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Technical Hand tool project ideas.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 57 Fargo, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone, since we are all stuck at home I’m looking for some ideas. I need a project our first year automotive apprenticeship students can build using basic hand tools.

    They are required to use taps and dies a hacksaw and drill etc. we have approximately 8-12 hours to complete the project, looking for fun, auto mechanics related ideas! I’ve struggled to find ideas that will keep students interested. Let’s see what you have got!


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  2. 53F80232-D4BD-41AD-A647-BFD42A1D7F5A.jpeg FE65A0AE-CDF2-4EC2-A7F6-E402F3B9CD5B.jpeg What about a puller ?

    I had to make one in machine shop in high school

    got a rectangular hunk of steel
    A hunk of round stock
    And a nut

    Pics are reference not the one I made, but the same style

    Also made this mini machinist vise but it required use of a mill and lathe.

    Hack saw
    Peen the nut onto the round stock etc etc

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  3. Thanks, the puller is a possibility, while we have a mill and a lathe it’s not a part of our program.

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  4. GearheadsQCE
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    I used to have the kids drill and tap a hole in a short piece of steel bar. (1/4-20) Then have them twist off a short bolt using a dial torque wrench and record the max torque. This teaches them what torque feels like and the importance of using a torque wrench. (have them cut their own bar with a hacksaw, full length strokes @ 40 strokes /minute.) Have one cut and the other count and time him/her with their cell phone.

    Then remove the broken bolt using an EZ out. You can have them twist off another one and use another method to extract it (left hand drill, weld a nut on the remaining stud etc.)

    Also, have them file the bar square in all directions and to specific dimensions.
    Drill & tap two holes in the block, install bolts and safety wire them. You can have them just drill thru holes and install bolts with nuts and have them safety wire the nuts.

    Another is flare brake line tubing. Then see who can make the tightest coil without kinking. If you make a test fixture, you can have them check their flares for leaks.
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  5. This is really close to what we do now, it’s hard to keep them interested and trying when it’s a chunk of bar stock, I’ve been trying to think of something they may be able to use after, maybe they will take some pride in it then.

    This is first year apprenticeship class, half of them have never done anything with basic hand tools before.

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  6. sliceddeuce
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    Parallel clamps. Chop some bar stock..drill/tap a couple holes...Voila'
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  7. my first year in technical high school we made a thread gage. 1/4- 1/2 coarse and fine thread. 10 holes drilled to size then tapped, then stamped with the size. I still have mine somewhere.
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  8. GearheadsQCE
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    Have them make a teaching aid. Cut away mater cyl. Brake assembly on a stand. Fuel injection components etc.
  9. This is not a bad idea!

    When we do electrical i quite often have them put faults into our vehicles with switches. It requires reverse engineering to figure out how it will behave when it is “broken”. I’ve found it to be equally valuable as finding pre existing faults.

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  10. ekimneirbo
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    from Brooks Ky

    Have them make some kind of mount or clamp that will hold their cell phone when they are driving ..........
  11. fastcar1953
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    One that won't distract them.

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