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Hot Rods Help finding this old gasser from KC!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by bryceaugustine, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. I am trying to find this 40 chevy my uncle built; he pulled it out of a field and built this in the 70's. It was pictured in the magazine below in 74 (photo taken in St Paul) It was last seen in the Spring Hill, Ks area (kansas city) in the late 70's or early 80's. Before it was sold it was painted yellow, since then who knows. Another thing that makes car unique is that the dash was cut out and replaced with a solid piece of wood.



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  2. The_Monster
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    If you cant find the original, build a clone! Im sure you have lots of pics and memories of the car
  3. well actually my uncle built and sold it before i was alive. the only thing he admits truly regretting is selling this car. I am trying to find out if it is in the area still or anywhere for that matter. if i can find it an at least take him to see it; it would make his day. if it ever came up for sale i know he would buy it back in a heart beat.

  4. what the heck, there are new members. its sunday. the weather is keeping people inside, maybe.

    anyway btt for fresh eyes.
  5. once more for today...
  6. redlinetoys
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    from Midwest

    Cool pics.

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  7. I feel like I've seen this car around town. The wood dash sounds familiar?? Maybe one of the Misfits Midwest knows it?
  8. Never mind. I found the one I was thinking of...

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  9. J scow
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    J scow
    from Seattle

  10. raven
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    Hey, that second pic is from one of the early Cowtown Nationals when they held it by Smuggler's Inn. I had my '47 Ford there.
  11. codeblu
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    With the exception of the lettering on the door, a buddy of mine in Clovis Ca. had one exactly like that.
  12. that is correct. my uncle was a apart of the group that put the show on...if i remember his stories correctly anyway.
  13. Jay Tyrrell
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    Jay Tyrrell

    That is a 38 Chevy...
  14. Correct! Hence the "never mind."

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  15. yea the guy with 38 is a nice guy. when we first started talkin he was very interested in my uncles car, but sadly did not know anything about it.
  16. Bump. Cause its been a while

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  17. rfraze
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    Here is one that used to live in Cal (Joe ???) during 90s. Looks like it is pictured at a Thompson (Ohio) event.
  18. elgringo71
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    If its the same one posted above by rfraze it is now in the Carolinas. I saw it as reciently as last year and I believe that same car is in the Jackson Brothers Gasser Video filmed in the 60s in California.
  19. i added another picture to the magazine it was pictured in from 1974. ill have to dig my copy out and get the actual pic from the mag. but he drug the car out of a field and built it in the early 70's. so it wouldnt have been the one from the 60's video you was talking about. but thanks.
  20. Did the yellow version have panel paint (webbing, maybe?) on the doors and fenders? I know I have a picture of your uncle's Chevy at a Show Me Rods run in KC from the late '70s. Unfortunately my photos are still in storage in KC.
  21. My uncle has never mentioned anything about panel paint. i should be seeing him this afternoon and will ask him. if you ever dig those photos out i would love to see a copy!
  22. So I talked to my uncle and he didn't put any pannel paint on it. Orginally Brown as seen above. Then bright canary yellow before he sold it. But no other colors from him. He say he thinks he sold it to a guy named Dwayne or dwight in spring hil ks.
  23. OK, my fuzzy memory was going in a different direction. I'll check with some non-HAMB folk to see what they remember.
  24. rfraze
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    Recently spotted another similar car here. Check out the avatar for Fam4Willys. Saw posts on Drag Cars in Motion thread.
  25. Bump for sunday morning crowd
  26. Ryan
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    Almost positive I've seen this car. About 13 years ago, I was living in KC and answered an add for a 65 riviera. The seller was located on a few acres north of town near Leavenworth.

    Behind the really rough Rivi was a yellow '38 Chevrolet race car. It was half hidden by a car cover, but I walked around it a few times simply cuz it was cool. I sort of remember the wood dash... And definitely remembered it being yellow and lettered.

    It had a BBC when I saw it...

    Wish I had more.
  27. thanks. i sent a message to get more info

    ill have to look into this. i know a few people up by leavenworth. thanks

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