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Hot Rod Toys

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by rbantique, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. 024.jpg Gene I would not take it down. To me there are a lot of cool Hot Rod, Hot wheels. I'm the worse person to say what say what a toy is worth, as I buy with my heart, so I will over pay for something I like. And pass on a good deal if I don't like it. You need to look at a price guide for some help. Or just hang on to those very KOOL toys. Your uncle is very lucky, I would love a 32 Hubley! Now that I'm here, I have to post a picture. lol Thanks for your post. Ron...
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  2. pwschuh
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    Best way to determine value of things like Hot Wheels is to search the completed auctions listings in eBay. Not what they are listed for in current auctions, but what they actually sold for in completed auctions.
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  3. alphabet soup
    Joined: Jan 8, 2011
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    alphabet soup

    PW, I do that sometimes. Will check them out. But still wonder if some of those prices are real world. Trying to decide if we should give them to our nephew to play with or sell them to start a college fund for him. Again thanks guy's. Gene.
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  4. ne'erdowell
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    I've had this since I was a little kid in the '50s. I didn't know what patina was back then... speed racer.jpg
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  5. Here is something a little bit different:packaging that is not what is inside. U don't know if these are rare or not;I picked them up because I noticed they were different.Out of all the Deuce roadsters so marked there is only one actual roadster;the rest are coupes and sedan deliveries. The packages marked 41 Willys are actually 33 Willys.
    The other two are just special editions:eek:ne is for the Ty-Rods 30th anniversary show.Not sure how many were made. The second is marked Little Deuce Coupe which it is but not THE Little Deuce Coupe;that was a customized 3 window. Note the colors are the same.
    In my other passion(collecting pocket knives)my brother-in-law had gifted me with a Franklin Mint collector knife of a 57 Chevrolet. The knife's bolsters were made to look like bumper ends and there was a picture of a 57 inset into the handle.
    Thing was when I opened it the blade was etched "1953 Corvette". I contacted the company and informed them of the error and that it would behoove them to check for any more. Got a letter back from the CEO of the company thanking me and offering me another knife in exchange. I told him no ;that it was obviously a one of a kind piece.A couple weeks later I received another knife and a very nice letter from him thanking me for informing them. DisplayShelf1SouthWall 029.jpg DisplayShelf1SouthWall 031.jpg DisplayShelf1SouthWall 032.jpg DisplayShelf1SouthWall 033.jpg DisplayShelf1SouthWall 034.jpg displayWallEast2 087.jpg displayWallEast2 088.jpg displayWallEast2 089.jpg displayWallEast2 090.jpg
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  6. A Boner
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    A Boner

    image.jpeg image.jpeg Started out as a short length of 2x4, and some hobby store wood wheels.
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  7. Cool you still have it. 060.jpg
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  8. brigrat
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    from Wa.St.

    Ron, It's mind blowing, you seem to have every stinkin toy made, how about a pic of what you don't have but would like to find?
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  9. Older Pine wood derby car. IMG_5133[1].JPG
  10. Im just an old kid who never stopped playing with toy cars { really like those pine wood derby cars.} 20160114_190948.jpg
  11. Stock Racer
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    Stock Racer

    Don't give them to the Nephew to play with. Some of those may be worth a couple hundred. Like the others said, check sold listings on Ebay
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  12. ratrod0
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    Don't know much about it, it's tin looks like a 32 got it at a yard sale 5024.jpeg
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  13. A Boner
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    A Boner

    ^ Needs moon discs.....see post #581 on about page 20 of this thread.
  14. I was thinking I haven't seen any Hot Rod Toys, 1410.jpg or this thread for awhile . So a little bump.
  15. wutnxt
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    Here's a couple I made for my Grandkids from 1" pine. I made 'em rugged so kids could play with them.
    IMG_20130501_174752_276.jpeg IMG_20130501_174752_276.jpeg IMG_20130501_174616_624.jpeg

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  16. justanotherguy
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    I picked up this carved wood car recently from a friend. It's small, only 5" or 6" long. wood racer toy late 40s.jpg
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  17. quick85
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  18. Spooky
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
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    Hey Ron, your cars in post #763 are Ace Models of Merit cars.
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  19. This is the Ace-Model of Merit pickup kit.


    DSCF1548 (Copy).JPG
  20. IMG_0373.PNG IMG_0372.PNG Latest Project....
    1948 McCoy Invader
    Powered by McCoy "60"

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  21. I would love to see more of your Invader, if you don't mind. There is also a great Tether Car thread on the HAMB if you haven't already checked it out.

  22. 31Apickup
    Joined: Nov 8, 2005
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    Here's the last two I picked up.
  23. gmstuff, your car appears to be a Ace Model of Merit Hot Rod A-V8 kit that somebody built. Very cool and rare.

    Mick DSCF1545 (Copy).JPG
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  24. Barn Find
    Joined: Feb 2, 2013
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    Barn Find
    from Missouri

    Who made that?
  25. Barn Find
    Joined: Feb 2, 2013
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    Barn Find
    from Missouri

    Not a hot rod, but a custom. We hand-built the van body for this 1930's toy.

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  26. philo426
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    Buddy L I think.
  27. Raiman1959
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    I received some old pictures of my grandmother recently, dated 1915, Battle Creek, MI....I noticed at the feet of my grandmother, a vehicle toy, with mice in it, and perhaps nuts in the rear...pull along toy maybe?....I remember my grandmother as a white haired lady of significant age, and seeing her playing with these toys is kind of touching....not sure if they had actual ''hot rod'' toys back in the WWI era, but they ''did'' have vehicle toys....thought it was kinda cool. 020.jpg
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