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Homemade 1950,47,54 gmc coe

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by iwanaflattie, Jun 27, 2022.

  1. Okie Pete
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    Okie Pete

    Very Cool project. You are a skilled builder
  2. Idk about that...I just wing it
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  3. received_400051292283653.jpeg received_779287966526874.jpeg received_1179851072572435.jpeg received_784257622789987.jpeg received_783339239539855.jpeg received_756373468760423.jpeg received_874612960170170.jpeg received_806702797018949.jpeg received_400051292283653.jpeg Got a bit more progress on the "crusty jimmy" mounted the front bumper with the help of my school teacher drawing the brackets for the cnc and my shop teacher cutting it on the cnc....then I forced my 13yo son to come out of his room and started welding lessons.he did great.

    I also started on trans and engine mounts and cmembers..
    I removed lots of rivets to remove existing cmembers and now the engine is sitting on the frame..
    Also picked up a sm465 and bored the hole in the bellhousing with a plasma cutter,dremmel and file..
    Matched the yokes to 6° and started to take the 2 piece dshaft apart to get it shortened.
    Also found the perfect brake pedal pad
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  4. Okie Pete
    Joined: Oct 29, 2008
    Posts: 3,876

    Okie Pete

    Buggy step will be a cool pedal
    What kind of horrible parent are You ? Exposing Your son to harmful fumes , electric currents and toe crushing metal ?
    Good for You . More kids should be shown how things are made and built .
  5. Thanks Pete.
    Worked on the rear end over the weekend.
    Bought a 4.10 dana 70 and just temporarily installed it under the coe.
    received_782709419603579.jpeg received_827095478653796.jpeg received_3327381374208229.jpeg received_2495203303955603.jpeg received_940293670145461.jpeg received_1132717537679940.jpeg received_407171268234171.jpeg received_1475024989669934.jpeg received_2230939017087631.jpeg received_387932690024202.jpeg received_1737767056588158.jpeg received_771168400662219.jpeg received_1712848412415286.jpeg received_1250468822455263.jpeg
  6. Put a couple hours on the truck..
    Made a steering column with shaft,fixed the elongated column drop holes in the dash and moved the gauges and column indent 2" to the left so the steering shaft sits center to the box.

    I'm going to try to weld it tomorrow..

    I also mocked the 3 ton brake and clutch pedal assembly on the frame and through the floor..
    I'm going to try to find the clutch linkage..
    The 3 ton gmc I took it off had a 270 and a 5spd Clark behind it so the linkage has to be somewhere in my stash.
    I'm going to modify a c30 brake system to the 50 3 ton pedal..
    Maybe a hydro booster set up??

    I also need a double steering joint with the older chevy splines..anyone knows what truck I can find it??
    received_493244439376029.jpeg received_836532780687525.jpeg received_762025458241413.jpeg received_625024659072945.jpeg received_504126234381472.jpeg
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  7. We now have steering and clutch...
    And I think the 50s HO72 was swapped with lowering gears...I have less than 3 7/8 turns on the pinion per 1 tire rev...
    received_5979149042124968.jpeg received_1145646329493196.jpeg received_1065484287470780.jpeg received_452882593498084.jpeg
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  8. It was nice getting the 60s Linde buzz box for some air...
    My steering arm broke at the spots where I welded it together.
    I was trying to play with angle trying to see if I could bolt the Box straight up...It didn't work so I left it in the stock location and had to spot weld the arm til I Buy a new one.
    **READ AGAIN** It's a temporary arm till I buy a new one.(before panties get in bunches)

    Anyway..grabbed some 6011 and waved that shit around.
    20221002_171114.jpg 20221002_171132.jpg 20221002_171140.jpg
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  9. Figured out the Gas pedal.
    I just need to make it twice as strong...also need to reinforce the floor.
    20221003_185510.jpg 20221003_185516.jpg 20221003_185551.jpg 20221003_190347.jpg
    I was going to reinforce everything but then I remembered I had this.
    It pays to be a smaller guy but the cramps suck.
    Also forgetting shit after crawling under there...
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