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Hot Rods Hallelujah - I found that dammed rattle

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. F-ONE
    Joined: Mar 27, 2008
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    from Alabama

    What is a “qualified mechanic”?

    Here they only exist theory or in BF Goodwrench commercials.

    Before all you shop guys get mad.....Ya’ll know......;)Anybody, I mean anybody can hang a shingle.

    Nothing instills confidence like “Rod Shop” spray canned on a piece of corrugated tin.

    The last thing we need here is the Government in the mix. Who do you think they’ll get.....?

    Mr. Spray can.
  2. Never2old
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    from so cal

    Urethane is not forever. I’ve had more than one instance of age degradation.
    Motor mounts completely crumbled for one.

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    from Goodyear

  4. Slopok
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    ^^^Must be the heat!^^^o_O
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  5. cfmvw
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    One of my high school teachers told me about a friend of his who bought a brand new Cadillac. Every now and again a banging/rattle noise would crop up that drove him nuts. After numerous trips to the dealership to complain, they finally took it for a long ride until the noise started, and tracked it to one of the rear doors. They brought it back, took the door panel off, and found a wrench hanging on a string with a note that said, "Noisy bugger, isn't it?"
  6. Up until the late 60's there was a mandatory inspection once a year and it had to be preformed by a state approved service station, it usually cast the average guy with no infractions about 25 bucks, but get this, they only checked to make sure your lights and brake lights were in good working order, your muffler & exhaust wasn't leaking and your horn and windshield wipers were in working order.

    Lastly make sure your tires were not worn out or your windshield glass was not cracked they could care less about any rattles.

    It was designed to make money for the inspection guy and more revenue for the DMV issuing the inspection licenses to those willing to collect fees for the inspection.

    You had to get the sticker to be able to renew your license plate every year

    After a few years it got to be a PITA for small gas station owners and they started selling the sticker rather than spending the time tying up their rack doing a thorough inspection and loosing customers at the pumps or oil changes in a one man operation.

    It didn't take long for hot rodders to find the guys that would work with them, at that time most hot rod guys cars were daily drivers and we worked on them on the weekends. HRP
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  7. Rickybop
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    from Michigan

    Glad you found it.
    Bad suspension bushings make for a pretty hard "rattle". Annoying.
    Bought a 390 '70 Javelin in '78. Ran like stink...but bad banging up front.
    Replaced the worn-out sway bar links. What a difference.
  8. Those steel encased rubber bushings originated as a Chevy sway bar bushing, if I remember (!) correctly. Used them in my roadster rear links.
    A well stocked spring shop may have a steel sleeved and encased bushing you could cut down, if you want the sound isolation the rubber provides. Just a suggestion.
  9. Bill, in nineteen ought eight when I built my Model A pickup I looked at 4 bars in the Speedway catalog and I decided to try and do it on the cheap, I didn't have a pot to piss in and 2 kids and a mortgage the last thing I needed was a hot rod but again I was doing everything I could with junk and left overs from friends projects.

    I went to the junk yard and removed sway bars from 5 Impalas, I cut the end off one side and threaded them with my granddads pipe threader and saved my spare change and bought female rod ends to make them adjustable.

    The 5th one I used for a sway bar,. I made the shock mounts and 4 bar bracket and welded it together with a buzz box, believe me the pretty weld were on the inside where no one could ever see them.

    I was real uptown I found a wrecked jaguar in the junk yard and got two of the coil overs and that made up the rear suspension, it worked out well and as I recall I had less than 75 bucks in everything. HRP
  10. Elcohaulic
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    Back in the 60s I knew this guy who always bought Mopars. He owned a cab company and used Mopars for his cabs also. He bought a beautiful 1964 Imperial, it was maroon with maroon satin interior with a real nice pattern. The car was very expensive! It had a rattle in the back every time you hit the brakes. He had it back to the dealership many times. They ended up taking the chassis, seats and rear end all apart. Inside one of the openings in the chassis was a pop can, it said congratulations you found it!! He was so pissed he wanted the person responsible fired. They supposedly checked all the numbers but couldn't find who did it. The next time I saw him he was sporting a beautiful light blue Fleetwood. A year later his cabs were all Chevy Biscaynes ...
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