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Projects Half ass deuce coupe

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Chris, Jul 26, 2021.

  1. If you can't finish the car as you would like, just clean it up and enjoy it in the meantime. There are plenty of us out there who will appreciate what you have found.
  2. Not sure what he used, but i have used a 10 inch clutch disc for a 46 48 ford and the pressure plate from a 51 merc. the merc pressure plate is the same bolt pattern as a stock chevy, with the fingers of an early ford pressure plate, so it works with the stock throw-out bearing. Wilcap sells a new pressure plate that works great.
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  3. If you took the time to read my post, you will see where I said the engine needs to go back a couple inches. This is just mocking stuff together, not the final product
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  4. This is what I plan to use
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  5. JJK
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    Damn Chris can you leave some tin out there for the rest of us o_O
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  6. Well, truth be told I don't want to make this car nice. Under that black primer is a legit 50's hotrod. I know what car this is, it's been a Spokane hot rod at least since the early 50's. I do plan to try to get the black primer off (I started on the drivers side quarter).

    This car was so bitchin. But as mentioned above, I don't want a channeled car, and there is no floor/structure left. Nothing else that came with the car is off of this car, so I just have the body from the original car. So...I plan to just make it my own but letting it's character live on. Some may like that, some may think it should be built back? I don't really care, I just want a fun usable hot rod

    A0437C35-0CC7-4EBE-B7EE-528FE18C84FC.jpeg 56F57A0A-23DC-40B6-AB35-F84672D4B830.jpeg 9C70BB10-DE65-4B84-9C91-A8E47E90CD4F.jpeg C758178F-F12D-4940-AD86-477811C27108.jpeg 6BD9818A-DC5D-4E46-A515-D5F04B9C075D.jpeg
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  7. Tim
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    from KCMO

  8. Jeff Norwell
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    Jeff Norwell
    Staff Member

    very nice.
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  9. ratster
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    WTG looks great
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  10. Holy crap! Burying the lead there! No clue you had discovered its history. That is super cool.
  11. flatford39
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    50 merc pressure plates are a dime a dozen. will 50 or 49 work lieu of the 51???
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  12. Mart
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    Wow Chris you really do find all the good stuff. Congrats. I'll look forward to following progress on this one.
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  13. AHotRod
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    I love old crusty Coupes
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  14. Stogy
    Joined: Feb 10, 2007
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    This is an area where Chris has an amazing handle on...he has brought aching paint back to life so many times I've lost count...I believe he has done that amongst many other techniques...I'm surprised what he's uncovering on this one...

    It's coincidental that I mentioned Chris and Nailhead Jason to Homemade yesterday in conjunction with his layer removing is quite a dramatic change from what he started with...
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  15. GordonC
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    Even left in its crusty state if Chris is doing it it will be a diamond in the rough!
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  16. Tonight I picked my transmission bearing retainer and some other parts from the sand blaster, so that I could bolt the transmission to the frame. Got home, pulled the engine/trans out, installed rear trans mount, trimmed firewall and set it all back together. Now everything lines up and fits better. The fan was still pretty close to the radiator and the blades got the lower outlet. It’s an old modified factory V8 radiator…I have an extremely nice 4 cyl radiator here that actually looks like it would work better with some modifications. I tried it and the fan clears great. So may run that one if it lives.

    C863698E-DC31-442F-A69E-479C6E35C120.jpeg 1BB79D9A-A43D-4E1A-8B16-0D89EDB86711.jpeg C83B6FB5-BFDB-44B9-A78A-EDE4CBA6AED0.jpeg 18F6D4B0-BE49-4C2B-BC1F-A98DBB8A6B63.jpeg
  17. flatford39
    Joined: Dec 3, 2006
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    Did you use a 51 53 merc pressure plate???
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  18. well, there’s no crank in it, it’s just a mock up. When it does get a clutch, yes I will use a Merc pressure plate
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  19. Mr48chev
    Joined: Dec 28, 2007
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    Folks you have to understand Chris's resource base. If he doesn't have the answer he has some of the most knowledgeable car folk anywhere on his contacts on his phone. The car will be right.
    Plus I can guarantee that his wife is as wired up to go back to Victoria as mine is.
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  20. Hot Rods Ta Hell
    Joined: Apr 20, 2008
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    Hot Rods Ta Hell

    Great project there Chris really digging your plans (Milner would be proud). Looks like you upped your shop space with your new place, and some land to grow the family into. Congrats on that too!
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  21. Did a little more last night. I’m using a converted F1 box, and I have a 40’s Ford pitman arm. They angle in towards the frame, so heat and bent it out a little. Need to clean it up, file the 4 large teeth down, and revers taper the tie rod end hole. I did this same thing on my 34 roadster, it works well.


    I also have been looking for a decent grill or inner and cap. These things can be 6-800.00 for crummy originals (which is insane). I found a grill ornament at the Spokane Swap Meet a few weeks back for 5.00, and got an old cap off eBay for 30.00. Cap showed up today. I’m happy


    Also buffed a little on the windshield frame. I’ll see if I can work with it

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  22. roddering
    Joined: Feb 18, 2008
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    from Arizona

    Sweet looking ride. Love the intake!
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  23. Stogy
    Joined: Feb 10, 2007
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    This latest field find reminds me of Lou Binghams Coupe...especially how you want to build it...


    Lou Bingham Coupe - B&W pic 2.jpg

    :rolleyes:...with or without fenders...

    The Capsule pic you shared with the Bobbed fenders oooooaahhh...priceless...

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  24. You're the King of chrome.....:D
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  25. Stogy
    Joined: Feb 10, 2007
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    And lot more than that...;)
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  26. THIS…Is killer. No fenders on this one
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  27. Tonight I got the package tray out, played some boards in it and set the seat bottom from my 34 in it. I’m going to use a stock 32 seat, but hopefully modified enough that it’s roomier. It’s only a 2” chop, so I’m not super worried about interior room. With the seat shoved back and lowered down it should be fine.

    3BD5E11B-E24D-47A3-AA70-A7FB0117C7D2.jpeg 8A512B9B-050E-4DC3-9C19-5FF1D1D31993.jpeg
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  28. -Brent-
    Joined: Nov 20, 2006
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    Chris, are you robbing parts from that other coupe (the 33/34?) ? Did that get sold off?

    I knew it was only a matter of time before we saw some paint polishing magic. :D
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  29. I did sell that car, unfortunately. It was in CA for 2 years waiting to get some work done (long story). When the 32 fell in my lap, I kept wondering if I really needed two major V8 coupe project$. Earlier this year, my wife and I had just agreed to buy a house, had to sell our house, the trans in my daily blew up…a guy down where the 34 was asked if I would sell it and I made a deal work because at the time it made sense. The only thing I kept was the engine and trans (engine is in this 32 now, trans was a M20 I sold).
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