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Technical Help a new old guy please

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Dave G in Gansevoort, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. Please don't laugh too much (altho laughter is the best medicne, and we all need a laugh these days...), but I need help. How do I get pictures on to this here new fangled site? I see all sorts of little pictures above this typing area but don't dare try any without some idea of which ones do what.
    Ok so laugh really loud and hard now...
  2. Dave, click on the forums page and scroll all the way to the bottom. There are tutorials for almost every function on here.
  3. corncobcoupe
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    Staff Member

  4. rooman
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    look in the lower right corner--the middle deal says "Upload a file". Click on that and it will bring up a list of what is on your computer. Select your photo files and click on the one that you want and repeat as necessary. This is a much easier way than using the picture icon on the upper tool bar.

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  5. harpo1313
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    from wareham,ma

    Welcome Dave, from another old guy.
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  7. catdad49
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    Welcome Dave! Is this Gansvoort in New York?
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  8. partsdawg
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    from Minnesota

    You are not alone! Some of us other old guys that don't post a lot of pictures need to read that tutorial to figure out these newfangled systems.
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  9. dan31
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    Hell, i've been on here for for years and didn't realize that, thanks for that.
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  10. Yes good old Gansevoort, well Wilton actually, but we don't have our own zip,
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  12. Hey I can find stuff on my tablet. Well not what I was looking for yet, but it worked! Thanks Roo
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  13. catdad49
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    Lived in Hudson Falls most of life, went south after the girls graduated and don't regret it!
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  14. Nicholas Coe
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    Nicholas Coe
    from Tontitown

  15. I drag the photos I want to post onto my desk top, then click the "upload a file" bar, choose the photo, make it a full image and post. IMG_6515.JPG
  16. Jack E/NJ
    Joined: Mar 5, 2011
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    Jack E/NJ
    from NJ

    >>>Lived in Hudson Falls most of life, went south after the girls graduated and don't regret it! >>>

    So tell us. Why don't you regret living in Hudson Falls most of your life? Jack E/NJ
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  17. 20200403_125222.jpg Ok so here's an attempt. It's a 9:1 ratio Shroeder champ car steering box. Only neat thing I have a pictureof so far.
  18. Thanks guys for not laughing too much. I'll get into the 21st century yet
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  19. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
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    Recently, I posted this in reply to a HAMB problem with photos in threads:
    The folder on your laptop, computer has to have access by the HAMB servers. Of course, all photos are saved as JPEGS. Once I edited a photo to a different size and angle. I saved it to my file just for the posting. But, after the practice write up, I tried posting the whole document including the previously saved photo. I had cleaned out the picture file and sent everything to the trash and cleaned it. (I was in a clean house moment and lost some stuff in the house cleaning.)

    Every time I tried to post it, I got a message. But, after finding the original file and editing the same photo again, saved as a jpeg and now it posted. It was posted, since the HAMB had access to the pictures folder to get the edited photo.

    Now, I keep a simple folder called HAMB saved photos, just in case I do the same mistake again.


    Here is another reason that it may not get posted. If the copied photo from the internet tries to get posted directly to the HAMB thread, it gets rejected. It has to be saved as a jpeg in a pictures folder where you are getting all of your photos for posting. I also did this a long time ago. On a drag racing site, I found an ancient photo and it fit into the story I was writing on the HAMB. After several times, I realized I had to save it to my own files first.

    One last way is to copy and paste your photos in a specific photo file. Then since they are saved as jpegs, there is no need to use the tab: "UPLOAD A FILE", just copy and paste onto the typed areas. Once you post into a thread and make a mistake, delete it or use the edit/more options to re-post just that photo that was deleted. If you try to post the same photo in the edited page, it gets rejected. You must use the "more options" tab.

    I am sure you know that once a paragraph is typed including a photo, it cannot be posted including the simple, copy and paste action. The written part has to be copied and pasted first. Then the photo has to be copied and posted in succession. Sometimes the server does not like everything being crammed all at the same time and rejects the entry.

    Hope this helps... Good luck

    Then, another easier to read, but different information might help, too.

    "Posting photos on the HAMB is always a problem. The key is to save all photos on your own folder as jpegs. Sometimes you can get away with a photo or chart saved as a PNG. That PNG may work, but it is safer to save as a jpeg. Once the photo is saved to your own file, then open up the photo to full screen. Then right click and copy. Find the HAMB page you want to post to join, create the reply screen and paste your jpeg copy onto the page. It depends on the size of the original photo as to how big it will be on that page. If it is too large and blurry, delete it and start again.

    This time, copy and paste your jpeg photo on a Word Document. Once it shows up on that page, save as a jpeg again. Now, you can resize the photo to any size you want for clarity and composition. Nothing is worse than a blurry photo. No photo program is going to be able to focus for absolute clarity if it starts out blurry.

    So, now, you have the photo you want and the size you want. Copy it again and paste onto the reply section of the HAMB. Down below the section, another image has to pop up and say it is a jpeg or png. If it doesn't, start over. If you don't like the size, delete and resize on your Word Document.

    Don't blame your computer. It is the process that HAMB set up that holds most people back. But, once the process is done correctly, it works fine. It took me a while to get the photos the correct size in all of my stories. I type out the story, add in the photos on a Word Document. Then correct anything necessary for a good presentation on the HAMB. Finally, I can copy it and post.

    If you do this method, copy the print first, then post, then go back and copy the photo and post. Each paragraph should be copied separately. Each photo should be copied and posted separately. HAMB does not allow anyone to copy the whole word document writings and photos at once to post to the reply section. I learned the hard way. it was frustrating, but once it works, the future postings are a snap.

    Please let me know if you need anything other help on posting or photos. Posting movies is another story, but much easier. I am not a moderator, but going through the beginning posting fiascos, I have learned with each post."

  20. spanners
    Joined: Feb 24, 2009
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    No, don't go to the 21st century! Too many new fangled things over there Most of us are stuck in the 20th century and proud of it. :D
  21. 41rodderz
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    from Oregon

    Yes welcome and great to have new blood.
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  22. ....................Good job, Dave. You can also make them bigger by clicking on full image before posting....... 20200403_125222.jpg
  23. Ok so here's the next thing I am stumped on: photobucket. What is it and how do I see pictures without the lettering over it? I tell you, I may be an engineer, but this new technology drives me nuts sometime.
  24. loudbang
    Joined: Jul 23, 2013
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    You can't. The long story short they were a site to store your photos for free. People put their photos on there. THEN they decided to make people pay and held the photos hostage. They lost so much business their solution was to allow people the use of their own photos BUT with those marks and blurred.
  25. Nice. Sounds like a scam that went wrong. Thanks for the info.
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  26. So I am starting to get the hang of these computer things. Today I even got connected to my work email. Only took 5 tech support people and a couple of hours of my life.
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  27. CobraJoe
    Joined: Mar 19, 2018
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    Welcome aboard Dave.

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