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History Hesitating Buying That 1940 Ford? Maybe This Will Help Convince You

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by anothercarguy, Feb 11, 2022.

  1. It's a 10 minute sales pitch giving reasons to buy the new 1940 Ford.

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  2. Moriarity
    Joined: Apr 11, 2001
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    Staff Member

    40 Fords are wonderful cars
  3. Cincinnati Slim
    Joined: Jun 26, 2007
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    Cincinnati Slim
    from Cincy, OH

    They are just about perfect.
    I've always said that a '40 Ford is the only car I could own as a 100% original and be just as happy with it as I would a Hot Rodded version.
  4. lippy
    Joined: Sep 27, 2006
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    from Ks

    I always wanted a two spoke steering wheel!!! That was cool. And between us, I still lust for a 40 sedan.:D

  5. 40FORDPU
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    from Yelm, Wa
    1. Northwest HAMBers

    I agree.
    My avatar has a sweet running Flathead..I have a nice Olds 303 with Hurst mounts, and trans adaptor ready to go, but just can't bring myself to swap out the Flathead.
    I'll keep the Olds around for the "maybe some day" day.
  6. lippy
    Joined: Sep 27, 2006
    Posts: 6,448

    from Ks

    I was in my friends mechanic shop the other day. There was a 40's ford I guess 1-1/2 ton flatbed truck a local house painter still uses at times. It was sitting in the back of the shop with the hood open. So I walked back to look at it. I was standing right next to it and didn't realize it was running!!!! The fan was turning but so quiet! When a flathead v-8 is right they are a very quiet and smooth engine. There, my comment on the ford flathead 8. :)
  7. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
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    Perhaps I was lucky or it was fate for me as a teenager. The 1934 Ford Coupe I was introduced to as a young teen was my favorite and what a favorite it was. It was a fast everyday street hot rod. It rolled up to our house weekly and thanks to my brother, I was introduced to a real hot rod. Oldsmobile powered, competitive in the A/Gas Coupe class at Lion’s Dragstrip and a true daily driver to school/job.

    So, with that introduction, I liked those early Fords as a future hot rod. In my high school days, I was dumbstruck, with hot rods and drag racing cars. It was becoming a teenage thing, when I saw this 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery with a 348 motor coming through the drive-in restaurant parking lot on a Friday night. It was love at first sight. A real 1940 Ford that no one else had or knew what it was, rolling in to the driveway.
    My friend’s red 40 Ford two door sedan was what most thought was the typical Ford hot rod. Buick powered, red color, slight rake, chrome wheels, tuck and roll, and a nice rumble when it started. But, the stage was set for me to get something that would “make my day and nights.”

    No one knew or figured out what a sedan delivery was so, it was a perfect hot rod for me. Surfing theme oriented, a hot rod in the sense it was a 40 Ford and it just had the cool look in the parking lot lights.


    Most of the time, it was a two-door sedan, or the two-door sedan delivery. Even as a 20 something, married couple, we decided to repair and rebuild a 327 powered project, 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery for our family/business needs.
    But, the four-door sedan in recent times has crept into the scene as a cool way to get access to the rear seating areas. So, if we find a nice 1940 Ford Sedan for our “old folks” cruising way to adapt to the pandemic, it would round out the whole history of a 1940 Ford for us.

    Plus, if the pandemic ever gets over, the 4-door sedan would give us a great view of cruising around with our teenage granddaughter, now that she has her driver’s license. Suicide doors and all…YRMV
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  8. arkiehotrods
    Joined: Mar 9, 2006
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    I liked "Battery Condition Indicator on all models"
  9. 4tford
    Joined: Aug 27, 2005
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    It's an Icon! Henry's design is a home run!
  10. F-head
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  11. olscrounger
    Joined: Feb 23, 2008
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    40's are great cars. Over the years we have had/built 6 coupes, and sedan and a convert. Built 7 for others-a sedan delivery, two woodies a sedan and 3 coupes. Currently have a nice black Deluxe coupe with a flathead, Columbia etc. Too nice to make a hot rod I think. Looking at another one to do my way but age and room have to be considered-at 79 I'm good for one more I think. Can't beat a 40!
    My friend who has painted many 40's for us is downsizing a bit. I posted a 40 coupe project in the for sale section last night. We currently have a few "distractions" or I would already have it heading this way--may still-will see.

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  12. olscrounger
    Joined: Feb 23, 2008
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    Love that video--notice no knobs on ashtray doors, Headlight bezels look like the std ones but chromed, has the 11 louver grill sides--early on prototype.
  13. Rickybop
    Joined: May 23, 2008
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    from Michigan

  14. Baumi
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  15. The 39 guy
    Joined: Nov 5, 2010
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    The 39 guy

    The 40 Ford is my favorite. I went to a lot of trouble to keep that column shift in place. Drove it that way for 4 years before switching to a floor shift T5. This and the 39 Ford are the best Ford Styling but of course I I am sure I am a little bias....
  16. belair
    Joined: Jul 10, 2006
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    Where do I sign?
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  17. i.rant
    Joined: Nov 23, 2009
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    1. 1940 Ford

    IMO the absolute best build thread on the H.A.M.B. If you don’t like this car you don’t like ice cream.

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