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History Have you ever thrown away parts that you thought were worthless?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. I just happen to have a 55 Chevy bench seat, but unfortunately, it is in my Cameo. It was in the truck when I saved the truck from the autowrecker in 1968.
    So to sell the seat, I would have to find something to replace it.
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  2. Uribe
    Joined: Jan 27, 2019
    Posts: 51


    I was given a complete 69 Mustang gt minuse the engine. It was 1998 and i was 18, i let the city tow it away because i had nowhere to put it and i already had my 66 Mustang to maintain.
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  3. carbking
    Joined: Dec 20, 2008
    Posts: 2,952


    NO - I still have all the stuff I haven't sold. I was taught well ;)

    Dad grew up during the depression, and had nothing. He was quite frugal later in life. Once, I parted out an OT import, and was about to throw away the exhaust pipe. Dad wouldn't let me do so. About six months later, he cut the pipe where it had gone over the third member forming a pipe that was approximately 12 inches long with a 135 angle and another 4 inches. He installed that pipe on his Allis Chalmers WC for an exhaust pipe; and then told me it was OK to pitch the rest of the exhaust.

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  4. rusty rocket
    Joined: Oct 30, 2011
    Posts: 4,107

    rusty rocket

    Nope, my pops and I have saved enough parts and pieces to build the majority of my single seater. A8DB2332-F7CF-4B38-A86D-5DF641408D15.jpeg
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  5. When i got the 57 Caddy tri power intake the owner gave the huge stock air cleaner with it , I said you keep it . Found out later it was worth over $ 800.
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    Joined: Sep 5, 2007
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    I'm in South Florida. This thread is bummin' me out more than the virus and riots combined. I can only read it in small doses.
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  7. Smiffy
    Joined: Dec 30, 2014
    Posts: 130


    Yep all the old Flathead V8 stuff I threw away over the years cause nobody wanted it or it wasn't worth anything most of it in good condition. Now I see whats being asked for the same items in the parts ads just got to shake your head.
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  8. I have always been the same way. If I start getting too much it does go to the swapmeet tho. This winters goal is to thin stuff out a bit more.
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  9. Mark Grabo
    Joined: Jan 26, 2018
    Posts: 59

    Mark Grabo
    from Upstate NY

    Gave away the running (but smoking) flathead out of my 53 , Because why would I ever need or want that ..
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  10. Not me but a friend did do a dirty. He worked for a local oil company and this was back before collecting was a big deal. He took a truck load of gas station pump globes to the dump and tossed them. Crashing one off the other in the pile.
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  11. Father-I confess...I had a top hinged seat from my 47 Ford Business coupe that I couldn't give away. I pushed it around my shop and then my back shed for 12 years and finally tossed it in a dumpster....dang!
    -Back in the 70's I rebuilt a '69 Dodge 340 and remember tossing the factory dual point distributor and a perfectly good Thermoquad carb, and cast iron exhaust manifolds into the scrap bin in favor of new electronic ignition,a Holley and long tube headers....the shame....
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  12. 3W JOHN
    Joined: Oct 8, 2015
    Posts: 811

    3W JOHN

    I sold 4 kh 16" bent spoke wires for scrap no one wanted them.
  13. 41 coupe
    Joined: Nov 29, 2009
    Posts: 297

    41 coupe
    from bristol pa

    Well at least I gave my stuff away, what they did with it I don't know. I did see a friend of mine at a flea market selling stuff that looked familiar.
  14. Back in the '80's I was building a 302 Ford engine. A friend had a nice hi-perf cam so I traded him a 3X2 intake for SBC with 3 97's. Didn't know why he would want that obsolete stuff.
  15. In the 80's I abandoned a 70 impala convertible on the side on the road in Gary Indiana. I left the keys in the ignition, pulled the battery out and walked to a payphone to call a for a ride.
  16. 327Eric
    Joined: May 9, 2008
    Posts: 1,515

    from Diablo Ca.

    I have thrown a bunch of crap away that I couldn't sell. I even needed some later. I have been told by many that it was rare and valuable, yet no one would ante up the money to save it.all my Y blocks, 3 speeds, a few bench seats, air cleaners, hubcaps, etc. For the most part, I haven't missed but 3 or 4 items. I learned that rare means there is only i guy at the swaop meet that wants it, and he knows it and is too cheap to make a real offer.
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  17. Unfortunately ... too many Ford Flathead engines, some of I'd really like to have back now. I do keep most of the stuff I take from parts cars for later but there is always that piece that I should have saved. :(
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  18. Smiffy
    Joined: Dec 30, 2014
    Posts: 130


    This thread also bought back another memory. Me and my friend taking a rough but very complete 34 Chev sedan to the local dump again nobody was interested.That same friend cutting up and dumping a 36 Chev tudor he couldn't even give the thing away nobody was interested.
  19. el Scotto
    Joined: Mar 3, 2004
    Posts: 4,357

    el Scotto
    from Tracy, CA

    Several 1968 and 1969 Dodge Chargers, whole cars and parts. A whole ‘69 SE with all the good options. A whole ‘68 R/T. Just looking at what the project cars are commanding now makes me feel like an idiot... :oops:
  20. flatheadgary
    Joined: Jul 17, 2007
    Posts: 826

    from boron,ca

    i gave the junk man 3 '55 chevy 2 doors once. exellent shape too. one even had a 394 olds and hydro in it.
    Joined: Jun 6, 2007
    Posts: 3,385


    Bought an A sedan body with an Olds V8 and six deuce dual log intake with hose connectors in the 70's.

    Junked the engine; hung on to the 6 x 2 (with five 94 carbs) for a while.

    Got invited to a party where everybody had to bring a gag gift.

    YUP. I took the 6 x 2 intake.

  22. Running boards, running board aprons, and inner fender wells from my '36 Willys coupe. Also stock clam shell wheels, rear end and gas tank for the car but I don't think they have much current value.
  23. goldmountain
    Joined: Jun 12, 2016
    Posts: 2,646


    To even the score a wee bit, I picked up a '54 Chev front bumper from the junk pile at the university art department and gave it to someone building a Moonglow clone.

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