, 2019
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    Wrongway 58

    Bottom line is you have one life and in this country being the most successful in modern history many,many things too enjoy.Many people here like/love cars not to just get from point A to point B but enjoy the ride getting there.Life is the same,Start from point A and finish at point B simple plan but along the way enjoy the Ride because we can and we should! Think of the things we have done,Shows attended Race's watched,People we've met not too mention the happiness that old cars given us in the past but even more so in the future,This stinking virus has us at a pause right now yet it will pass meantime step back and say "What a Ride it's been" !!!
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  4. thintin
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    HAMB is good.....HAMB is useful......pretty much everything else is a load of crap....oops! gotta run and stare at my faceplant ....err, ....facebook page...ta look at the latest cute animal video, or read the latest dumb-ass political rant.......or I could go to the shop and weld steel or hammer tin or work on the 454 cuber on the engine stand or just go blast down the fucking highway, middle finger out the window to all!!!!!!!, there's some social media for ya.
  5. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    Flippin the "bird" is more akin to a "tweet" aint it? :cool:
  6. Its been fun seeing you and others building overseas all these years as well!
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  7. This has been a great discussion. Keep it going.
  8. jetnow1
    Joined: Jan 30, 2008
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    from CT
    1. A-D Truckers

    I have used u tube videos to research the best way to tackle various jobs on my truck. Might not have had the courage to cut out all the rot in the floor pans and cowl panels without seeing others do first.
    There are videos on almost anything you want to find, but also a lot of conflicting info. I will say my first panels were so-so, the next ones were actually worst (due to problems with the welder), and the outer cowl panels came out much better than I ever dreamed they would. (changed welder). Of course I looked at every post here on welding, patch panels, floor replacement etc for years first, helped with sorting out the u tube videos that were worth it. Still do not do facebook, but use google to look up things often.
  9. trollst
    Joined: Jan 27, 2012
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    Social media is a mixed blessing, for some, its a godsend, for others its crippling, and for a few, it can be disastrous. I have a lifelong friend, who has always been a meek and mild type, we have always enjoyed each others company, I am the opposite....if there's a fight, usually it involves me to some degree, we have had a good 40 year relationship. He has discovered facebook, has become a lion, has a ton of opinions he's quite willing to share, and he's always right. When challenged, amasses a ton of "friends" to attack the challenger, (me), and it has ruined our friendship, not because I'm an asshole, ( I am), but because the written word is powerful, and he has gained some power he's never had. BUT, he's still the same guy, suffers from small man syndrome, runs and hides when challenged, but now can amass a small army of likes and emoji's to bolster his viewpoints, right or wrong as they may be.
    He lives his life by what his laptop provides, I live mine by the absence of the bullshit found on the internet, I use it as a library, I use it when I need it, I read my wifes facebook page for entertainment, and believe me, if viewed as entertainment, it certainly can be. My phone is an ancient flip phone, barely holds a charge, no cell service at my house, I use it for emergencies when I travel. My friends know I don't text, I won't call them back, and not to call at dinnertime, just like in the olden days. I like the modern world, I use it to enhance my life, not to change it.
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