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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Psycho Deville, May 9, 2020.

  1. Psycho Deville
    Joined: Nov 9, 2005
    Posts: 433

    Psycho Deville
    from RI/MA

    Hi All,

    I have spotted a scammer that cat-fished me in the Wanted section. His name is Jackson02. here is how I have uncovered the scam:

    I put out a wanted post for 16" Lyons caps. I got a message from Jackson02 who told me to email, and I complied. I shot this Steven Marcky person an email, on Monday May 4th at 8;17PM EST, inquiring about the wheel caps. This person got back to me on Tuesday, May 5th at 2:20 AM EST, indicating the item was available and asked me where I was located. But the dialog this individual kept using was a bit off.

    After a few email correspondences, and me asking for pictures more than once, he finally sent me this picture:

    I replied indicating that those were the incorrect caps, sent him another picture of the ones I wanted and he replied: "You mean you are looking for this"

    I indicated that it WAS in fact the ones I was looking for and he proceeded to tell me to pay him with Zelle. I signed up for Zelle and emailed him saying I was ready to pay... I sent multiple emails from 8:16PM EST to 9:40PM EST and did not hear back till 3:25AM EST. I knew something wasnt right...

    I searched for the HAMBer, Jackson02, who sent me the originally message leading me to this Steve person. Jackson02 has only been a member since Monday, May 4th, with zero posts or threads started (not even an introduction post). I put on my Columbo glasses, went on eBay and found that this person, has sent me images from 2 different sellers (on eBay) from 2 different parts of the country.

    If you go on ebay and type in Lyons Wheel Covers and refer to the 2 images I just sent, you will see what I mean.

    Hope this helps some of you!! Good thing I didn't pay!!
  2. Appreciate the heads-up.
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  3. chopnchaneled
    Joined: Oct 21, 2004
    Posts: 1,376

    from Buford Ga.

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  4. abe lugo
    Joined: Nov 8, 2002
    Posts: 2,191

    abe lugo

    Once again. Report the username. Don’t sell to those with very few or no post. Mostly all suspect. Always use PayPal as business.
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  5. 5window
    Joined: Jan 29, 2005
    Posts: 7,368


    Ask for a photo with the product and a screen shot of their phone with the current date showing.
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  6. corncobcoupe
    Joined: May 26, 2001
    Posts: 4,938

    Staff Member

    Jackson02 now Banned

    IP listed as Secaucus, NewJersey but it’s static so could be anywhere.

    IP does come up on Bad IP address so it’s being tracked by the Feds so Jackson02 a knock on your door is immenant.
  7. Psycho Deville
    Joined: Nov 9, 2005
    Posts: 433

    Psycho Deville
    from RI/MA

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  8. B Bay Barn
    Joined: Dec 27, 2009
    Posts: 401

    B Bay Barn

    This warning is always worth a re-read:
    Hey guys, we continue to have issues with a scammer here in the classifieds. I recommend two things to keep your buying experience safe and free of fraud:

    1. Do not pay for anything by money order or check. Stay safe and use PayPal. It's really the safest way to buy anything over the internet.

    2. Do not buy or trust anyone with zero posts. Typically, about 90% of the fraudulent classifieds users we discover have zero posts and haunt the "wanted section" for their victims.
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  9. Sandgroper
    Joined: Jan 20, 2019
    Posts: 134


    Trouble is Jackson02 is sitting in the UK or Africa and piggybacking off that IP address in the USA. The owner of the IP address would not even know.
  10. 41rodderz
    Joined: Sep 27, 2010
    Posts: 4,692

    from Oregon

    Thanks for sharing. I am getting them on CL as well.

  11. When some one tells you to email such and such, Or the reply to me @gmail 99.9% of the time it is a SCAM !
  12. Hollywood-East
    Joined: Mar 13, 2008
    Posts: 1,197


    If you can't talk to them on a phone.... At least you can "read" someone's tone an get a "feel" on there Way's... Stay away!
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  13. corncobcoupe
    Joined: May 26, 2001
    Posts: 4,938

    Staff Member

    New Motto.....


    Keep reporting them fellas.
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  14. 51504bat
    Joined: May 22, 2010
    Posts: 1,819


    And thanks to the mods for banning them and reminding everyone to use common sense when dealing with replies to ads. I've bought and sold a bunch of stuff using the classifieds here without ever a problem. I'd hate to see them go the way of the great white buffalo due to the actions of a few low life Adam Henry scammers.
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  15. slowmotion
    Joined: Nov 21, 2011
    Posts: 3,191


    @gmail account and just joined are two huge red flags for me. Good catch OP, and thanks for the clean-up Mr. Cob!
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  16. corncobcoupe
    Joined: May 26, 2001
    Posts: 4,938

    Staff Member

    Common sense - research who contracts you.
    HAMB posting history.
    Active on the HAMB.
    Verify as much as possible.
    Don't fall for the the reference to contact someone else. ( it's the same person )

    Still a risk - sure.
    But if you spend the time doing some history - you might have a better idea who you are dealing with to try to make a hopefully successful decision.

    Still a risk - no matter what.
    But that old saying - if it's too good to be true......
  17. I am thankful that most everybody on here keeps a look out for these scum bags. And that our fine moderators are on top of it. Thank you.:)
  18. BJR
    Joined: Mar 11, 2005
    Posts: 6,335


    Glad to hear you didn't get scammed out of your hard earned money.:)
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  19. blowby
    Joined: Dec 27, 2012
    Posts: 6,589

    from Nicasio Ca

    Send him an email saying you found some on Ebay, thanks to him!
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  20. Fitnessguy
    Joined: Sep 28, 2015
    Posts: 1,362


    Sucks that people pull this shit. I’m in the process of selling my 348 intake and Rochester carb that I have listed on here to a guy in Ontario. He emailed and asked for my number to call yesterday. No problem, call and ask as many questions as he likes. I’ve sold some stuff on kijiji (like Craigslist in Canada) and I use a Gmail account I have for those listings just so I’m not handing out my work email. I find a lot of our customers have gmail accounts so seems pretty common for folks who say don’t have a workplace email. Sad reality is you have to be wary. Take me back to the old days when a handshake was honoured.

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