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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by KING CHASSIS, Nov 17, 2007.

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    [ Part two here,
    Part three here,

    As some of you know when I built my dragster, I got alot of the parts from a local racer named Tom Masa. Who had them stowed away in his garage for fourty years. story here Tom has raced them all or wrenched on them all. Following are some photos he was kind enuff to scan and share with us all. Left in his own words as sent to me.

    This was my first car. I bought off a car lot on Kingshighway. It was super clean. I made a two carb intake manifold (brazed it together) did not have an arc welder. Split the exhaust manifold with two glass packs. It was so loud I was always getting tickets. I pissed off a motorcycle cop. He waited for me to get off of work and gave five tickets in five days. I got the message and off came the glass packs. I had planned on putting a 292" GMC engine in it but I got drafted to go to Korea. I sold the car [​IMG]

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    Here is a picture of the GMC car. As you can see it was a pretty basic chassis. Rail frame, Ford transmission, rear end. 4.11 gears I think. Some one made a bell housing to mate a Chev. or gmc to a Ford transmission. Not much else to tell. 110mph in that car seemed pretty fast to me.

    This is my first dragster. a old rail frame sprint car chassis, a 292" GMC engine on alky. Three old 97s. Ran 107 at the first organized drag event in 1954 at Laweranceville IL. It got me on the way .[​IMG]Here is the second dragster I built with a high school buddy. It was a tube chassis. Note roll bar, we did not have a tube bender. we did not have any money for an engine, so we teamed up with this guy who had a 283 with a 471 blower and a home made chain drive( no guard) Car went 134 mph in Sept 1958.[​IMG]This was a supercharged Triumph motorcycle built by a buddy of mine. we were taking it to Dodge City Ks to a all bike drag meet. While loading it on the trailer, the tailgate on the trailer dropped on my right foot. It cut it pretty bad. Had to go to hospital and be stitched up. I told the guys to take my car and go themselves. They came back runner up for top eliminator. I could ride better than the who built it . They told me we would have been top eliminator. Oh well[​IMG]This was my 1951 Triumph thunderbird. It had 12to one pistons, Isky custom ground cams. two carbs, a water-alky injection I made. I always wound up running the track manager at Alton dragway for comp eliminator. I beat him every Sunday. He was hot because it was always real close. He had a 32 ford cpe. with a big Olds engine in it. He would come blowing by me in the lights but he ran out of real estate as they always say. Lots of fun. The bike was fast.[​IMG]Here is a better picture of my bike taken at Parks air college. That bike pulled so hard in low gear, that you had a hard time getting your foot up on the shift lever. Those were fond memories[​IMG]
    Damn Tom shure did it back then. And still does it now. Look for part 2 soon. As tom gets into sports car racing and back into dragsters. KING
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  2. Great story, thanks for taking the time to post it.
  3. Mark in Japan
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    Mark in Japan

    Legend + Documentation = CULTURE :D
  4. biggen
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    I have met tom and seen his photo's this guy is a real racer.
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  5. 52 HenryJ
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    52 HenryJ

    Great story thanks for posting!
  6. jonzcustomshop
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  7. Sam F.
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    Sam F.

    that is awesome, i read the story in Garage and even cooler to now read this.
    Joined: Aug 19, 2002
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    HAMB O'dex Editor
    Staff Member

    thanks for posting!
  9. monsterflake
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    nice! how many pictures do you have?
  10. Royalshifter
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    from California

    Very cool......part two please!!
  11. Conder
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    Good job Brian!
  12. hemi coupe
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    hemi coupe
    from so-cal

    Guys like Tom are my heroes!! Thanks for taking the time to show the pic's.
    Jimmy White
  13. Nick32vic
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    thank you so much for posting this brian. Cant wait for part 2.

    I wonder if Tom has any pictures from alton dragway and that 32? Those would be neat to see too.

    I guess ill see you at bills christmas party.
  14. HHRdave
    Joined: Jul 31, 2006
    Posts: 1,068

    from So Cal

    Great post!!!! It's awesome to share the history and photos on this site of the passion that existed and brought us to where we are today. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this.
  15. Bass
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    from Dallas, TX

    Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to post the photos and captions.
  16. Rusty
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    Too COOL!!!!!! That is some awesome stuff
  17. Machobuck
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    Thank you!!!! The pre unit is to die for...
  18. pasadenahotrod
    Joined: Feb 13, 2007
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    from Texas

    Nice job of writing and illustrations.
    Most folks don't know the bikes were often the kings of any given drag strip for many years. The days of running against whatever came up next in the lane made things exciting for many and horrifying for others.
  19. Rand Man
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    Rand Man

    Nice examples of early rails. Dang, another Jimmy-powered HA/GR.
  20. dirty mikey
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    dirty mikey
    from chicago IL

    thanks for sharing a great story
  21. Burny
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    Awesome read...can't wait for part II
  22. THOMAS S&C
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    Cool story and pics, look forward to part two!
  23. malkintent
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    i'm gonna read this every night before i go to sleep,
    and curl up with my shift lever..

    great so far!!!
  24. Awesome!

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    Yeah, this is some great stuff. Tom is the kind of guy that every rolled up cuff, black T-shirt wearing poser wishes he was. And you could be standing next to an older guy just like him at the food store or some shit and not even know it. Guys like him just take it like a grain of salt. After many conversations it came to surface that he knew someone that i knew. I said " yeah that is cool Steve raced AA/FA, and you raced B/FD.... I bet you guys talked eachothers ears off!" And Tom replied "did he? he never metioned that" Two guys that breathed Nitro for years of their life and never told each other during their few years of knowing each other. WOW.
  26. TwinH
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    from Finland

  27. ProEnfo
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    from Motown

  28. El Jefe
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    El Jefe
    Alliance Member

    That's what it's all about. The pics and stories are priceless. Needs to be retold. Looking forward to more.
  29. What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing.
  30. Traditional Joe
    Joined: Oct 5, 2007
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    Traditional Joe
    from Belgium

    Thx so much taking the time to write it.
    We all need the Part 2 ;)

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