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H.A.M.B. Deuce Club....

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 3wLarry, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. hot rod pro
    Joined: Jun 1, 2005
    Posts: 2,709

    hot rod pro
    from spring tx.

    Every Mafia needs a staff car. Meet Clyde, the newest member of our '32 Mafia. #brucesrodshop #the32mafia ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1443918226.914822.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1443918240.037828.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1443918259.063459.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1443918270.903188.jpg
  2. Hamtown Al
    Joined: Jan 17, 2007
    Posts: 2,740

    Hamtown Al
    1. Virginia HAMB(ers)

    ^^^^Gotta say Clyde looks great!
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  3. flatheadtommy
    Joined: Oct 21, 2013
    Posts: 1,012


    this is my 32, built in 1953 Unknown.jpeg Unknown-3.jpeg Unknown-2.jpeg Unknown-6.jpeg Unknown-4.jpeg Unknown-5.jpeg
  4. I might be kicked out before I even join :cool::D image.jpg
  5. Cyclone Kevin
    Joined: Apr 15, 2002
    Posts: 4,097

    Cyclone Kevin
    Alliance Vendor

    This is one nice Tudor. Saw this cruising Foothill Bl. in Monrovia one day so I followed it in CVS's parking lot to meet the owner, great guy, build & style. It was at our Outriders Picnic as well.

    Here's my App: [​IMG]
    Grabbed this from the HAMB LARS 2015 coverage, This is Tom's pix so his TM not to mention a great pic ;).
    This was a HAMB find as a chassis back in 08, I got the low down on its Hot Rod build before I made it a roadster. It was a SRM Feature back in 93 w/a Modified Tudor body made into a Tub with a genuine George Duvall windshield sourced from king of Color-Stan Betz himself. Had cool bobbed fenders, slot mags and a cool plate. It was originally built by Butch Carlton a former dry lake/salt racer who now resides in AZ.

    When featured it was owned by Mike Gamel who rebuilt it with "Pops" and removed the fenders and swapped the slots for Centerline Champ 500's. Ran a hot 350 and a turbo 400. He decided that he wanted a upgrade in the chassis dept. so a replacement was procured from TCI with hairpins, coil overs and again disc brakes in the front. Another HAMBer bought the chassis for a build so it sat for a couple of years in Saugus, till he decided to let it go.

    I needed a chassis for a 47 era 29 lakes roadster, when I got the history I thought I remembered seeing this car around. Thom Taylor confirmed that it was indeed the same car so It was going to become a tub again. At 1st I almost grabbed a 30/31 roadster body and was going to do a duvall.
    The tub body looked like more fun, but I wasn't able to find any rear body pieces that I could put on the 32 firewall, roadster cowl,dash,doors & sub rails.
    It was easier to locate roadster pieces, so after looking at lots of funky rear 1/2's I got it together with nice sheet metal sourced thru a number of places including Antique Auto Sheet Metal-Brookville Roadster. Eventually I hope to put a Flat Cad in it, but not anytime soon :(.

    We are lucky to have 3 Deuces, another Flatty Powered Roadster below, I've had it since the early millennium I went a couple directions outside of the Hot Rod Build Deal, finally drove it last yr. about this time. Was a blast to drive and a goal achieved as it's parts were my 1st ever Deuce parts bought when one could get a grille shell/insert for $50.00 and a firewall for $40.00.
    They're out of the park today o_O!!! (Photo Credit Don Dillard).
    And lastly a Banger Powered BB Stake Truck,which I've had for along time.....:eek:
    Am I in Larry?????

    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
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  6. 3wLarry
    Joined: Mar 11, 2005
    Posts: 12,804

    Member Emeritus
    from Owasso, Ok

  7. titus
    Joined: Dec 6, 2003
    Posts: 5,094


    been in the Deuce club for a long time, this car has been pictured in this post before but with a way different look, but a few years back i decided to completely redo the car going with a way earlier style. The first post i did on this car was December 2003, it was my 3rd post i started on the hamb so its been with me for a long time, here it is:
    Here is the last post i started on the car :

    it feels good to have it back on the road, been too long!
  8. Recently bought a 32 5W 18 car with all oe drivetrain. painted and interior done in the 60's.

    Attached Files:

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  9. Bader2
    Joined: May 19, 2014
    Posts: 1,143


    I'll get to it one day! ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1444965946.180171.jpg
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  10. brady1929
    Joined: Sep 30, 2006
    Posts: 8,718


    Great hot rod Todd
  11. Bader2
    Joined: May 19, 2014
    Posts: 1,143


    Will be one day! Thanks Brady.
  12. robracer1
    Joined: Aug 3, 2015
    Posts: 488


    New to hot rods
    sure having Fun DSC01709.JPG
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2015
    Joined: Oct 8, 2006
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    Here are a few updated pic of my Tudor. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1446427259.511523.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1446427285.904272.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1446427316.611024.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1446427343.693050.jpg

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  14. ardun1932
    Joined: Feb 23, 2013
    Posts: 9

    from Iowa

  15. hotrd32
    Joined: May 16, 2007
    Posts: 3,534

    from WA

    Yup ... still in the Club ... my \'32 duotone.jpg
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  16. jalopykid
    Joined: Nov 13, 2006
    Posts: 1,205

    from Bozeman,MT

    Back in with the new family cruiser!
  17. OLSKOOL32
    Joined: Jul 28, 2009
    Posts: 49


  18. Lorenzini
    Joined: Jan 21, 2011
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    Thanks Tn. Trash!
  19. Fedman
    Joined: Dec 17, 2005
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  20. Speedywho
    Joined: Nov 12, 2015
    Posts: 2


    Here's Mine!!! This is my first Hot Rod and my first post here. I've been a car/motorsports guy for a long time.
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  21. mediumriser
    Joined: Jul 28, 2008
    Posts: 342

    from Ohio

    It's glass! But will you let me pass?
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  22. clem
    Joined: Dec 20, 2006
    Posts: 3,504


    Poetry in motion.......
  23. Speedywho
    Joined: Nov 12, 2015
    Posts: 2


    A couple more, my favorite Hot Dog stand from Chicago opened two locations in PHX and the second picture is from Sanderson Ford's Deuce Day 9 on Halloween. 1932.JPG 1932-2.JPG
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  24. clem
    Joined: Dec 20, 2006
    Posts: 3,504


  25. Chilly ride to the Jalopyrama. Westminster bound (1).JPG
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  26. JT Apperson
    Joined: Jul 12, 2010
    Posts: 215

    JT Apperson
    from va

    Lookin good Donnie....JT
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  27. ...................Hey, Thanks, John. Hope all is good with you.:)
    Joined: Jan 24, 2010
    Posts: 2,252

    from IDAHO

    LAST PARTY FOR MINE........ 5windowONsalt11.jpg
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  29. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
    Posts: 15,597

    from oregon


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