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Hot Rod steering column-what to use?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HotRod28AR, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. I'm working on my '31 coupe, and am going to be doing the vega steering box setup with the cross steering draglink, so I need a steering column that will be a custom length and accept u-joints on the end so I can hook up to the steering box. Speedway sells columns like this that are ready to go in almost any length, but they appear to be set up to only take Grant steering wheels. I have a '54 Merc wheel I want to use (has the standard 50's Ford splined shaft). What would be the easiest solution? Should I get a Ford column and chop it down? Or does someone make a column that will accept old wheels like this? Thanks,
  2. VoodooTwin
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    from Noo Yawk

  3. 32SEDAN
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    Steering wheel adapter? Also check out Flaming River and ididit Enterprises.
  4. scottlep
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    Limeworks. They have nice steering wheels to fit their columns too.

  5. Fenders
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    Cut it down, cut it up, use the guts, whatever, I used a 1970s Chevy shaft and made the mast jacket from exhaust pipe... do whatever works..

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  6. F&J
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    Define "easy" :) ..and what build era?

    I like the old column look, so I used a 41-48 Ford car column and dash bracket. But I wanted to use a 41-48 Chevy wheel with the spline, so I just used an inner shaft from a early/mid 60s chev pickup. I also used a ujoint at the bottom.

    If you like the old columns, you can just use the later Ford splined inner shaft because it sould be the correct diameter. old columns are likely built onto the box, so when you cut it off, you need to add a lower tube bearing. Those are flanged bearings from the hardware store.

    If you are going for a 60s style build, the early Ford column might look out of place.
  7. Call Limeworks. Great guys. I needed a custom length for my 36 pickup and the guys made it for me with no problem. Quality is awesome also. Let them know the steering wheel you have and they can recommend an adapter if their column doesn't fit. Great guys to talk to and they even have a cool accent when they talk, mate....:)

    And by the way..... they are Alliance vendors also.....
  8. jay7262
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    I'm putting together a 29' A PU and am using a 40's era ford coloum shift, shortened, with a bearing and sleeve that matches the output shaft and the appropriate joints and shafts to get it to the steering box, limeworks makes some nice simple coloums though. Good luck with the venture!!
  9. big duece
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    big duece
    from kansas

    I am going to use a 2" column from a 65-67 chevy school bus , fitted to a 58 corvette steering wheel. Cheap, and it looks like a vette column. Even a aluminum rod from a 6 cylinder 292 with a bearing fits well as a column drop.

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  10. I have a limeworks hot rod column and a drilled 3 spoke wheel for my '29 roadster that I am building. Both are very good quality, and great customer service to boot. They answered any and all of my questions.
  11. I used the entire steering column, shaft and box from the donor tempest that I got the motor and transaxle from. I cut it up and made a bearing to support the shaft.

    By the way, my normal signature has something to do with brute force and sheer ignorance. ...maybe just ignore my input! ;)

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  12. Weasel
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  13. Weasel
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  14. Never2old
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    from so cal

    Tri 5 chevy. Ask around there are lots of em being replaced with billet.
    Small and have turn signal switch.
  15. chopt top kid
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    chopt top kid

    In 1949 Ford/Mercury went from the tapered and keyed steering shaft to a splined shaft. If you can find a '49 thru '50's shaft for your splined wheel, you can cut to length, install a bushing on the bottom end, and grind the end for a DD joint...
  16. I've yet to run across a steering column that had worn out. Just get an old one and cut and put a U-joint on the bottom.
  17. scrap metal 48
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    scrap metal 48

    What 'chop top kid' said........
  18. tommy
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    56 Ford P/U because I wanted the exposed shift tube for the automatic just for the look. It didn't hurt that this one was once chrome plated by a hotrodder. The truck auto columns are rare but the stick shifts are pretty common and cheap....maybe even free. I like free shit.:D Even the cars up into the mid 50s had the small tube columns which can be cut up and adapted to just about anything.

    Most any P/U column from the 40-50s are candidates. Many are 1 1/2" tubing which can be replaced with exhaust tubing if it is dented up. There are many threads on the HAMB about making your own column. I have more time than money.:D
  19. Jack Luther
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    Jack Luther

    I have a 1951 Ford column that I am not using. Freshly painted satin black. It has been adapted to shift an automatic transmission. It has working turn signals. It has an adapter to make the horn button work. And it has the sealed bearing (save a column unit) and double D u-joint installed. 35" from the base of the cup at the top of the column to the double D joint. I have a NOS 1953 50th anniversary Ford steering wheel on it now (and a nice 1953 dash, too). PM me if you have any interest.
  20. Limeworks, absolutly. Order the length and diameter you want. Tell them what U joint you will use, and what steering wheel you are using. Done! One of the best pieces on my roadster.
  21. 39cent
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    from socal

    baknthday we used to use chrome flared exhaust pipe! thats whats in my avatar.
  22. tgd61
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    I used late 60's early 70's chevy truck and cut to fit...they have a good look and you get your built in cancelling turn signals.

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