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Projects Hot rod wax & polish feedback for article

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by John "Gunner" Gunnell, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. John "Gunner" Gunnell
    Joined: Dec 24, 2009
    Posts: 125

    John "Gunner" Gunnell
    from Iola, WI

    I would like to get some "real world" (is H.A.M.B. the REAL world?) feedback on waxes and polishes preferred by rodders for an article that I'm writing. This is for Kustom & Hot Rod magazine. I have plenty of "new product" info from makers and retailers, but I want to feature the products that real rodders think are best.

    Will appreciate any input on this topic.
  2. Sutton Speed
    Joined: Jul 15, 2006
    Posts: 1,094

    Sutton Speed

    MEGUIARS #1, hands down.

    Est. in 1901 has to say something about the quality.
  3. John Denich
    Joined: Nov 20, 2005
    Posts: 2,718

    John Denich

    Umm Mark-V products....and I am not biased!!!
  4. chris55
    Joined: Aug 26, 2008
    Posts: 1,085


    Surf City Garage.

  5. shagg'n
    Joined: Aug 21, 2006
    Posts: 97


    Partial to Meguires myself as well,goes on/off well,lasts well too.
  6. vinmanr2d2
    Joined: Sep 17, 2008
    Posts: 144

    from new jersey

    Meguiars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am not a pro but i do wax all kinds of antique cars and bikes and for wax it's meguiars hands down !!!!!!!!!! First i use the cleaner wax, then i use the gold.
    If you are talking polishing aluminum,brass and such, then i reach for the mothers mag and aluminum polish........
    Now if you were to talk to a body shop guy, they have access to other products that everday guys usually can't get their hands on. Like imperial hand glaze and stuff like that. Hope this helps and have a great day... Vinny
  7. I used the Wax Shop for years but now that it's not around anymore I use Meguiars. HRP
  8. 72Mountaineer
    Joined: Jan 5, 2010
    Posts: 17

    from WV

  9. mikeco
    Joined: Nov 3, 2008
    Posts: 393

    from virginia

    Adam's 1st ,then Meguiars or Mothers if I'm out of Adam's.
  10. All the Above are good. I use a product that's called Wash/Wax All. It's water based so you don't get scratches or swirl marks. It can be used on glass, plastice, etc. Can also be used on boats, planes, etc. Lasts forever with great shine and slippery paint, also protercts for uv rays.
  11. terd ferguson
    Joined: Jun 13, 2008
    Posts: 3,647

    terd ferguson

    I haven't had nice enough paint to wax in a couple of years. But I LOVE Zaino products. Everything they make is awesome and well worth the money. It's not your typical wipe on buff off with a towel one step wax. But when you see the perfect reflection of the sky in your hood for the first time, it will give you a boner.
  12. 2002p51
    Joined: Oct 27, 2004
    Posts: 1,359


    Meguier's here too, exclusively. For my money it's the best stuff out there.
  13. I use Gliptone products - their waxes can be used on hot cars and in direct sunlight - no streaking and a deep, long lasting shine. They have a full line of products - wash products are excellent BTW.
  14. jonny rocket
    Joined: Oct 8, 2009
    Posts: 26

    jonny rocket

    meguires has always proven themselves to be on top.
    mothers is just as good as well.
    I guess thats why they sponsor so many car shows.
  15. fasttimes
    Joined: Sep 15, 2008
    Posts: 181

    from NC

    I liked using System 1 When Tom Owned it. He has started a company called CSI in LA, CA doing the same thing, Great Products. Surf City Products are good.
  16. GSX-PKV
    Joined: Feb 18, 2008
    Posts: 47


    Tried everything and thought Zaino was the best until I came across Jaxwax. This stuff is off the hook!
  17. tfeverfred
    Joined: Nov 11, 2006
    Posts: 15,792


    What he said.
  18. you don't have to wax primer.
  19. flamed34
    Joined: Dec 30, 2009
    Posts: 733


    Meguiars! And the quick detailer for in between!
    Once, we had just put a fresh coat of Meguiars on our '51, then drove 4 hours through the rain to a the time we got there, the rain had stopped, and the '51 looked as good as it did before we pulled out of the driveway. We were sold!
  20. The Hank
    Joined: Mar 18, 2008
    Posts: 779

    The Hank
    from CO

    Mothers pure carnuba wax that come in a round tin, The best wax bar none.
    It's around $13.00 for the tin which is about 8" in diameter and last's a very long time. Its very hard and you have to work it out of the tin. Smells good too. I use the stuff w/o the cleaner.
  21. Astrochimp
    Joined: Sep 15, 2009
    Posts: 191

    from NE Mo.


    Much work the first time but more than worth it. Look better and last longer that anything else I have used.

    No matter what you use, do the clay bar.

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