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Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by daveydeuce, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Buz
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    The Gerstner company has a web site and they will look up the time the box was made for a fee. They also make keys for your lock. Take out the drawers and look at the back and there should be a number in pencil. They hand fit each drawer to the location in the box. I have the one my father in law used at work.
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  2. plym_46
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    from central NY

    Found a key, and the pencil notations on the back of several drawers. Sent them an email about year of manufacture. Later ones apparently used plywood with overlay this seems all solid wood with exception of metal drawer bottoms.
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  3. barryvanhook
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    from Mesa, AZ

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  4. If you hadn't already seen what goes into building a Gerstner machinist's chest, take a few minutes to relax and enjoy this. :cool:

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  5. Welshmtnhotrodshop
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    I recently purchased this Vintage Williams "Super Chest" from a local classified ad...I haven't been able to get any info on approx year and haven't seen another like it...does anybody have info or a year on this box? Also it has a cool looking logo Painted or screen printed on the box...

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  6. sliceddeuce
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  7. I'd not heard of this brand name either but a quick search turned up some leads for you. You might try searching as "JH Williams". The brand seems to be tied in to Snap-On Tools but they seem to be more of an industrial tool supplier rather than automotive.

    And you're right . . . That is a very cool chest! :cool:
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  8. There were also 9/32nds drive tools made expressly for the military. I found this out when I bought some stuff from an estate sale of a retired Air Force mechanic. In the stuff was what I thought was a 1/4 inch drive Snap-On ratchet and several other pieces. Awhile later when I tried to use it with a 1/4 inch drive set the sockets wouldn't fit on it. That is when I found out about 9/32nds drive.
  9. marsurfboards
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  10. SAM3 Customs
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    SAM3 Customs
    from Michigan

    I found this in an antique shop several years ago. It's in the 1959 Craftsman tool catalog. 20160522_100327-1.jpeg Screenshot_2016-06-19-23-28-43-1.jpeg

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  11. marsurfboards
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    Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG
    snap-on KR 278

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  12. marsurfboards
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  13. utahdodge
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    I picked up this old wooden military box at an auction last year. It has an itemized table of contents, with little numbered brass tags next to the spots where each tool belonged.

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