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Art & Inspiration HAMB Worthy Screen Saver Photos

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by LBCD, Oct 4, 2017.

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  2. DSCF2226.JPG

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  3. The Old School 49 Ford Gasser, 'Glory Bound'...
    49 Ford Composite straight no inset.jpg
  4. Crazy Horse Mooresville 12-21-18.jpg
    Larry Noel in Crazy Horse at a SEGA race, 2018...
  5. The 'Can O Worms' at Steele in Motion...2012
    Can O worms.jpg
  6. TerrytheK
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  7. cr1hotrod
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  8. Combine Tom Davison's mastery of the photographer's art and Cory Taulbert's mastery of the hot rod builder's art and you have my favorite screen saver shot for the past couple years...…. menace with dignity.jpg
  9. But then, this is one I have on another monitor..... 30 hiboy ex can bw.jpg
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  10. Graystoke
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  11. For the artsy-fartsy lovers the dash of the '30 hiboy….. dash the eye.jpg
  12. jnaki
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    upload_2019-2-10_5-20-42.png on an old laptop

    I thought of that early T-Bucket roadster photo that I took many years ago was going to be my “several month’s worth” of a screen saver for my laptop and desktop computer screens. Going through all of my photographs does give some rewards. I have a collection of old hot rods, trucks, and motorcycle photos that I took, to rotate into my screen saver/wall paper program. Yes, there is also a computer program that takes photos from a folder and rotates them on the screen automatically, when you are taking a break from using that screen. But, I like the single shot for clarity, serenity, and manually loading it onto the screen.
    But, when I did a post on the Showcards thread, I changed over to this colorful Buick Riviera screen saver on both screens. (The 17” laptop and office, 30” desktop monitor.)
    I have had nice comments about the photo, standing out, from across the rooms. They are old photos (35mm Ektachrome slides) from my photo shooting days, but once digitized, they seem like they were taken just yesterday. My wife and I have our desktop computers in the same office room. When we are both up there, my big screen shows the Buick Riviera in all its glory. (our granddaughter likes the color design of the Buick photograph. When we are all three in the office, she uses the 30 inch monitor/computer.)

    My wife has asked me several times where that came from and when it was taken. She remembers going to a lot of the early car shows with me… like the SF Cow Palace, Oakland Roadster Show in the Oakland Arena, Great Western in LA, etc. But, for some reason, she was not at this LA Sports Arena event.

    The idea of a colorful screen saver is to make the moment serene and peaceful. Without the noise of a colorful car show, the photo stands out using color, design, and location.


    “The Sound of Silence…” It gives us a call out to put your favorite photos on your wallpaper mode or screensavers of your computers or laptops! So, let’s see them on your laptop/desktop screens, not just copied/posted photos.

    As the old saying goes, "pics or it did not happen..."
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    from IDAHO

    1903 House With The Dreaded 1932 Auto... 41784474_10216440223375463_228665751056154624_o.jpg
  14. Al Consoli
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    Al Consoli

    My current screen saver...

  15. Al Consoli
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    Al Consoli

  16. mgtstumpy
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    Like my avatar, something to inspire me. Hopefully my 46 Olds will turn out this nice with the exact same factory 2 tone scheme. ;)
    Olds sedanette.jpg
  17. 40FORDPU
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    from Yelm, Wa
    1. Northwest HAMBers

    IMG_3134.JPG My line up I use as my screen saver.
  18. Pistnbroke
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