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home made tools and equipment...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by kustombuilder, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. atch
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    A good friend of mine died several years ago. In his casket his fingernails looked just like that. Crazy that seeing your pix reminded me of him.
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  2. 64 DODGE 440
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    64 DODGE 440
    from so cal

    May we all go out with grease under our fingernails.
  3. most of us here are have grease under our nails everyday. Couldn’t get it out if we wanted to. I’ve had that since I was 15. I had it when I got married, holding my son right after he was born, and I will till I’m gone. Hot Rods are my religion.
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  4. Not much of a tool; I wanted to cut a bunch of sorta equal sized pieces of shrink tube for my wiring project. Usually just snip pieces by eye; but some always end up uneven. Thought I would try something different. A paint stick broke up and taped together made a giz to slide & chop a bunch of even pieces quickly.
    IMG_20200805_190244 (Medium).jpg IMG_20200805_190331 (Medium).jpg
  5. 59Apachegail
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    from New York

    Sorry if this was already posted.

    Cheap Axle bearing remover:

    24” 5/8-11 threaded rod
    2 - 5/8-11 nuts
    2 large washers
    2 larger washers
    1 Borrowed slide hammer

    This is for use with an axle that the carrier has been removed.

    1) Remove the seal from the axle
    2) The outside end of the tool needs to be loaded
    3) Push an end of the threaded rod into the axle, add the washers and thread on the nut
    4) Pull the tool against the bearing and use as a slide hammer
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  6. Another crude; but pretty useful "tool"; I've had around and used for years. Hole sawed a 1-1/2" hole in a chunk of 2x4, then sawed half of it free. Holds a Ford column securely at any angle without crushing it. Add a rag to protect a column in finish paint.
    Also have piece with a 3/4" hole for working on steering shafts.
    column tool.jpg
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  7. Stolen from YouTube with permission. A bolt shortening tool. Thread the bolt through to expose the excess, tighten the nuts, cut the stub with a bandsaw or hacksaw.
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