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Hooking up a magneto on SMC

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by vrod64, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Have an Vintage Joe Hunt magneto I am in installing in a 327 this weekend.

    Do you need a resistor between the hot lead (when the key is turned on) and the positive contact on the magneto ?

    I am not running a radio.

  2. JonF
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    A real magneto does not get a hot lead. The wire on a magneto is to shut it off by grounding it. If you use a normal toggle switch, the mag will shut off when the switch in "on".:D
  3. Therre is no hot lead on a mag it is self contained. if you are talking about the stud that hangs out of the side of it that is so you can ground it to shut it off. Just run it to a good stout switch and run your other wire to ground.
  4. oj
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    Just to make it clear: the 'P' terminal sticking out the side is for a ground wire. The 'on/off/kill' switch provides a path to ground much like grounding the spark plug to shut your lawn mower off (they have a magneto too). To turn the magento 'on' you open the path to ground. When in the pits or trailor you clip a wire to the 'P' terminal of the magneto from ground, that way the engine won't fire while you are cranking it over. The 'P' terminal is that post that sticks out the side and has a black phenolic nut/knob on it that has a big P on the end, i have asked and never have gotten a good answer on why it has a P but it doesn't stand for 'Positive'.

  5. You also want a toggle that can handle 30 amps!
  6. The P stands for pow. Grab onto it while the engine is running, POW knocks you right on your ass. :D:D
  7. Hahahaha,,You got that right ..
  8. loudpedal
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    from SLC Utah

    Ok, P= POW. So what does SMC stand for? Small Magneto'ed Chevy?
  9. Sixcarb
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    from North NJ

  10. Thanks for 30 amp switch comment. Called Hunt and talked with Roger. Super nice guy.

    Also Tan cap fits 8mm wires and Brown bakelite cap fits 7 mm wires.

    Got it.

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