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History Hot Rod Pickup = Artillery Wheels?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by fourspeedwagon, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. I'm gonna do some sort of steel wheels on my '39 ford pickup. Is it too new for artilleries? I have Chevy pattern on the front and Ford bolt pattern on the rear so I may be buying new wheel so they match.
    I like them so I just go with them any which way, but just curious if they'd look odd to the old timers.

    I'm open to any thoughts and if you have a pic of something that would look good I'd be happy to see it. My build isn't strict as far as a time frame but loosely based '60-'62. Running a 301 sbc, and 4 speed.
    Thanks - Greg
  2. duncan
    Joined: Aug 23, 2006
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    1939 was the last year for the wide 5 bolt pattern artillery wheels from Ford, so it would look perfect in my opinion.
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  3. alchemy
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    If you want it to look like a hot rod built in 1960-62, pick up a Hot Rod Magazine from 1960-62. You won't find any cars or trucks running artillary wheels. Probably lots of chrome stock wheels, full hub caps, or black wheels with small caps. Maybe a few "high dollar" cars with chrome wires from Caddys and such.
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  4. **Buick wires just to argue a little bit. ;)

    Alchemy is correct on the wheels.

    I guess a hot hauler may have run artillery wheels but I don't really think that they became popular until the last decade or so.

    fourspeedwagin what era are you shooting at, that would help with wheel choice if period or era is what you are building for. Otherwise if you just like artillery wheels run 'em they wouldn't look bad on a '39.

    ** The Buick wires would be covered by "and such"
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  5. Thanks guys. That's kinda what I assumed- possible but not likely-
    1960-62 PnB is my loose era. It looks a lot like rusty1's awesome drawing. It's a multi purpose pickup, like a "shop truck" but I'm not do any lettering on it. It'll probably be painted Cloud Mist Grey with a cream/ivory roof.
  6. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1422990102.083660.jpg

    Here's a pic of someone else's pickup that the boys on the photo shop thread used to lay out the style of two tone I'd like to do.
  7. The Ol' Mans shop truck in the early '60s ran steelies with chrome acorn nuts. I recall shops in the part of the country that we lived in running everything from steelies to chromies, to even Americans. I can imagine that if you lived in the right part of the country at artillery wheels could have also been popular.

    One thing to bear in mind is that hot rodding was not all little books, it is and always has been regional.
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  8. Mr48chev
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    I like the idea and think it will look good with the paint job you have planned. The guys are right on the Buick wires. There was a little F-1 pickup that ran around the Toppenish/Granger area for years that had a full set of Buick or Chrysler wires on it for years. I hit him up on them wanting them for my 51 Merc when I was in High school and you would have thought I had tried to buy one of his kids.
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  9. oops, hit the wrong button or somthin,...
    fas 121.jpg
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  10. Thanks guys. I love the input--
  11. I like this one with the '49-'50 Ford car hubcaps. By the way, those will snap right on to '70s and '80s vintage Ford and Chevy 15" wheels.
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  12. 55willys
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    If you like the artilleries run them!
    Jim Ford P.S. I might be biased
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  13. hotrodmano
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    from Norway

    Me personally, I would do the hood in the same colour as the cab. See pic. And sorry about the crude "photo chopping" he he.
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  14. That was the other way we looked at the two tone layout. I like both ways but there was a red/white 32-34 pickup on here recently that I really liked that had just the cab painted so it's been stuck in my head.
    Now I need to find that other thread again..

  15. O/cs_rodder
    Joined: May 5, 2013
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    from Cincinnati

    if you run chevy pattern or early ford 5.5.... you will need adapters to run the wide fives, speedway carries them.
  16. Or, some of the aftermarket wheel guys have this style of wheel that is loosely based on the original wheel, and they also offer the cap "adapter" and wire wheel caps. These wheels typically come with dual pattern, Chev/Ford so no hub adapter needed and you have more options for offset, rim diameter and width.


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