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Hot Rod black which works the best?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Mayor of G-Vegas, May 10, 2011.

  1. Mayor of G-Vegas
    Joined: Nov 10, 2010
    Posts: 507

    Mayor of G-Vegas

    Ive got a buddy building a rod on a budget and was curious on the best HOT ROD black (satin) paint to use? Thanks in advance Mayor of G-Vegas
  2. R Frederick
    Joined: Mar 30, 2009
    Posts: 2,660

    R Frederick
    from illinois

    Ohhhhh flat black. Really, gloss black would look so much nicer.
  3. csimonds
    Joined: Jul 24, 2009
    Posts: 546


    Blitz Black from the John Deere dealership's Valspar is the maker. It is made to stand the test of time being used on tractor implements...... I have used it on several projects and will be using it this week again on my 50 Buick, Cheap also
  4. Mayor of G-Vegas
    Joined: Nov 10, 2010
    Posts: 507

    Mayor of G-Vegas

    I personally like mine with shine to... But my buddy wants the satin look on his ride . To each there own I guess wicked
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  5. Mayor of G-Vegas
    Joined: Nov 10, 2010
    Posts: 507

    Mayor of G-Vegas

  6. Tractor Supply Company... Valspar's got a tractor paint line. Get the John Deere impliment black - perfect low gloss sheen, IT HAS UV SCREENER in it so it doesn't go to hell in a few months. Hardener + Gallon of paint + reducer (check label for formula - can't remember if reducer is needed) all for right around $50, last check. My buddy put this system on his truck - looks great 4 + years later!
  7. BeyerAutoSalvage
    Joined: Oct 18, 2007
    Posts: 121

    from Trenton FL

    I have used both the Blitz Black an the Valspar from T/Supply, both are easy to use and Identical, but the John Deere version is a little more expensive (like buying Motorcraft instead of Autolite I guess) The paint is very easy to spray, durable, and CHEAP! So far only using it on Chassis parts, but one of the guys here painted his Ranger with it, his first paint job ever, and it turned out real nice.
  8. Rex_A_Lott
    Joined: Feb 5, 2007
    Posts: 1,014


    PM Hot Rod Primer, ask him what he used. Paint still looks good after several years. He's in Anderson, may have even bought it local.
  9. Don's Hot Rods
    Joined: Oct 7, 2005
    Posts: 8,319

    Don's Hot Rods
    from florida

    SEM makes a kit and call it "Hot Rod Black". It is a three part kit, 1 qt paint, 8 oz of reducer, and 8 oz of catalyst. Costs about $ 70 and makes a quart and a half of sprayable product. It is available at most automotive supply houses.

    I sprayed my 27 with it and it took one kit. I've had shiny paint jobs but get more compliments on this color and questions about where to buy some than any car I have owned. I honestly wouldn't take a free shiny paint job on it if someone were to offer me one. Paint is a personal thing, and some cars should be shiny and some not. This one is exactly where I want it. Even chicks in Porsches at red lights tell me how "I love the color on your car!" :D

    You have to learn to work with any satin job as you can't correct some issues like you can with shiny. For example, if you spill gas on it the surface can discolor. I bought a can of SEM dewaxer that works good to get booboos off, and I maintain the finish with Mothers no wax detailer. I rarely have to wash it, just a microfiber cloth and the Mothers. I know some people feel satin is a cop out to not painting shiny, but it is just as much work to get it right, so that argument is not true. Some cars just need to have a different look than others (i.e. bare metal, patina, etc.)

    Here is how mine came out.



    Last edited: May 10, 2011
  10. 1Bad67
    Joined: Mar 22, 2006
    Posts: 221


    Gloss is the only way....

    Unless it looks like this :) (I'm picking up some Blitz Black myself today after work)

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  11. elmitcheristo
    Joined: Nov 10, 2007
    Posts: 351


    I used Rustoleum on this one. Applied it with a brush and the paint cost me about 10 bucks. It doesn't get much cheaper than that. Not quite satin but not shiny either. I have also used single stage black Omni from my local paint supply. You add flattener and decide how shiny you want it to be. It's pretty cheap also.
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  12. HRs&HDs
    Joined: Aug 1, 2010
    Posts: 23


    I used Hot Rod Flatz. It sprays good, looks great and has been holding up to this Florida sun for four years now.
  13. bobw
    Joined: Mar 24, 2006
    Posts: 2,364


    SEM Hot Rod Black. Easy. Same as Don's roadster, above.
  14. nailhead terry
    Joined: Mar 23, 2008
    Posts: 1,453

    nailhead terry

    J D blitz black and 3812 dupont reducer it works great and sprays well !!
  15. Willys gasser
    Joined: Apr 8, 2011
    Posts: 41

    Willys gasser
    from PA.

    When you can paint your frame and all parts and body with same paint and it works, plus it don't cost a arm & leg, what can beat it till you hit the lotery?? !!
  16. I'm sending my 34 pu for paint next week. The wife says it has to be flat black. I was wondering if you clear coat the J D Blitz.
  17. white64
    Joined: Sep 15, 2008
    Posts: 679

    from Maine

    Tractor Supply "Matte Black" I had a issue with some body work, and was able spot fix it and respray that area, it blended really nice.

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  18. PushnFords
    Joined: Dec 2, 2011
    Posts: 52



    Blitz Black QT is $12.39 & gallon is $34.89
    Medium Glass QT is $10.79 & gallon is $32.09
    Renew Paint Hardener is $44.79

    Those prices should be close to the same as your local dealership since JD keeps a pretty tight reign on pricing. I'd heard great stuff about Valspar & was working at the local dealership so I bought gloss black paint at cost to spray the front clip of my late model DD. I used the hardener and it has held up good. The only thing that screwed me up is I couldn't find any p sheets that told pot life with the hardener in it. First coat laid down great...then started to harden & spit for the final coat. Never did sand it out...isn't the easiest stuff in the world to sand but is doable.
  19. JD Blitz Black can't be sold or mailed to California, any other options for us cali folk?
  20. retiredblue
    Joined: Mar 1, 2010
    Posts: 272

    from california

    I read of a place in Phoenix Arizona that sells it- would be a good road trip I am thinking of the same way to get some
  21. TagMan
    Joined: Dec 12, 2002
    Posts: 6,026


    Yep - get the HELL out of the People's Republic of California !! :D
  22. Frank32
    Joined: Feb 15, 2008
    Posts: 132


    I am a fan of SEM Hot Rod Black, my other car (orange truck) has their Hot Rod Clear over PPG orange paint.

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    Last edited: Oct 28, 2013

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