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Hey Oldtimers, I'm thinking about the Bon Ami trick

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by alchemy, May 24, 2011.

  1. southcross2631
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    Have used Bon Ami on old junk motors that smoked and new motors that had chrome rings. Just took the plugs out and blew it in the spark plug holes then reinstalled the plugs and ran the car hard to make the rings seat.
    Bought a 53 Ranch Wagon that ha sat for 10 years. Drove it from Cleveland,Tn to Jax. Fl. It used 15 quarts of oil ,but the more I ran it the better it got. After about 2500 miles it was down to a quart every 800-900 miles. You just need to drive the crap out of it to force the rings to seat. Don't baby it or it will never happen.
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  2. donno
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    What boutlaw says. Not recognized by Lycoming / Continental / Pratt & Whitney, BUT that don't mean it ain't been done. Make sure your friendly PMI isn't lookin' over your shoulder.
  3. Roger O'Dell
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    Roger O'Dell

  4. 34 Plymouth Hemi
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    34 Plymouth Hemi

    There is a huge difference in 1500 miles in short trips and a 400 to 500 mile trip. Short trips don't seat rings, running the car a different speeds and loads do. Run it on some long trips and see if the rings seat!!!

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  5. Neighborwood
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    Bon Ami is Diatomaceous Earth, it comes from Microscopic sea creature shells. (remember HS Biology class?) Primarily calcium carbonate.
    Pumice is volcanic of course and high in Silica a paste is good for valve lapping after sifting thru a nylon stocking. I still have a quart of ash left over from the eruption of Mt St. Helens in 1980.
    Bon Ami can be used for a paint rubbing compound for the highly oxidized farm truck or tractor.
    When the first 1955 Chevy 256 hit the streets the rings would not seat. GM recomended the Bon Ami trick. In the era I knew a Chevy dealership garage mechanic.
  6. Truck64
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    from Ioway

    Lots of products get "improved" over the years I've noticed. Fair chance BonAmi may no longer be made with the good stuff at this point.

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