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Projects Have you ever built a car starting with just one body part?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. I built this pickup around a set of moon disc. HRP

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  2. When was that pic Danny,,,,around late 70,s,,,?
    Maybe 1982 or so?

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  3. The photo was taken a few years after Brenda & I were married, I believe it was in the mid 70's. HRP
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  4. Still cool after all these years!:cool:
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  5. deucemac
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    • I know it isn't a body part per se, but an old and dear friend of over 35 years passed away and I spent a couple months helping his widow clear out his quansitt hut full of hot rod and airplane parts. He had squirreled away all the parts he needed to build a '27 roadster on '32 rails powered with a C motor with a Gemsa head. I carefully sorted out all the parts he had collected because his widow wanted to keep it and wanted their grandson to build it when he got older. He had collected 2 deuce frames and I told her that whichever one wasn't used, I would buy it. One was mocked under the roadster body and the other one was laying on the driver's side rail. She told me to take the extra frame for helping her out. I had nothing deuce at all except for that frame. Five years later I started to build a deuce roadster and began scrounging and buying all the parts needed. Five years later I drove it out of my garage on it's maiden voyage. My avatar is the moment it emerged on that day. That was 11 years ago. It is now painted, upholstered, chromed, and a ball to drive. And, it all started from a wonderful kindness from my late friend's widow. Sadly, she didn't live long enough for me to take her for a ride to show my thanks. So, it wasn't a body part, but it was one car part, albeit a biggie that started the whole thing!
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  6. Elvis100
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  7. We'll see how this one goes
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  8. I give up, what was/is it? HRP
  9. 1935 WILLYS 77 Panel Delivery
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  10. I can see it now with the shape of the cowl, thank you. HRP
  11. 32fenderless
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    I’d like to find one in about this shape. I’d like to build my version of a roadster. Maybe what would have been if Willy’s would have made a US version.

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  12. Dave Mc
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    Dave Mc

    six pics 005.jpg I started with this , bought a set of clean straight doors (4) from a guy in Lethbridge Alberta and scrounged up enough parts in Calif. & Nevada to build a car . Aftermkt Frame & a Rolled over Wrecked Mustang for the Drivetrain
    JelliPups5179 016.jpg
    Ended up with this
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  13. David Chandler
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    David Chandler

    Yeah, my model A started with a cowl. It will be a real Frankenstein when it's done, with so many pieces from other vehicles.
  14. Bob Mc Cullugh gave me the hood emblem for my first Cord in the 60's and told me, here you go, now all you need is from here back. That started the fire and put me on the hunt and after a year or so I got a Cord 810 sedan that had been burned up in a building fire, then I got a Graham Hollywood body in pieces, roof, door trunk lid and put my first Cord together. Bob has passed but those hood wings Cord emblem got me going.

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  15. Ned Ludd
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    Ned Ludd

    I'm trying! I got a late A firewall from a guy in Zimbabwe for free a few years ago. I'm lacking time and money to do anything about it, though.
  16. 41 GMC K-18
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    41 GMC K-18

    That is a magnificent automobile, it's got a kick ass set of tail fins, I love those cars!

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