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History Have you ever wondered what the Ford Crest means?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. In 1950 Ford debuted with a new red, white and blue heraldic crest that according to the company was “derived by Ford stylists from an authentic coat of arms which dates back to 18th century England.”


    what is the meaning of the animals,colors and symbols on the crest?

    The Lions: denotes dauntless courage

    Silver or (argent): peace and sincerity

    Red: warrior or military strength and magnanimity

    Blue: truth and loyalty

    Black: constancy or grief

    Sphere: geographical or scientific reference

    Chevron: it is used to almost reach the very top of the shield and then more nearly attained the 1/3 of the surface of the shield that was allotted to it by the guidelines of heraldry.

    As Paul Harvey use to say,"and now you know the rest of the story" HRP
  2. williebill
    Joined: Mar 1, 2004
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    It means that Fords rule.
  3. v8flat44
    Joined: Nov 13, 2017
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    Thanks Danny; more neat stuff. Hotrodprimer : Hamb Historian.........
  4. jim snow
    Joined: Feb 16, 2007
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    jim snow

    Yes. Thank you for the education. Snowman

  5. leon bee
    Joined: Mar 15, 2017
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    leon bee
    from Arkansas!

  6. 302GMC
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    from Idaho

    Means it has a 350 Chevy motor ...
  7. nobby
    Joined: Jan 8, 2006
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    (based on)
    12 century, plantagenet
    passant guardant x3
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  8. Danny, I’m not sure where you come up with this great Ford trivia, but keep it coming!
  9. 2OLD2FAST
    Joined: Feb 3, 2010
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    from illinois

    Even if its mostly Ford ad execs BS. :rolleyes:. LOL
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  10. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    I always thought it meant “Not a Chevrolet”
  11. BJR
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    So a lot of mumbo jumbo about something the design department came up with to make it sound historical and accurate . Typical ad agency BS.
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  12. Mike VV
    Joined: Sep 28, 2010
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    Mike VV
    from SoCal

    Hmm, some of you need to either learn what things mean, AND or don't put down things that you are ignorant about. Doing so just proves...

    Thanks HOTROD.

  13. 55blacktie
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    Purpose? To get people to scratch their heads and give them something to talk about.
  14. A 2 B
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    A 2 B

    Those lions look like they need a good meal.
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  15. *Voiceover in a Crocodile Dundee style accent*---
    "That's not a crest. This is a crest!"......

  16. GordonC
    Joined: Mar 6, 2006
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    I did not know that! (Said in my best Ed McMahon voice! :D) Thanks HRP!
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  17. 41 GMC K-18
    Joined: Jun 27, 2019
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    41 GMC K-18

    I always thought that the crest for Ford trucks, was a cool crest too!

    geared lighting bolt.jpg
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  18. True Mike, it appears the captious critics among us are never satisfied and feel the need to find fault. HRP
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  19. 2OLD2FAST
    Joined: Feb 3, 2010
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    from illinois

    Its not find fault , its poke fun at .......cheeeez , sensitive much ?
  20. A Boner
    Joined: Dec 25, 2004
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    A Boner

    Everyone knows...fix or repair daily!
  21. F#*ked Over Real Decisively
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  22. All I did was dial numbers, some phones ring when others don't. HRP
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  23. anthony myrick
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    anthony myrick

  24. Fortunateson
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    You can look up authentic heraldry symbolism. I used to teach medieval history and the first project of the year was to make a large poster of your family crease or to create one using the authentic guidelines. Correct symbols, colours, motifs, etc. Hard word all coloured in pencil crayons. Taught the students about authentic symbolism and what it takes to do a good job (dedication). As to Ford I'm pretty darn sure that that is an Irish name so the company may have used a stylized version of the family crest.
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  25. oilnrust
    Joined: Feb 28, 2015
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    Black = constant grief...on a Ford...who'da thought
  26. Ned Ludd
    Joined: May 15, 2009
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    Ned Ludd

    Well, strictly speaking, neither is. Both are escutcheons, presented with helm but without crest. The helm in the Cadillac arms is the count's coronet; in the Ford badge it is presumably a cap which says "Ford". The crest would have been some kind of device fixed to the top of the helm, believed to be in order to make the wearer identifiable in battle. Plumes of feathers are typical but some crests have been quite weird.
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  27. Ned Ludd
    Joined: May 15, 2009
    Posts: 4,274

    Ned Ludd

    A lot of actual medieval symbolism was far closer to arbitrary than that. It was primarily about identification, being easy to remember, and looking badass according to the reigning aesthetic sensibilities. And there was often considerable humour in it e.g. a personal symbol might come about by someone turning around an insult received in an original way.

    Most of the hard-and-fast symbolism was dreamt up in the 19th century for such mundane purposes as selling greeting cards to the emerging middle classes. It was often presented as medieval in origin because the romanticism of "knights in armour" loomed big in the Victorian imagination. As such it represented an early example of that knack of creating a centuries-old tradition in the space of an afternoon, which Madison Avenue would later develop to a peak of perfection. But it is very often easy to spot the fake, as it were, because it tends to lack the medieval sense of fun.
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  28. MeanGene427
    Joined: Dec 15, 2010
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    from Napa

    Pretty nice for a tractor emblem
  29. RJP
    Joined: Oct 5, 2005
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    from PNW

    inspired by the Latin phrase: "Screwitus in publica"....
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  30. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
    Posts: 15,352

    from oregon

    Check out the size of this thing, from Ford dealership.


    • Design created in the 1950's to resemble an old English heraldic crest, with a black chevron with silver spheres dividing a shield into three section, one blue, one red, one white and three lions
    • Original
    • Red, white and blue, USA colors
    • Huge dealership sign measuring almost 14ft.x14ft.
    • Stainless Steel
    • Approx. 2,000 lbs.
    This custom made dealership crest sat upon the historic Floyd Rice Ford Dealership located downtown Detroit. The owner wanted the dealership to be seen as you entered Detroit with this one-of-a-kind statement piece. The largest crest ever made was removed from it's iconic location by crane in the '80s.

    Attached Files:

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