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Technical Hemi in a F1?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TheSteamDoc, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Yep. The high alt. mount wouldn't fit inside the inner fenders and we didn't like the look of it either. HH doesn't make a low mount to use with power steering, so that's what we ended up with.
  2. jack_pine
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    from Motor City

    It's a great idea. Do you know the application that idler is from?

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  3. I like the way tarter-sammich mounted his Alt. and Pump. I'm curious as to why an idler was used. Looks like if the Pump had any adjustment at all the idler would not be needed and you would have better belt contact on the pump pulley.
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    from IDAHO

    A Friends 1952 F1 With 392/Torque Flite Built In 1964 And Still Running... JARBIDGE 2015 (1) 019.JPG
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  5. My buddy's old F1 with a 354/Muncie 4-speed in it. Besides the Hot Heads water cross-over, it had HH headers and a HH lower alternator bracket. If I remember correctly it moved the alternator to the lower driver's side. Edit: and a HH tunnel ram.

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  6. If using the stock crossover, and h20 pump, here's an option to get it low.......... HEMI ALT.jpg
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  7. TheSteamDoc
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    It just fit! Is there any motor mount and x members mounts on the market that could be made or modified to work? The truck will be a show truck build. Not to worried about O/D or speed. As long as it's tough enough to hold it all together. Definitely going with a TF-727. Probably have it modded some.
  8. The pump has no adjustment. There are two separate belts, one belt drives the alternator, which is tensioned by an adjustment in the alternator bracket. The other drives the power steering pump, but we had to make the idler to tension that belt. We also had to buy an offset t-stat housing, luckily it bolted on the the Hotheads water x-over. You can see it in the video. We'd like to see a little bit more belt contact on the pump, but as of right now we've had no problems with this setup. Here' a decent picture:
    We also made the alternator bracket. In this picture, you can see the slot that is used for adjustment:
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  9. We made the idler. Just a bell crank that is attached to a timing cover bolt with a heim joint. To move the idler you adjust the length of the heim joint.
  10. Nice work, I figured you had your reasons. I understand what it's like when there isn't much to work with. Ya gotta get creative. How do you think it would work with the same basic hardware and a smooth pulley running on the top side of a much shorter belt. Would give more belt purchase if that becomes a problem once driving the rig.
  11. Ebbsspeed
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    Misadjusted TV cable or bad geometry on the TV linkage would make that 700R4 sluggish.
  12. old gezzer
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    old gezzer

    My first engine swap was a 1952 cad into a 1948 F1. I used a adaptor to mate with the factory 3 speed. It fit well and only required fabricating front motor mounts. The next engine swap was a long bell 331 hemi into a 1954 f100. This required fabricating both front and rear mounts I used a Packard transmission with suitable adaptors and a after market aluminum flywheel. I can't recall and body mods and it looked really good in the engine compartment. The next truck swap was a long bell in a 1940 ford pick up. I used a adaptor from hemi to early ford. As I remember it fit and was no problem to. install.
    This was in the 1955-1958 period and Hemi's and other ohv engines were $35 at the local auto wreckers. Another
    $75 or so bought rings, bearings, gaskets and a timing chain to do a simple overhaul. I did discover that early Cads cracked heads that weren't repairable and that Cadillac dealers were pretty proud of their parts!!
    I did have access to valve and seat grinders.
    I remember that one of the little magazines answered a question about what engine would fit in the readers car. The answer was any engine will fit in any car. It all depends on how much work you are willing to do.
  13. Here's two current photos of a Long bell 392 bolted to the stock 40 trans with adapter.
    20171001_192040.jpg 20171001_192049.jpg Note how the stock exhaust manifolds are sitting flat on the top of the frame rails. This is what it took to get the extended bell housing under the Stock lower edge of the Firewall. Next take note in the lower photo where the right side head is in relation to the Stock firewall. In these photos the Trans needed to go back another 1.5" to get the trans mount holes to line up vertically and there was no room to raise the motor enough to install the Rubber donuts. I did not see any way to do this install job without doing some snip-n-clip on the Firewall. With the motor up enough to install trans rubber I think the exhaust would be okay but cutting the Firewall to run a vintage gear box didn't interest me. Next up was going to be dist. issues. This project made a Major turn. Now I know why so many have SBC's in them.
  14. Good idea on the smooth pulley. That's an old picture, we've been driving the car for a couple of months. If we start to have problems, we might try that out.
  15. LOL! Aint that the truth!
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  16. If it's working as needed I wouldn't think things will change.
  17. lumpy 63
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    lumpy 63

    I was just thumbing thru Hot Rods "complete book of engine swapping" 1968 edition, and it actually covers Hemi into f1 swap:cool:
  18. classiccarjack
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    Hmm... Extended bell 392? That's a new one for me. LOL

    Are you you sure it's not a 331 Cubic Inch from 1951-1954? And you are right, the extended bell coming straight back does make fitment challenging. But totally worth it, great smooth running engines.

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