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Technical Header recommendations - SBC in fat fender Fords

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 4t64rd, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. She's get a heart transplant 350 to a fresher 283, and I'm tired of running VW bug size tires up front, so the fenderwell headers have to go... Since there isn't a lot of room with a Saginaw 525 steering box and under the floor master cylinder. How have you gotten the exhaust out of your SBC in a fat fender? Standard cheapo block huggers have to make a REALLY tight 90 turn to clear the steering box.

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  2. Baumi
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    How about the ram horn manifolds that have the outlet angled to the back? Like these? I ran them on a 283 in my 34 Plymouth
  3. saltracer219
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    Dougs Headers makes a tri-y 4 into 2 header that has pleanty of tire clearance. I designed them in the 80's and Doug Thorley who was one of our sponsors made the jig off of them. The last time I checked they were still available. I can get you a part number if you like.
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  4. Blues4U
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    from So Cal

    Dual threads?
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    Put Corvette ram horn 2.5 inch manifolds on a 327 in a 1939 Ford Coupe - Vega box and stock steering column and straight axel - driver side exhaust is tight with 4 speed - but worked fine.

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  6. oldsman41
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    Yeah i took the fender well headers off my 41 olds (avatar) 350 chevy went to blockhuggers from speedway, just cleared everything. Now i have rack and pinion but still tight in there.
  7. 48ford
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    On ours I used ram horns, look at the picture in the second post, moved it to the drivers sid3 and it pointed forward, went around the Saginaw box, and out the back of the car
  8. vtx1800
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    Since I don't know who manufactured your fender well headers I'll ask if they are the Speedway fat fender well headers. I am running them on my 38 Chevy and don't have any issues but......I am running a rack and pinion and not a steering sector so we aren't comparing apples and oranges. Sorry I don't have a better picture. No tire clearance issues either although I am not running a large diameter front tire. 7 13 14 e.JPG
  9. The exhaust manifolds that you're looking for came on late '60s Chevy pickups, I'm thinking '67-early '70s. The trick to get around the steering box is to use a right side manifold on the driver's side. Then, if you are anywhere close to Rockmart GA, take it to Bone's Muffler Shop in Rockmart and get him to bend a set of pipes for you. He's a good guy who will treat you right and make it look like it came that way from the factory.
  10. woodiewagon46
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    from New York

    Sanderson CC-4. The drivers side exits towards the front and you will need to do some exhaust work to clear the Saginaw box. Thats what I have in my '46 Woodie.

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