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Hot Rod Insurance Question

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Turbo26T, Feb 21, 2012.

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    After checking all the above companies, I went with Chubb. Yes, that really is their name. I found grundy to be way too limiting as far as when and where I could drive, but they were the cheapest. Chubb was about $20 a year higher than grundy, 20k agreed value, no deductable, towing etc and the limitations were livable. For the most part they don't want you using it as a DD. Chubb insures classic and hot rod events such as the Colorado grand, so they understand that old stuff gets driven. Also consider Chrome insurance. They are the official company of the NSRA and sell through local agents. I didn't sign with them as they needed multiple cars, including DD's, to get a good quote and I've got everything else with Farmers. If you're looking to switch your regular insurance they may be a good way to go.
  2. donnymopar
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    from MI

    Chubb is a big insurance company in the film and television business. Used them many times, did not know they insured classic cars...might have to check them out.
  3. boldventure
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    Yeah but if you insure for AGREED VALUE based on a PROFESSIONAL APPRAISAL there won't be any negotiations! You wont have to fight or stand strong you'll just cash the check...:rolleyes:
  4. You also won't have a problem if you insure with a company that specializes in collectible motor vehicles.

    So why not just cut to the chase, avoid any potential hassles and insure with outfits like J.C. Taylor, Hagerty, Heacock, Chubb & Son, etc.

    Christ.... Why is it that someone always thinks there is a better way to tighten a freakin' screw. :rolleyes:
  5. boldventure
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    The companies you list (outfits like J.C. Taylor, Hagerty, Heacock, Chubb & Son) are but a few that specalize in collectible motor vehicles:p and they sell Agreed Value coverage.
  6. jazz1
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    I know I could insure my truck with collector insurance for under $300 a year but then you have limitations. I had collector insurance on my previous car for 22 years, never paid attention to the fine print....the part about using it only for car shows etc.. I put regular 3rd vehicle insurance on my 41 IHC, Allstate has a copy of current appraisal and i pay about $560 a year no limitations.
    Some cops are on to the fact there are limitations as I know hotrodders who have been asked questions regarding where they are going etc when cops pull them over....cops pulling that shit are real dickheads IMO and should be out chasing criminals
  7. Jon Lundberg
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    Jon Lundberg

    From another perspective, I agree with boldventure. Before you get what you've created insured, obtain a professional valuation from a credentialed professional appraiser. Then obtain, from the insurer of choice, not less than an Agreed Value policy reflecting that value opinion. It is also a good idea to send your insurance company - not the agent - a copy of that appraisal.

    BTW ... always a good idea to update that insuror on any updates or improvements that follow your appraisal inspection. And send those updates in a manner that you receive confirmation of receipt on their end.

    Nothing new here and good wisdom from those who have already posted.

    Anything less, means you get less when, and if - "life happens" to that which you so highly prize.

    Do this, please. Or do not complain when you feel the pain.
  8. You dropped the security of towing (they will use a rollback rig to get your car) to save 40 dollars a year on a policy covering your car for 45K?
    Stan, thats not even .11 cents per day!! Rethink that, for your own piece of mind.
    Nice looking build!!
  9. I wasn't arguing with you just agreeing with you and adding to what you were saying. Ha Ha! :p :D
  10. Interesting thread, I've learned a lot. That being said, can somebody in the know explain what's going on with Grundy? I have a policy with them that renews in June. I've heard nothing from them. I know I should call them, and I will... Just wondering what's going on.
  11. Just a little insurance drama!

    If you like Grundy then find another outfit for a year. Then if Grundy is still around when it's time to renew, go back.
  12. boldventure
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    From Grundy's website:

    Is Grundy Still my Insurance Agency?

    As of October 20, 2011, Philadelphia Insurance (PHLY) has assumed administrative responsibilities of policies previously issued under the name "Grundy Worldwide" in all states except Massachusetts and South Carolina.

    In 48 states, PHLY has imposed a "non-compete" on Grundy Insurance at the current time, which prohibits us from writing new Collector-Car-Only policies. We hope that in the future, the non-compete is reversed, rescinded or expired. Until that time, we can insure collector vehicles, but only in conjunction with other policies.

    If you want to take advantage of our expertise and legendary service, please check out our two new, breakthrough insurance products. We believe these new programs will evolve to be the future standard of insuring all your vehicles.
  13. You dropped the security of towing (they will use a rollback rig to get your car) to save 40 dollars a year on a policy covering your car for 45K?
    Stan, thats not even .11 cents per day!! Rethink that, for your own piece of mind.
    Nice looking build!!

    FiddysixF: I dropped the roll-back option with Hagerty because I have AAA road assistance.. I checked with AAA before I dropped it,and was told that they will also dispatch roll-back service . I was told that should I need towing, just inform the AAA dispatcher that it is a very low car & a rollback was needed...

    Thanks for the kind words...the roadster now has 75 miles on it !!!! Nothings fallen off and it's running super!!!
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2012
  14. Country Gent
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    Country Gent

    On "My Classic Car" Jim Grundy promisses the world. Not so. Just called for a quote a few weeks ago for my 64 Buick Electra. I was transferred "next door" to another company. Was told that Grundy only can cover classic cars in 2 states. I believe SC and Mass. I have been with Condon/Skelly for 13 yeras. Thought I could get a better deal.Yes, CS is underwritten by other ins. companies and if you can live with mileage and useage limits you get a real good deal. I have been happy.
    Thanks BOLDVENTURE for the update on Grundy. In line with what I was breifly told before I said no thanks.
  15. Gotcha Stan! Did not realize you had an option. My 1st thought was "Holy hell! New build?!?! If something breaks....." Hate the thought of a guy having to leave his build along side the road for ANY reason.
  16. tjet
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    1. Early Hemi Tech

    I have a Grundy ( policy on my old vette. I just added my '59 to the policy - no problem.

    I wonder if you could add a collector car policy if you start a new home or reg policy with PHLY?

    Very good company to deal with. Too bad about the no compete reg. I bet hagerty is happy to grab the business.

    Also, instead of getting the upgraded towing policy, just get a AAA card. The "plus" upgrade gives you 100 miles of free towing

  17. Was wondering the same thing. Where's the Grundy lady when you need her?
  18. Ianjaylights
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    Yeah don't go to an agent, Americans don't need jobs anyway...

    Shop around and compare rates. There's so many variables that go into what a company charges for premium, that it's hard to say why it jumped? Grundy, and hagerty are both great. Safeco even writes classic cars and you might be able to save by having you're house with them too. That's what I did
  19. mwhistle
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    from sacramento

    Just got my Grundy renewal notice today for my model A hot rod. Based on all the stuff stated previously on the HAMB over the past few months, I was unsure what was going on. Anyway, I received the renewal notice as usual with the same policy conditions and premium, although I did notice it came in a larger envelope with more information and the underwriter (Philadelphia Insurance Companies) was more prominently displayed on the various documents. Maybe the issue that caused so much consternation regarded new policy applicants not those of us who already had policies with Grundy.

  20. Thanks, I get mine in a couple weeks and your post makes me fell a little better about things.
  21. hotrodladycrusr
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    Someone telling you something over the phone and what is written in Haggerty's policy are two different things. No where in their policy does it list the only places that you can drive your car. My '47 Chevy convertible got SMASHED while at the Grand Canyon, I live in Michigan. Haggety paid for the damage with no questions asked about why I was 2,000 miles from home.

    Yes, they will insure just two cars as I just got a quote from them for my daily driver and one classic car both on the same policy.

    It's not, with Grundy you can occasionally drive your car to work. You just have to have a daily driver. See the above quote from Becky above.

    Becky hasn't been on the HAMB since Dec.
  22. Dooley
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    from Buffalo NY

    Denise, go back and search the threads on this, I asked her point blank and she said in a thread that they would not cover me driving to work....

    I had Condon and Skelly and they only covered parades and club trips...I asked all ins co abbout all of my driving habbits, and the only one I felt comfortible wih was Haggerty, and yes it was Becky.....

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