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Projects Helping a friend restore 63' Ford Fairlane 4/21

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 53olds, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Beanscoot
    Joined: May 14, 2008
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    The starter motor next to the bellhousing in post #79 is for an automatic transmission. The pinion gear sticks out more than on the manual trans starter, and may hang up on the flywheel when the engine starts. Even if it doesn't, the starter drive will rub against the flywheel as it's cranking the engine.

    I learnt that in my 1964 Fairlane. When the starter drive finally went, the rollers came out and punched holes in my perfect five bolt bellhousing.

    If you don't have a correct starter, you can convert the one you have by swapping the snout, that's the only difference. That's what I did with mine. The local starter / alternator rebuilder had the correct snout on the shelf for less than $15.

    Have fun with the car!
  2. That looks pretty cool!

    Hmm...we'll have to look into that. I don't believe it rubbed before, but not sure
  3. shadams
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    Oh yea, it was 78 yesterday here, haha. But its 41 again and worse tommorow.

    That fairlane is bad ass...

    Back to the op, hopefully the weather clears up so we can see you get this thing going, good luck...
  4. Yeah today the snow and ice have been melting, hopefully we will get some work in this week.
  5. Well I put the engine in today! An so I started putting on small stuff. I will probably do more later.

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  6. NOPSI
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    Happy to see your progress!
  7. Did more work today, almost ready to fire it up...

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  8. This afternoon we put a battery in the car, had Uncle Gene stop by and fix a small problem and we got the car fired right up. Went to get gear oil and antifreee, topped both off and took the car out for a test drive..(illegal) it's uncapped right now because we cut the pipe because we bought headers but of course they dont fit, so I gotta fix that. Car runs great! very healthy and starts right up on 1st crank. Will post videos later. Oh and we put the hood back on then Justins Dad took it for a spin! :D

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  9. Jungle Jalopy
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    Jungle Jalopy

  10. Roadmistress
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    from Van Nuys

    Subscribed!! Watching for updates.
  11. Well we just took the car back to Justins house so it'll be awhile til the next update. He's gonna work on getting it licensed and tagged. But it is running great now, just need to do some wiring and get blinkers and tail lights..Stay tuned folks!
  12. F-ONE
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    from Alabama

    As far as tube headers, only expensive special made for 62-65 Fairlanes will fit. Many supply catalogs will list the cheaper headers for 62-70 Fairlane and Mustang. These will not fit 62-65 Fairlanes. Tube headers for these cars that actually fit run start around $700.00.

    A good option for you are the reproduction cast iron 289 Hi Po manifolds that run around $300.00 and they do fit.
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  14. Hemiman 426
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    Hemiman 426
    from Tulsa, Ok.

    You can find "shorty" headers that will fit the 289/302 engine in the 63/64 Fairlane for around 250 bucks.. Long tubes will be way more expensive 400 and up.. evilbay can be your friend..
  15. loudbang
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    Isn't the hole in the fender for the antenna supposed to go on the passenger fender?
  16. JeffB2
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    from Phoenix,AZ

    These are a good fit and a good price: Free shipping

  17. Not sure, this one is on drivers side.
  18. 6t5frlane
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    from New York

    Summit has the Hooker 6134 for about $475
  19. Today Justin got the 63 put in his name and got new plates and tags. The first car show debut is on May 10th!!

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  20. In those days the antenna was installed by the dealer (it came loose in the trunk if a radio was ordered) to avoid theft/breakage in shipping, so the customer could specify which side they wanted it on. The 'drivers side' theory was pedestrians wouldn't break them walking by, they had to go into the street...
  21. Bugguts
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    The antenna is on the drivers fender on my sons 63 Fairlane. Kind of a funky spot.
  22. Time for an update finally, this past Saturday Justin and I put our cars in a local car show, met up with Hailees Aunt, Uncle and Cousin and their cars. Then we had our senior prom! We got alot of pictures taken and had some problems with the fairlane...(running out of gas and overheating)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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