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Hot Rods Hey Hemi Gurus

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 46Chief, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. 46Chief
    Joined: Jan 2, 2008
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    I'm putting a T5 trans behind a 55 Hemi using Hogshead and this no name adapter. The question I have is it necessary to have a steel or aluminum plate sandwiched between the block and adapter for support? Is there a stock plate that covers the bottom of the flywheel? Thanks

    Also opinions on aluminum flywheel w/insert vs iron flywheel for mild street hemi. 20190618_121952.jpeg 20190618_121940.jpeg

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  2. Stay away from the aluminum flywheel... while they're great in sprint cars for instant throttle response, they're not street-friendly. Flywheels store energy, the more mass, the more energy. They also dampen firing pulses. I ran one in a OT big-block car, and while the motor had more than adequate torque to overcome the lack of stored energy, the lack of damping quickly got old. Never had a car develop rattles so fast....
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  3. mgtstumpy
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    Looking at hogs head the lower bolt holes below the pan line are only used to secure an inspection cover. I'd trace the pattern onto some cardboard and fabricate a bolt up cover to fill the gap from some heavy gauge sheet metal.
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  4. Dumb ass Q here......What is Hogshead? Is that/was a vendor? Is that the MFG of the part?
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  5. The bellhousing is sometimes referred to as a hogs head.
  6. Here's a Model T hogshead, so named for the shape. Calling a modern bellhousing a hogshead is taking a little liberty with the term.
  7. Dedsoto
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    from Australia
    1. Aussie HAMBers

    You'll need the factory Chrysler starter plate # 1613713 or #1736183 seems to work too. Plate should be 1-1/8 thick. Pic of Transdapt NC-4 and Chrysler plate #1736183
  8. Learn something new here all the time! Thanks!
    But- when I call someone A$$HOLE, it usually means they are without description....:rolleyes:
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  9. sdluck
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    Sprint cars don't have flywheels

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  10. And the point of this reply ^^^^^^ IS? Did I mention sprint cars, YOU, your previous postings? WTF?
    And your point, or response to this thread is?
  11. Probably replied to the wrong post.
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  12. 46Chief
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    Thanks man! That’s the info I was looking to confirm. Much appreciated.
  13. 46Chief
    Joined: Jan 2, 2008
    Posts: 157


    This is a Flathead Ford Hogshead. Definitely not a Bellhousing lol. 727822A9-CDC6-47BD-9241-5F40247D870D.jpeg
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