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Technical Hop up mods for 1928 Hudson Super Six?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by kiwijeff, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Well there's been no real work done on this for the last year. I've done a little to my 35 Chevy, and in the process, found that a 35 Chev front Axel will fit the Hudson. I have a complete set of 35 Chev wire wheels spare, so I'm looking at using them on the Hudson. The diff is not the same width, but I could make it work.
    I brought this Hudson toe plate for the 29, but it doesn't fit anywhere, so I'll use it on the 28. Anyone know what year it is? IMG_20141016_183008.jpg
  2. lostmind
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    Looks like aftermarket accessory , step plate for running board.
    Never saw one on a Hudson from the factory.
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  3. Well my wreaker buddy sucks. He scrapped a 34 Chevy front Axel. :eek:
    He knew I wanted it, but got pissy that it had sat around to long (only a couple o months) as well as engine and diff. I wanted to see how well it would fit the Hudson.
    At least I managed to get a full set of 34 Chev wire wheels off him.

    I've not long brought a 39 Hudson hood for the boat tail part.
    Its in the Other Island at the moment, and one of my customers will bring it down when he's down for some ink.
    Still collecting parts, but not much else.
    Tidied my shed today, and shifted the chassis. My helper could not get over the size of the Hudson diff. :D IMG_20150105_115117.jpg 343756180.jpg
  4. The Chevs getting moved soon, and I'm going to get the 28 back together.
    Still waiting on the Terraplane hood to get here. My buddy sent me a couple of pics. imagejpeg_0.jpg imagejpeg_2.jpg
  5. I've finally got the car back into its rightful home, and back together.
    Here's some pics, sorry, crappy phone pics. ;) IMG_20150712_165250.jpg IMG_20150712_165304.jpg
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  6. lostmind
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    Progress , keep posting photos. Won't be long and you'll be hearing the roar of the exhaust.
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  7. The basement where this car sat for years, before I got it, also had a 23 Essex in it.
    Recent circumstances meant it had to go too.
    Mo told me I could have until Wednesday, a few weeks back to sell it, or he was scrapping it.
    Long story, but short version is, I found a buyer, and he picked it up today.
    I took a whole bunch of two megapixel phone pics, so suffer through them, while enjoying the fact that another old car was saved today. :D IMG_20150801_104420.jpg IMG_20150801_105556.jpg IMG_20150801_105937.jpg IMG_20150801_120357.jpg IMG_20150801_124829.jpg IMG_20150801_125130.jpg IMG_20150801_125221.jpg IMG_20150801_125612.jpg
  8. The car has a grill and cowl, but no body, so like my 28, this will probably end up a Speedster to.
    The buyer already owns a tidy 22 Essex Roadster, that has never been restored! :cool:
    There was a spare 23 engine, and 1920 engine. I'm not sure which is which in the pics. There were 2 spare diffs, four gearboxes, two side draft brass Marvel carbs, and lots of other smaller parts.
    It was a wet day, but it wasn't cold.
    Here's a few more pics of the spare engines. IMG_20150801_125701.jpg IMG_20150801_125704.jpg IMG_20150801_125838.jpg IMG_20150801_125959.jpg
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  9. lostmind
    Joined: Aug 21, 2011
    Posts: 2,020


    Those are nice engines. I believe they are superior to the Essex Six.
    Make a nice speedster.
    Good save !
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  10. Lostmind, you are correct. The Essex four was a great motor, and in its day, it was s real performer.
  11. Well my 39 Terraplane hood has arrived. Its in great condition, so I cleaned all the crap I had sitting on the back of the 28, and sat the hood there. I'll get pics up when we have sunshine. Its a wet windy day here today, to dark in shed for halfway decent pics, even with lights on.
  12. Two years down the track, and I realise I'll never get this car done.
    While it's cool to have 28 and 29 Hudson's side by side in my shed, there's a 28 in the North Island, that needs a new engine, so I've decided to part this thing out.
    So the engine comes out again, this time, for the last time. IMG_20170512_165818.jpg IMG_20170512_170104.jpg
  13. This thing don't want to leave. Fought me all the way, getting it on to the Ute, to take to the shippers. IMG_20170513_173447.jpg
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  14. captainjunk#2
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    sorry to see the project die its pretty cool , such is life eh
  15. Vics32
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  16. So the cowl is now sold, I'm left with the chassis, front and rear end, and some totally fucked wheels.

    On the bright side, I got these pics today, from the new owner of the engine.
    He used the pistons IMG_0351.jpg IMG_0342.jpg IMG_0353.jpg from his old Super Six, and spent $1200 getting the water pump spline rebuilt.
    It's in the car, a 28 Hudson Landau.
    Just needs a few small details sorted, and it should be running.
  17. Here's the slugs that came out of my Super Six.
    One was cracked. IMG_0295_new.jpg
  18. dan c
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    dan c

    the '50s engine is bigger than the earlier ones...
  19. And this is the car the Super Six is now residing in.
    It's no hot rod, but it is a very nice car. IMG_20170724_112944.png

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