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Hot Rod or Car-themed Board Games?

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by Big A, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. I had a look through the Hot Rod Toys thread and didn't see any games (34 pages, I skimmed, so maybe missed some).

    Anyway, my brother just gave me this one. 1953 "Assembly Line" game from Selchow & Righter (same company that did Scrabble and a bunch of other games I'd never heard of, most that attempt to be educational... I'm sure the kids loved 'em :rolleyes:).

    It doesn't look like it's ever been played. Ford, Chevrolet, Plymouth and Studebaker dukin' it out for automotive supremacy. Not sure I would've thought so when I was a kid, but I think it's pretty darn cool now...






    Now I want to find a "Huggin' The Rail" to go with it...

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  2. de-fenders
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    I have this card game from 1947 image_55415491.JPG
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  3. DE-FENDERS, Here's some more Touring games, It was one of the oldest car games ever until the last edition in 1967.
    The first Touring game was produced in 1906 by the Willie Dorr Co., the small game in the upper left corner,
    in 1916 Parker Bros. took over production and produced the game until it stopped in 1967, the large game at the bottom.


    DSCF1583 (Copy).JPG
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  4. I have several old hot rod and race car games. I'll post some of them when I get a chance.
    Here's "Huggin the Rail" for Big A.


    DSCF1585 (Copy).JPG

  5. AlaskanMatt
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  6. A couple more early ones.
    1930's Parker Bros. "Raceway".
    1934 Champion spark plugs "Road Race".


    DSCF1575 (Copy).JPG
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  7. 1938 Parker Bros. "Calling All Cars" board game.

    DSCF1581 (Copy).JPG
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  8. 1954 Donald Cranmer "Hot Rod" board game.

    DSCF1588 (Copy).JPG
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  9. Some more.
    1953 Harrett Gilmar "Wiry Dans" electronic race game. & 1965 Milton Bradley "Drag Strip" marble game.

    DSCF1589 (Copy).JPG
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  10. 1960 Remco "Hot Rod" Spin wheel game.

    DSCF1573 (Copy).JPG DSCF1574 (Copy).JPG
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  11. 1950's Gotham Electric "Hot Rod Race" vibrating board game and 1961 Transogram "Race-A-Car" speeedway game.

    DSCF1580 (Copy).JPG DSCF1569 (Copy).JPG
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  12. 1965 Mattel "Sprint" drag race game

    DSCF1566 (Copy).JPG DSCF1567 (Copy).JPG
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  13. These are not really board games, but hopefully they fit in here.
    1940's Marx "Overhead Crossover Speedway game with wind up racers.
    1950's Lindberg "Monotrack battery operated hot rod racers.
    1964 Whitman "Karzoom" race game.
    1950's Tico "Hot Rod Racing " battery powered early slot car set.

    Mick DSCF1571 (Copy).JPG DSCF1591 (Copy).JPG DSCF1584 (Copy).JPG DSCF1572 (Copy).JPG
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  14. That's all I got, there's got to be more out there, please post 'em.

  15. 440B28A3-179C-433F-85A6-EB47C357392C.jpeg

    This one is new, not vintage, but I picked it up based on the box art!
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  16. quick85
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    Mick, thanks for posting those photos, I didn't know the existence of any
    of the games. Very kool collection.
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  17. Jack Rice
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    Jack Rice

    When growing up my cousins had this electric board game.
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  18. Holy smokes those are some cool ones Mick. We had a Touring card game when I was a kid, I'd forgotten all about it until I saw your photos. My dad probably still has it, we're all hoarders in my family.

    I've been thinking about designing and making my own hot rod board game for years. Ideas are starting to percolate again... :D
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