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Technical homemade 2-piece aluminum head for Ply flat 6

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 27troadster, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. nexxussian
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    I expect they are referring to the total life of the parts.

    While the harder surfaces should stand up in a competition application (X # of passes, Y # of laps, ...) it's unlikely they will last tens of thousands of miles anyone with a street engine is likely to expect.

    As for a different material, ask your local welding supplier about "hard face" it's designed to put metal on earth movers (buckets, blades, etc) so it wears longer.

    It should stand up to a lubricated tappet, being able to grind it to shape as a cam lobe?

    Dunno. :confused:
  2. Six Ball
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    Six Ball
    from Nevada

    WOW! That is cool. You actually planed all of that? Do you use a rubber seal in the outside groove? What else on the interior area has to be sealed? Is there a pipe nipple kind of thing in the spark plug hole? Thanks for the pictures.
  3. RichFox
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    Member Emeritus

    I had an Isky 505C hard face Overlay cam in my Packard V8. I had the cam reground by Dema Elgin. As it happened he did not go through the hard face, but if he had, he said it was no big deal. He would just do what Rusty tool said above. Those cams are to be used with "Chilled Iron Lifters". Which seem to be harder to get than the cams.
  4. 38FLATTIE
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    from Colorado

    I think you have a great plan! Good luck-I can't wait to see them!

    The outer groove excepts an O-ring. They are custom made from an O-ring kit, so no big deal.

    We use Hylomar on all of the interior sealing surfaces, which works great. There is very little water pressure in an engine, so they are easy to seal.

    No, no pipe nipple-the heads are simply drilled and tapped for spark plugs.
  5. how's it going? :)
  6. 27troadster
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    Its not....I'm moving to VA and trying to sell my house in SC, buy in VA...etc. so my garage is mostly packed up for the move. Hopefully be up and running in Jan-Feb time frame.

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  7. chessterd5
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    from u.s.a.

    Hello anything new happening ? I really like this idea & I'd love to see more pictures of your roadster.
  8. far over my head here....glad some Navy guys are help me swim. Doggy paddling through a pretty neat tech thread here.....don't mind me. On your right !!
  9. Fodger
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    from Sweden

    image.jpg My Roadster with mopar 218, Isky cam, headers and a Scott blower. Runs great
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  10. Did you ever finish this? Update please!
  11. steinauge
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    from 1960

    RE roller lifters-pre evolution HD twins used a roller lifter with an od of .730".You need the ones for a 57-85 XL and adjusters for a 45" flathead 1937-73.sleeve them with .010" wall brass.The rollers are even replaceable -you can replace the rollers in 4 tappets for about the cost of one new tappet. If you think that might be enough less trouble to be worthwhile pm me as I have probably 50 or 60 of those in the XL lifter drawer.I would be glad to send you a dozen.
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